Video: Log splitter in the test - chopping wood made easy

Video: Log splitter in the test - chopping wood made easy

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If you are allowed to call a fireplace your property, you cannot avoid one thing: making firewood. If you don't want to know anything about it at an older age, you can make arrangements now to have enough for the cold winters later.

Chopping wood is not necessarily a favorite task at any age. That is why sooner or later many people think about investing in a log splitter. The offer is enormous and the prices are anything but cheap. Therefore, the search for a perfect splitter for laypersons is not exactly easy.

On YouTube I discovered a video from that could be of great importance for anyone interested. Here, 12 devices were put through their paces. The devices are in all price categories - from cheap to expensive. And one thing should be said in advance: The most expensive are not always the best. But that's often the case.


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