Planting fir trees - tips for containers, soil and drainage

Planting fir trees - tips for containers, soil and drainage

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Would you like to bring a fir tree into the house? Then you have to consider a few things. After all, the houseplant is a subtropical plant with certain requirements.

It is only possible to keep a silver fir tree under certain conditions. In Germany, however, it is only kept in tubs as a houseplant. However, this is not so easy, since the plant is very demanding or cannot cope with today's room temperatures, especially in the cold season.

If you still want to try it and want to plant a fir tree, you should inform yourself well in advance about the different needs. Above all, this includes the soil conditions and the size of the bucket. In order for you to be successful with the keeping and the expensive fir does not die, we have explained the most important points to you here.

The bucket - holes are mandatory

Choose a bucket with one or more holes for your fir tree. This ensures that there is no waterlogging even when the water supply is too high. The volume of the bucket should be about a quarter larger than the previous, fully rooted planter.

You can then wait up to three years with the next repotting. Make sure to leave a pouring rim of two to three centimeters free when you place your fir tree in the bucket.

The floor - a little acidic

The silver fir feels most comfortable in a well drained and slightly acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.0. A mixture of commercially available potting soil, peat or bog soil and sand is recommended as a substrate. Even a small proportion of strongly acidic azalea takes on the roots of the silver fir. You can easily keep an eye on the pH value with suitable soil tests. Such tests are available for a small fee in gardening stores. The purchase is always worthwhile for the well-priced fir tree.

Drainage - for the best possible water drainage

To optimize the water drainage from the bucket, you can reline the substrate with a drainage layer. Use gravel and pumice or recycle old clay pots that have become unsightly. Break the clay pots into small pieces with a hammer and place them in the tub of the fir tree in front of the substrate. The drainage layer should be about three to four centimeters thick.

Important care instructions

In order for your carp to develop splendidly, you should observe the following care instructions:

❶ Water abundantly, especially during the warm season, and use rainwater or decalcified tap water.

❷ Choose a bright location, but not in full sun.

❸ Ensure that the air humidity is sufficiently high, for example by spraying the fir tree with water.

❹ Make sure that the subtropical plant does not get frost in winter.

❺ Fertilize your fir tree regularly in summer, but not with a nitrogenous fertilizer.