Planting mirabelles - explained step by step

Planting mirabelles - explained step by step

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We explain how to plant, maintain, cut a mirabelle tree and why varieties like Nancy are so popular.

Mirabelles need a lot of sun - enjoy self-harvested Mirabelles (Prunus domestica subsp. Syriaca) from your own garden? If you want to fulfill this wish, the project begins with the correct planting of a mirabelle tree.

But which varieties are suitable and what is there to consider? We'll clarify this a little more closely here. Because only a properly planted mirabelle tree bears many delicious fruits.

Choose the right variety

Almost all common Mirabelle varieties are self-fertile plants (self-fertilization) that do not require a second tree as a fertilizer. The best known and most popular is Mirabelle Nancy, which is characterized by rather small fruits, a rich yield and good resistance to the common stone fruit disease Scharka. If you value delicious fruits, this is the variety Miragrande a good choice. If you want to harvest large mirabelle plums as early as possible and for a long time in summer, this is the variety Bellamira on.

Mirabelle tree Nancy

Mirabelle tree Nancy bears yellow to reddish fruits in summer -
Mirabelle tree Nancy (Prunus Mirabelle von Nancy)
Growth rate:30 - 50 cm a year
Height:300 - 500 cm
Spread:200 - 400 cm
Root system:Heart-rooting
Location:Sun to partial shade
Ground:moist, nutritious, permeable
Harvest time:Mid to late August
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Mirabelle tree Miragrande

Mirabelle Miragrande with reddish spots -
Mirabelle tree migrande (Prunus syriaca Miragrande)
Growth rate:30 - 40 cm a year
Height:400 - 600 cm
Spread:300 - 400 cm
Root system:Heart-rooting
Location:Sun to partial shade
Ground:normal, humorous, permeable
Harvest time:August to September
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Mirabelle tree Bellamira

Mirabelle Bellamira bears large yellow fruits -
Mirabelle Bellamira (Prunus domestica Bellamira)
Growth rate:30 - 50 cm a year
Height:300 - 500 cm
Spread:200 - 400 cm
Root system:Heart-rooting
Location:Sun to partial shade
Ground:humic, loamy to dry, sandy
Harvest time:Mid-August to mid-September
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This is how the location should look

A sunny location is best suited for mirabelles. Light penumbra is accepted, but the most beautiful, sweetest fruits are harvested from trees that have been exposed to a lot of sun. In addition, mirabelles prefer protected locations. The proximity of a house wall, wall or high hedge is therefore an advantage.

consider it,
that mirabelles form protruding crowns and often reach a growth width of four meters. Reserve an area of ​​18 to 20 square meters with the Mirabelle in the center, so that the tree can spread freely on all sides.

Plant a mirabelle tree - how it works

❶ You can use your mirabelle tree plant in spring or autumn, To do this, dig a hole two and a half times the depth and width of the root ball. Then enrich the excavated earth with compost. If the soil is heavily compacted, you can also mix in some sand to improve water permeability.

❷ Now put so much of the improved soil back into the planting hole that the tree's finishing point is about ten centimeters above the surrounding soil level. Now pile the rest of the earth around and on the root ball. Make sure that the tree is not crooked at the end.

❸ To achieve an upright, straight growth, it is advisable to attach the mirabelle to a post, which you use at a distance of about 50 centimeters from the trunk. Fix the tree as high as possible with a stable cord. There should be no strong tension pulling towards the pile.

❹ Next, water your Mirabelle tree generously and the planting is successfully completed.

Planting mirablle - video instructions

Mirabelle tree care


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