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Fungicide Brunka

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For more than 10 years in agriculture, a new generation of fungicide Brunka has been successfully used in agriculture, attracting by a simple method of application, excellent reviews and reasonable prices. Its three active ingredients provide multifunctional action against fungi and pests.

The drug has the properties of an insecticide and fungicide, which makes it a powerful tool for complex plant protection. Brunka is intended for the treatment of fruit and ornamental trees and vineyards.

The chemical composition of the drug

Each of the components contained in the Brunka fungicide has unique characteristics.

Lambda cyhalothrin is a contact insecticide effective against a wide range of pests, including ticks. Its mechanism of action is based on the suppression of the functions of the nervous system when an insect enters the body.

Imidacloprid belongs to the class of synthetic neonicotinoids. Once in the body of pests, they have a paralytic effect on their nervous system and suppress the function of digestion. The maximum activity of the substance is observed 3-5 days after the treatments. The duration of the protective action remains long enough - about a month. Does not cause resistance.

Aluminum phosphide is an inorganic substance that, when interacting with water, forms aluminum hydroxide and phosphorous hydrogen. Phosphine has a toxic effect on the nervous and respiratory systems of insects. Phosphine resistance may develop in some pest species.

Features of the action

Fungicide Brunka, due to the combined action of three elements, has the properties of an insectoacaricide with a high ability to penetrate the body of insects. And the contact action of lambda-cyhalothrin protects the leaves from caterpillars and larvae.

With the decomposition of the active compounds of the Brunka preparation, such microelements as phosphorus, aluminum and copper are released, which serve to stimulate the development of plants.

The components of the Brunka fungicide are activated at different ambient temperatures:

  • for lambda-cygalotropin, 2 degrees of heat is enough;
  • imidacloprid begins to act at 6 degrees Celsius;
  • decomposition of aluminum phosphide begins on contact with moisture and accelerates with increasing temperature.

Given these features of the fungicide, for spraying, the best temperature range will be 12-20 degrees.

Important! For spraying with Brunka, the instructions for use recommend sunny dry weather.

Number of treatments

Two sprays with Brunka per season are enough for effective plant protection:

  • the first is carried out in early spring, before the buds have time to open;
  • the second - in late autumn, when the plant is preparing for wintering.

Sometimes, with severe neglect of trees, another treatment with Brunka is allowed. It is usually carried out after flowering ends. To minimize damage to plants, the dosage is halved when re-spraying.

The commercial form of the Brunka fungicide, depending on the method of application and price, is a soluble concentrate with a volume of:

  • 30 ml;
  • 150 ml;
  • 350 ml.

Such packaging is very convenient for summer residents and amateur gardeners, but significant volumes are needed for farmers. The cost of the smallest package of Brunka fungicide is 100 rubles. For basic treatments, the dose of the substance is 30 ml per bucket of water. First, the measured amount of the drug is dissolved in a small amount of water, then the mixture is diluted to the required volume. The prepared working solution may be stored for no more than a day. The remains of the used substance must be disposed of.

Benefits of the drug

The advantages of the fungicide Brunka are:

  • complex impact with a wide range;
  • destruction of wintering pests;
  • blocking germinating spores of pathogenic mycelium;
  • the absence of harmful decay products that have a detrimental effect on trees and fruits;
  • the release of useful microelements during the breakdown, acting as foliar feeding;
  • a small number of treatments, unlike other drugs;
  • lack of herbicidal properties and severe burns of foliage;
  • a weak degree of staining in comparison with other substances;
  • the possibility of using at the initial stage of the opening of the kidneys.

Brunka's drug also has some disadvantages:

  • it has a slight coloring effect, but to a lesser extent than other drugs;
  • the fungicide is quite expensive, although its price is justified.

It was also noticed that Brunka's fungicide, according to reviews, slows down leaf blooming for a short time, but in the future this factor is quickly compensated.

Safety regulations

Fungicide Brunka refers to drugs of average toxicity for humans and animals, therefore, handling it requires special care:

  • direct contact with the substance should be avoided;
  • it can only be transported in a hermetically sealed container;
  • during spraying of trees, the presence of children and animals in the immediate vicinity of the site is not allowed;
  • containers that were used to prepare a working solution of Brunka fungicide and subsequent spraying should not be used for other purposes;
  • before starting work, you need to check the serviceability of the sprayer;
  • during the preparation of the solution and the treatment of plants, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment - rubber boots and gloves, a respirator, goggles, a work coat or overalls.

To treat plants with Brunka fungicide, it is important to choose the right time:

  • spraying should be carried out in the morning or evening;
  • if the treatment is carried out in the daytime, you need to choose a cloudy day - in hot weather the solution evaporates quickly, and its poisonous vapors saturate the surrounding air;
  • it is not recommended to spray in windy weather.

Protective measures after processing

Certain recommendations should be followed after the end of spraying:

  • remove protective clothing and accessories and take a shower;
  • only then can you smoke or eat;
  • it is useful to drink a glass of milk to neutralize some of the toxins that have entered the body;
  • alcohol consumption can enhance the effect of poisons;
  • you can start working in the garden only three days after processing.

Gardeners reviews

Numerous positive reviews confirm the high effectiveness of the Brunka drug.

Vinogradova Anna, 50 years old, Yaroslavl

Last season, we decided to listen to the feedback and test the fungicide Brunka. What attracted me most was the mention of a small number of treatments. Indeed, the description of the drug was not deceived. From the first spraying, the number of pests has noticeably decreased, for which 2-3 treatments were carried out earlier. The seedlings slowed down a little in development, but then they went into growth together. In the fall, we carried out one more treatment. Brunka's drug did not disappoint our expectations.

Grushevitsky Vladimir, 57 years old, Voronezh

I heard about the drug from a friend of an amateur gardener, praised the fungicide Brunka very much. I decided to check, although I doubted its particular effectiveness. However, he was amazed by the effect of the drug. From the first day after spraying, I noticed an improvement in the condition of the fruit. I thought that in a week I would have to repeat the treatment, but there were no pests at all. Great result.

Vishenkova Margarita, 48 years old, Podolsk

For the second year I have been using Brunka's drug. Treated trees and grapes in early spring. The remedy is indeed very effective against fungal diseases and pests. Despite the relatively high price, it justifies all the costs and saves time, since only two treatments need to be done. An additional bonus is foliar feeding, which is provided when the active substances break down.

Alexey Slivkin, 62 years old, Saratov

The new generation of fungicides is highly effective. These include the drug Brunka. Only two treatments with this tool help to get rid of fruit pests and diseases for the whole season. When decaying, it provides trees with useful trace elements.


If you strictly follow all the recommendations prescribed in the instructions for use, Brunka's fungicide will become a reliable garden protector.

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