How to attach a garland to a wall without nails: drawings, shapes, ideas and decor options

How to attach a garland to a wall without nails: drawings, shapes, ideas and decor options

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Home decoration with beautiful illumination before the New Year has become an integral part of preparing for the holiday. It is not always possible to hang a garland beautifully on the wall without damaging the coating. There are several secrets on how you can make an interesting, glowing picture that will perfectly fit into a festive interior.

Rules for choosing garlands for walls

When choosing a New Year's electrical decoration, first of all, their safety is taken into account. The fork of the product should be made of high quality solid materials, traditional shape. The cord on which the bulbs are attached is in a strong sheath without kinks or cracks.

The mode switch should not be pressed through, and its body is durable and hard

Filament-shaped lighting fixtures with bulbs can simply be used to create drawings and lettering. A luminous curtain or mesh is not suitable for these purposes.

By power, garlands are chosen no more than 65 watts. This will eliminate overheating and fire.

Immediately in the store, you should check the operability of the lighting device, try to switch modes.

How to hang a garland on a wall without nails

In modern stores you can find many fixtures for attaching lighting fixtures, including garlands. Such fasteners do not damage the wall, they are easy to mount and dismantle.

You can use scotch tape in the old fashioned way, but this mount is only suitable for painted walls that are washed after removing the decor.

How to attach a garland to a wallpaper wall

Pins and tape will not work for this purpose. You need to purchase a special set with clips and hooks from the hardware store. They are made of transparent silicone. The fasteners are mounted on double-sided adhesive tape, also colorless. It holds the structure well and can be easily removed from the wall without damaging the wallpaper.

Sticky strips come with hooks, you can use them only once, if you remove the fasteners, it loses its holding properties

How to decorate a wall with a garland

There are many ideas for decorating walls with luminous elements. In the process of work, it would be good to connect imagination, which will certainly prompt an original solution. With the help of glowing bulbs, the interior takes on a festive sound, the house becomes warm and cozy.

What can be made from a garland on the wall

On New Year's Eve, winter drawings are relevant: Christmas trees, snowflakes, clocks. Lettering with wishes or congratulations would also be appropriate. The symbol of the New Year, the rat, will be especially relevant this season.

Drawings from the garland on the wall

A heart of glowing bulbs can be built for a couple in love. This is a simple drawing that will bring love and happiness to your home. To make the heart even, the garland is attached to a dense wire frame.

The drawing turns out to be spectacular and romantic, it is relevant not only on New Year's Eve

The luminous house around the bed symbolizes warmth and comfort. Such a drawing can be done in a large friendly family or in a young and small one.

The luminous house is very easy to make, it is cute and cozy, really family

It is important to pull the cord well so that the edges of the pattern are even, as if they were made under a ruler. This is the only way the image will look good.

Garland patterns on the wall

If you don't have time to lay out complex drawings, you can make a simple pattern on the wall. In the evening in the dark, it looks no less impressive.

The easiest way is to frame the edges of the bookshelf with glowing elements. The composition will look interesting if the shelf is rounded or wavy.

It's hard to believe that behind this snail hides an ordinary bookshelf, framed by glowing bulbs.

The garland, folded in random order and attached to the wall, gives the impression of elegant beads. The wave-like pattern is appropriate in any room.

Everyone can fix the garland on the wall in this way, and the dim light of the bulbs will make even the office cozy.

It is easiest to fix the garland on the wall in the form of sagging threads. It is only necessary to fix the ends of each row and, if necessary, the center.

Garland figures on the wall

On New Year's Eve, a star on the wall will look good, as a symbol of a new time. You can make a wire frame and wrap it with a garland. You can also mark the corners of the sprocket on the wall and secure the cord at the inner and outer ends.

Such a New Year's decoration of the walls will be appreciated by lovers of minimalism in the interior.

It is difficult to imagine a composition for the most fabulous day of the year without a tree. The electric cord with bulbs on the wall is placed in a zigzag manner, the outer and inner corners are fixed.

Decorate the finished installation to your liking

If you dream up, you can come up with other interesting thematic drawings, for example, a snowflake. Decor options from garlands on the wall are diverse.

Garland lettering on the wall

For this pattern, you need a long garland or two. Light bulbs on New Year's Eve will highlight wishes for good luck, love, happiness.

The main thing in life is love, this can be indicated by a simple strip of light

The contours of the future inscription are outlined on the wall and a garland is laid out on them, fixing every turn and bend.

All dreams in the new year must come true. The New Year's inscription can also speak of this.

The garland is attached in the same way, it can decorate not only the wall, but also interior items

If you have time and desire, you can put the inscription "Happy New Year!" From two long lighting elements.

This is more difficult work, but children and adults like to decorate the house on the eve of the holiday.

You can even write a beautiful declaration of love on the wall, but this is an occupation for true craftsmen.

Mouse or rat from a garland on the wall

Putting a mouse on a wall made of glowing bulbs is not easy. A garland of the desired color is attached along the contour of the stencil; you can fix it with tape or pins with a head.

For this task you will need a stencil made of cardboard or plywood.

The picture will look good on a wall of any color, but it is better to choose a solid color background.

How beautiful to decorate the wall with a garland and photographs

Pictures of glowing light bulbs will take on special meaning if family pictures are inserted inside the outline.

A heart with a photo of loved ones and the best moments of the outgoing year is a sincere gift to loved ones in the form of an interior solution

A picture of a garland on the wall can be made simpler. If you hang it in several rows, like beads, and decorate with your favorite photos, it will look no less impressive.

You can attach a photo of the capitals that you would like to visit next year to the power cord.

Attention! An installation depicting a dream or wish not only decorates the interior, but also motivates.

How to hang a garland curtain on the wall

The simplest solution is to fasten several long cords with bulbs vertically. You will need to fix each element to the top of the wall.

A simple decoration looks very impressive if the bulbs are white, the garlands look like the first falling snow

You can beautifully hang a garland on the wall without creating drawings or inscriptions.

If you attach a short curtain garland to the curtains, you get a cozy corner for reading and watching TV on winter snowy evenings.

Such a corner is warm and cozy at home, it was created for gatherings in a family circle, reading books, board games

A curtain of garlands is attached only at the top. In the center, the structure can be tied with an elegant ribbon - you get a real festive curtain.

A few ideas on how to hang a garland on the wall in an original way

An impressive New Year tree woven from colored garlands. First, the outline of the structure is outlined on the wall, then the cord is bent in random order. The inside of the picture must be completely filled. You will need a lot of fasteners: the garland is fixed every 5 cm.

The lush crown of a glowing tree can fill part of the ceiling

The following interior solution is made without a single attachment. The garland simply wrapped around the dry branches of the decorative tree.

This is the easiest way to place a garland on the wall.

A teenager's room can be decorated with the symbol of the year, but in a modern interpretation.

High school students will love the New Year's bat

A canopy of garlands over the bed will make New Year's Eve fabulous and unforgettable. In the center of the structure, a photo of lovers is attached, so the wall decoration turns into a romantic frame for the bed.

The idea is simple, but in general, small bulbs of the same color in the interior of the bedroom look original and impressive.

This decor is also applicable for a children's room, only in the center of the glowing decoration can you fix a picture with your favorite cartoon character.

Also, a unicorn will fit into the interior of the nursery. The kid will certainly be delighted with his beloved fairy-tale hero, who will light up his room all night.

It is easy to make a contour and frame it with light bulbs, because a unicorn is one of the light, but original drawings.

For such a picture, you need a clean, spacious wall. Its shade should not be only white, the design will look spectacular on colored, monochromatic wallpaper.

If you decorate the garland itself with colored jars, you get an original decor. It is suitable for decorating walls in a children's room.

Young dreamy people will also like this wall decor.

Instead of cans, beautiful candy wrappers, colored ribbons, tinsel are attached to the electrical cord with adhesive tape. This decor is original, appropriate for any day of the year.


Everyone can beautifully hang a garland on the wall, this manipulation does not require special knowledge and skills. First you need to decide on the fastening: tape is suitable for painted walls, pins are suitable for a cardboard base, special transparent hooks are purchased for walls covered with wallpaper. The shape of the picture is chosen according to your own taste and idea of ​​beauty.

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