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Fertilizer Biogrow

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Are you spending too much effort and time trying to get a rich harvest, but nothing comes of it? Do vegetables and greens grow extremely slowly? Is the crop shallow and sluggish? It's all about the soil and the absence of beneficial trace elements and vitamins in it. The growth stimulator Biogrow will help to saturate the soil and improve the growth of plants, make them useful and large.

Description and benefits

Biogrow biofertilizer increases yields by 50% in just 2-3 times of application. Besides:

  • the drug improves the taste of plants;
  • improves the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits;
  • fruits ripen faster by 2 weeks;
  • the product is based exclusively on natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals;
  • contributes to the destruction of pathogenic flora;
  • acts on all types of plants;
  • protects plants from various diseases, strengthens their protective functions;
  • protects against pests and prevents useful microelements from leaching out of the soil.

Biogrow can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer by clicking on the link below, at a fairly competitive price. An organic stimulant of natural growth has a lot of positive reviews from gardeners, who were personally convinced of the effectiveness and safety of the drug.

Biofertilizer composition

The impressive results and effective effect of the drug are based on its natural composition and correctly selected components:

  • humic acid - the ingredient has many useful trace elements and minerals. Plants easily assimilate this component and begin to grow faster;
  • bioactive water - helps to restore the structure of the soil, the development of beneficial bacteria, their reproduction and interaction with plants;
  • flau bacteria - thanks to this component, the earth receives useful trace elements, increases fertility;
  • selected blood flour (concentrate) - is a source of amino acids for plants, in interaction with other components of the preparation improves and accelerates plant growth;
  • ash of rare deciduous trees - is a source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, iron, which the plant needs for normal development.

With the interaction of all components of the new generation organic fertilizer, Biogrow is the most effective preparation that increases the yield by 50%, makes vegetables and fruits tasty and healthy.

Fertilizer application method

Biogrow is a unique fertilizer suitable for all types of plants: cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, potatoes, melons and ornamental plants.

There are several ways to use fertilizer:

  • as watering plants: for this you need to dilute a small handful of the drug in a bucket of water and water the plants. The procedure should be repeated every 2 weeks;
  • as a preparation for soaking seeds: the dosage and time for a particular plant species are indicated in the detailed instructions for the preparation;
  • as a spraying: fruit trees are treated with the drug during their flowering and fruit ovary at sunset. The dosage for a specific type of tree can be found in the instructions.

Biogrow biofertilizer research

The Biogrow product has passed all kinds of tests and studies, which have shown the highest results and effectiveness. In addition, the drug is absolutely safe for humans, does not cause any allergies and side effects, as it is completely natural.

Note that during the research, various types of garden and garden plants were amenable to fertilization, which showed rapid growth, and also gave a large yield. In addition, their taste characteristics were noted, as well as the ability to withstand various diseases and harmful insects.

Studies have also shown that the drug is able to significantly accelerate the ripening process, cause an earlier emergence of crops. To do this, during the experiments, different fertilizers were used on three different beds, including Biogrow. The latest growth promoter has shown amazing results, leaving behind its competitors.

The experiment with Biogrow has also shown that it can be used to grow mushrooms as well as rare crops.

A positive factor is also worth noting that the price of Biogrow is affordable, and the drug itself is enough for a long time and for large areas. This is what makes the drug beneficial to use.


Both amateur gardeners and experienced agronomists respond positively to Biogrow:

Svetlana, 58 years old, Moscow region

I read a lot of information about Biogrow, heard a lot about it, but somehow my husband and I tried to raise a vegetable garden on our own, improve the land with fertilizer, which we ourselves selected, even made ourselves. But, to be honest, all this did not bring results. There was a harvest, but it turned out to be small, the vegetables grew frail and tasteless. And then we decided to buy this product, read that it is natural and healthy. I can say that the manufacturer did not deceive, the plants really began to rise faster, filled with life juice, became more tasty and aromatic. I recommended it to all my neighbors in the country.

Evgeny, 46 years old, Vsevolozhsk

We have a private house and a small front garden, where there are mainly flowers and greenery. Took a Biogrow to improve the condition of the soil a little. And in the end it turned out that he just perfectly improved the composition of the soil, significantly increased the yield of greenery, and the flowers began to grow better and more luxuriantly.

Marina, 32 years old, Krasnodar region

My husband and I bought a dacha, everything was desolate there, practically nothing grew. I immediately understood that effective artillery was needed. I began to study, read about Biogrow, ordered and began to "treat" the soil. My labors were not in vain, now we are gathering a gorgeous harvest for all our neighbors to envy.

Kaslavsky V.S., agronomist, 58 years old, Moscow

I have been working as an agronomist for 30 years, during this time I have seen a lot, tried a lot. I would like to note that today there is no more effective and safer preparation for plant growth and protection than Biogrow. I was personally present at the testing of this tool and I myself saw how positively it affects the harvest.

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