Setting up a barbecue corner on the balcony - 3 creative design ideas for barbecue lovers

Setting up a barbecue corner on the balcony - 3 creative design ideas for barbecue lovers

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What could be nicer than sitting in the garden and barbecuing? Unfortunately, many only have a balcony. A problem? Of course not! Because even here you can set up a barbecue corner.

When the temperatures rise, there is a very special scent in the air. Namely, the smell of crispy sizzled grilled meat that is prepared in almost every garden in summer, sun and sunshine. It is not uncommon to see one or the other standing on the balcony enviously watching the barbecue. But who says that you can't grill here? You only have to follow a few rules when barbecuing on the balcony. Then you can also enjoy delicious grilled meat.

The only problem: many find it quite annoying to always bring the grill out of the cellar to grill a few slices of meat and sausages. It is not unusual for the meat to end up in the pan. But why do you always want to bring the grill back to the basement? You can also set up a barbecue corner on the balcony in no time at all. This is possible even on the smallest balcony and really makes a difference.

Which grill is best for a balcony?

When it comes to barbecuing on the balcony, a very important question naturally arises: Which model is best suited for barbecuing fun on the balcony? A charcoal grill naturally falls out of course here. Simply because there is too much smoke when grilling. This is not only uncomfortable for you, but also for your neighbors. If there is smoke nuisance from grilling, a complaint can quickly flutter into the house. So stay away from the charcoal grill.

Electric and gas grills are more suitable for the balcony. But there is often still a problem here. After all, not every balcony is equipped with an electrical outlet. Of course, this is a clear plus point for gas barbecues. And they also offer a number of other advantages over charcoal and electric grills. For example in terms of cleaning, operational readiness and desired temperature. According to, small, handy gas grills are now even available for indoor use. Of course, these are often also suitable for outdoors and therefore perfect for a barbecue corner on the balcony.

This is what the barbecue corner on the balcony could look like

If you have decided on a grill, you will have half the battle. Now it's just a matter of “packing” the grill practically and beautifully. There must be enough storage space and of course a storage space - and that in the smallest space. Impossible? No way! Here are a few ideas on how to get all of these requirements under one roof.

Multifunction wall panel:

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How about a kind of multi-function wall panel next to the grill? This is very practical, because here you can attach everything you need for grilling. For example, I find the wall panel that I found on very practical. You can attach grill cutlery, herb pots and Co. to it perfectly. Even bottles can find their place here. Simply repurpose a few herb pots. You can also attach small fruit boxes to it and thus create storage space.

Simply attach the multi-function wall panel to the wall and populate it. This is done in no time! It can be so easy to set up a nice barbecue area on the balcony.

Barbecue corner made of Euro pallets:

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Furniture made of euro pallets has been the absolute craze in recent years. There are even entire apartments that are only equipped with pallet furniture. So you can actually build anything out of it. Even a small outdoor kitchen for the grill corner on the balcony. So you have work space and storage space in one. Great, is not it? And the whole thing looks great too. If you want to venture into the project, you can find instructions for this outdoor kitchen on

You can also build a vertical garden yourself from a Euro pallet. This is also very simple and also perfect for the grill corner. Finally, you can plant herbs in the vertical garden and harvest them fresh when grilling and use them directly.

Flowering grill corner:

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If you only have a very small balcony and don't have as much space for a barbecue corner, you can still set it up nicely. Simply placing the grill in one corner of the balcony looks a bit dull. Even if there is not much space, you can still upgrade the grill corner with plants. Just place a few buckets of herb plants next to the grill. Hanging lights also look great. You can also plant a trellis next to the grill. Here you can really let off steam in terms of design.