Natural water purification in the swimming pond - it depends on the plants!

Natural water purification in the swimming pond - it depends on the plants!

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If you want to have something from your swimming pond for a long time, you have to pay attention to the water purification. You can find out how this works naturally here.

Even though summer in Germany often leaves a lot to be desired, there are, the hot days in July and August, when you would like to beam yourself to the Mediterranean after your work. Now, of course, this is only granted to very few, so it is not surprising that more and more people are creating their own little water paradise. The basic requirement is, of course, that there is enough space in the garden or at the house for a pool or swimming pond.

The easiest way to create cool water is certainly the swimming pool, which is now available in umpteen versions. The advantage here is that it is built up relatively quickly, but disadvantageously, it only offers a limited volume. If this variant is not enough for you, think bigger and flirt with a swimming pond. Ideally, a gem for humans and animals arises - provided the water in the pond remains clean in the long run.

Basics before creating a swimming pond

Stake out the terrain, excavate the pit, make sure the water flows in - done - unfortunately it's not that easy. First of all, you have to think about what you actually want and how much subsequent work you want to do.

General difference: swimming pond and natural pool

If you do not explicitly deal with the topic, you will see no difference between a swimming pond and a natural pool. The expert, however, makes a very good distinction here, because even if both variants are visually similar, the crux of the matter lies in the details - more precisely, water purification. The pool and pond water can “tip over” should be known to anyone who has ever dealt with the matter. Algae infestation is the result, caused by leaves, pollen and flowers. The natural pool requires some technology (pumps, filters) to clean the water, whereas a swimming pond does not need this technology at all. Plants in particular take on the task of water treatment here, according to the experts at The water surface should still be vacuumed from time to time using a skimmer.

Biological water treatment in the swimming pond

The principle of water purification in a swimming pond is based on nature. After all, large lakes can do without technical filter systems. The main work here is carried out by aquatic plants, bacteria, animal organisms (zooplankton) and their plant counterparts - phytoplankton.

Avoid mistakes in plant selection

Before you choose suitable plants for your swimming pond in the garden and pond center, you should know the following:

Unlike a garden pond, a swimming pond is populated with significantly fewer plants. It is also not so much a question of the amount of leaves seen on the surface, but primarily of the underground parts of the plant - the roots and rhizomes. The essential oxygen is transported deep down through the roots of the plant, thus ensuring the biological balance.

Which types of plants are optimal for your swimming pond?

The selection of plants is therefore primarily limited to submerged aquatic plants, i.e. those specimens that are completely "submerged" under water. To join floating leaf plants, the best known here is the water lily. However, you have to make sure that the floating leaf plants do not take the light away from the subplants. To give the swimming pond the typical look, reed plants are also placed on the shore. More information about this type of plant at

Plants for the swimming pond

After I have brought you closer to the meaning of the individual plant species, here are a few concrete suggestions and always enjoy your new swimming pond.

Underwater plantsfloating plantsReed plants (riparian plants)
needle herbWater hyacinthbulrush
waterweedSchimmfarnGlyceria maxima
source mosswater lilybur-reed
water springwater mimosaWasserdost
luroniumwater chestnutPseudacorus


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