Growth stimulator HB-101: instructions for use, gardeners reviews

Growth stimulator HB-101: instructions for use, gardeners reviews

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Instructions for use HB-101 characterizes this Japanese product as a universal growth stimulant that promotes the rapid development of plants and strengthens the immune system. The systematic use of the drug allows you to achieve an increase in yield and accelerate ripening. Processing serves as an additional preventive measure against various diseases and pests.

What is HB-101 for plants

In the instructions, HB-101 is called a vitalizer, since it is not a fertilizer as such, but a mixture of substances with a biologically active effect, which:

  • stimulate plant development;
  • accelerate the set of green mass;
  • improve the structure of the soil.

Important! HB-101 is often called a fertilizer, but the product is not. Therefore, the use of this drug does not negate the need for fertilizing the soil according to standard agricultural techniques.

Composition of NV-101

The composition of the growth stimulator for plants HB-101 contains mineral and organic substances of natural origin. They are obtained on the basis of extracts of various perennial conifers (mainly pine, cypress and cedar). It also contains plantain extract and several active ingredients, the content of which is indicated in the table.


Concentration, mg / l



Sodium salts


Calcium salts


Nitrogen compounds


Compounds of potassium, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron



Forms of production of biostimulator HB-101

Vitalizer is available in 2 forms:

  1. A liquid solution that must be diluted with water to obtain the required concentration. Sold in convenient bottles, ampoules and dispensers with a dropper.
  2. Granules that are scattered into the soil along the near-trunk circle, without deepening. Sold in PET bags or containers with Zip-Lock fasteners.

The composition of the product may vary slightly depending on the release formula. Judging by the gardeners' reviews, the HB-101 liquid solution acts faster than the granules.

Vitalizer is made in Japan

One of the most common forms of HB-101 release (pictured) is a 50 ml bottle.

The principle of operation of the HB-101 fertilizer

The preparation contains nutrients and minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and others) in an easily assimilable ionic form. Due to this, they dissolve very quickly in water and penetrate into the roots of the plant (or directly into the leaves and stems when applied by the foliar method).

The stimulant has a powerful effect on the plant, activating the processes of cell division, due to which the culture gains green mass faster. The product contains saponin, which saturates the soil with oxygen, which is beneficial for the bacteria living there. They begin to quickly process organic substances, which are also easily assimilated by plant roots.

Attention! Since the product contains only natural ingredients, it does not harm soil bacteria, plants, earthworms and other beneficial organisms.

Does NV-101 protect against late blight

The stimulant does not directly protect plants from late blight. If spots and other signs have already appeared on the leaves, it is necessary to treat with a fungicide. However, there is an indirect effect of protection. If you add the drug to the soil, the culture will develop faster, and its immunity to diseases will be noticeably higher.

In the reviews of summer residents who used HB-101 according to the instructions, it is noted that the use of this drug really helps to prevent common infections:

  • late blight;
  • chlorosis;
  • root rot;
  • leaf spot;
  • brown rust;
  • powdery mildew.

Scope of HB-101 fertilizer

Due to its complex chemical composition, this tool is universal, so it can be used for any crops:

  • vegetable;
  • indoor and garden flowers;
  • cereals;
  • fruit and berry;
  • ornamental and lawn grasses;
  • mushrooms.

In accordance with the instructions for use, HB-101 can be used both for seedlings and for adult plants. The dosage depends on the type of culture. Also, the seeds are treated with a solution a few hours before planting and the bulbs (immersed for 30-60 minutes).

Important! The solution can be applied to the soil by root and foliar application. The latter option is most often used at the stage of ovary formation.

Vitalizer NV-101 is consumed in small quantities, so one bottle is enough for a long time

Instructions for use of HB-101 fertilizer

The drug can be used in liquid or granular form. The dosage and the algorithm of actions depend on this. Also, when receiving a working solution, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations for the culture and the stages of cultivation (seedlings or an adult plant).

How to breed HB-101

You can make the HB-101 solution for root or foliar application as follows:

  1. The liquid preparation is added to settled water based on the ratio of 1-2 drops per liter or 1 ml (20 drops) per 10 liters. A standard bucket is enough to process 1 weave. It is most convenient to measure with drops - the bottle is equipped with a measuring pipette.
  2. According to the instructions for use, the HB-101 granules do not need to be dissolved. They are evenly scattered over the beds in the fall (the site is pre-dug up) in an amount of 1 g per 1 m2... If used for indoor plants, take 4-5 granules per 1 liter of soil mixture.

Important! It is not necessary to deepen the granules of HB-101 - they are simply left on the surface. Due to the presence of volcanic ash particles in the composition, the active substances slowly dissolve in the soil, so they act for six months.

How to use growth stimulant HB-101

To get the maximum effect when germinating seeds, growing seedlings, as well as when caring for adult plants, it is necessary to accurately determine the dosage for a particular crop, as well as the frequency of treatment.

Application of HB-101 for seedlings

It is recommended to put the seeds of any culture in a container and completely fill it with a solution of the growth stimulator HB-101, according to the rules of the instruction they are kept for one night. To obtain a liquid of the desired concentration, add 2 drops per liter of settled water at room temperature.

Before transferring seedlings to a greenhouse or into open ground, they are treated with HB-101 three times

How to water HB-101 vegetable crops

Vegetable crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and others) are processed according to a universal scheme. The bushes are sprayed with a solution 4 times per season:

  1. At the preparation stage, the site must be poured with liquid three times, and the optimal dosage is 2 drops per bucket of water (10 l).
  2. Then the seeds must be kept in solution overnight, the dosage is 10 times more: 2 drops per liter of settled water.
  3. The seedlings are sprayed 3 times with an interval of 1 week.
  4. After transplanting, the seedlings are treated every week. Moreover, the method of introduction remains foliar (you need to try to get on the ovaries - then they will form better).

How to use HB-101 for feeding melons and gourds

Melons are treated in the same way - both at the seedling stage and after transplanting into the ground.

Instructions for the use of HB-101 fertilizer for cereals

According to the instructions and reviews, HB-101 growth stimulator for cereals can be used 4 times:

  1. Watering the soil before sowing - 3 times (dosage 1 ml per bucket of water).
  2. Soaking seeds in liquid (dosage of 2 drops per 1 liter of water) 2-3 hours.
  3. Weekly spraying of seedlings (3 times) with a solution of 1 ml per bucket of water.
  4. Before harvesting, 5 sprays are carried out (with an interval of 7 days) with a solution with a dosage of 1 ml per bucket of water.

How to use HB-101 for fruit and berry crops

Fruit trees and berries are processed in the same way as vegetable crops. The procedure is carried out 4 times per season.

Top dressing HB-101 of garden flowers and ornamental shrubs

Roses and other garden flowers are processed three times:

  1. Before sowing, the soil is watered 3 times with the product, using 2 drops per 1 liter.
  2. Seeds are soaked before planting for 10-12 hours: 2 drops per 1 liter.
  3. After planting the seeds and receiving the first shoots, the seedlings are sprayed with a solution of the same concentration.
For conifers

For processing, a solution is prepared: 30 drops per 10 liters and abundant spraying is carried out until the liquid begins to drain from the branches. It is recommended to repeat the treatment weekly (3 times per season), and then in spring and autumn (2 times a year).

Application of natural vitalizer HB-101 for lawns

For lawns, it is better to use not a liquid, but a granular composition. Distribute 1 g of granules per square meter evenly over the soil. The application is carried out once a season (at the beginning of autumn).

It is convenient to use HB-101 granules for treating lawns.

Instructions for HB-101 for indoor plants and flowers

For homemade lemon, flowers and other potted plants, the following dosage is established: 2 drops per 1 liter of water are applied every week by irrigation. The procedure can be repeated for quite a long time - from 6 months to a year. The same method is used when growing crops using the hydroponic method.

When growing mushrooms

A liquid (3 ml per 10 L) is added to the bacterial environment, and then the plants are weekly sprayed with a solution of standard concentration: 1 ml per 10 L. A solution (2 ml per 10 l) is introduced into the woody medium overnight. Spraying with a liquid of the same concentration is carried out weekly.

How to make NV-101 with your own hands

You can also prepare the stimulator HB-101 with your own hands. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Take a 1 liter jar.
  2. The needles of spruce, juniper, larch and other plants are laid, and horsetail and fern are also added.
  3. Pour vodka to the top.
  4. Insist 7-10 days at room temperature in a shaded place.
  5. Strain and dissolve 1 tablespoon in a bucket of water. This is the working solution.

Compatibility with other drugs

The product is compatible with any fertilizers, stimulants and pesticides. However, it is recommended to carry out processing after the application of basic fertilizers (after 1-2 weeks). At the same time, you should not combine nitrogen fertilizing (urea) with the HB-101 stimulator.

Important! Growth stimulant works well with organic fertilizers. Therefore, any organic matter can be used both before and after processing (or even in parallel).

Advantages and disadvantages

The experience of using the stimulant HB-101 has shown that it has a complex effect on various plants, since it contains the entire basic set of nutrients. The benefits are manifested in the following:

  • significant improvement in seed germination;
  • rapid development of plants;
  • increased productivity;
  • acceleration of fruit ripening;
  • increasing resistance to diseases and pests;
  • increasing resistance to adverse weather factors.

The drug HB-101 is very economical, since 1 ml (20 drops) is enough for 10 liters of water. And if you use it in granules, their validity period is 5-6 months. Among the shortcomings of summer residents, they sometimes note the inability to use the product together with urea, as well as with fertilizers in an oily solution.

In most reviews, summer residents rate NV-101 4.5-5 out of 5 points


During processing, basic safety measures must be observed:

  1. Stir the solution with gloves.
  2. When adding granules, be sure to wear a mask.
  3. During processing, exclude food, water, smoking.
  4. Keep children and pets away from the area.

Spraying of crops growing in open field is best done in the late evening, while the weather should be dry and calm.

Attention! If liquid gets into the eyes, they are rinsed under running water (medium pressure). If the solution gets into the stomach, you need to induce vomiting and take activated charcoal (5-10 tablets). If symptoms persist after 1-2 hours, you should see a doctor right away.

Storage rules and shelf life NV-101

The manufacturer declares that the shelf life is not limited (if the integrity of the package is not violated and the storage conditions are observed). The more time has passed from the date of production, the more nutrients will be destroyed. Therefore, it is advisable to use the drug in the first 2-3 years. It can be stored in a wide temperature range, in a dark place with moderate humidity.

Ready solution HB-101 must be used completely, since it is not stored for a long time

Analogues of HB-101

Analogs of this remedy include various biological stimulants:

  • Ribav;
  • Domotsvet;
  • Kornevin;
  • Athlete;
  • Benefit PZ;
  • Kendal;
  • Sweet;
  • Radifarm;
  • succinic acid and others.

These drugs can replace HB-101, but they have a different composition.


Instructions for using HB-101 are quite simple, so any summer resident can treat plants with this drug. The tool has a complex effect and a prolonged effect (if applied correctly, it works throughout the season). However, the use of a stimulant does not negate the need for top dressing. It is in this way that you can get the maximum yield in a short time.

Reviews of growth stimulant HB-101

Marina, 39 years old, Anapa

They gave me an anthurium flower for my birthday. At first, he gave beautiful leaves, and after 2 years he began to noticeably hand over. Flowers disappeared, and the leaves turned yellow and went to fade one after another. I've tried a lot, but it's all to no avail. I already hid it from drafts and fed it - it did not help. In a flower shop I was advised to buy HB-101 - a Japanese remedy. I diluted it (2 drops per liter) and began to spray it every week. As a result, the flower came to life after a couple of months. And the whole ampoule remained intact - very economically! Now I recommend this tool to all my friends. It can be used not only for home flowers, but also for seedlings, as well as fruit and vegetable plants.

Galina Petrovna, 56 years old, Barnaul

I grow chili peppers for pleasure right on the windowsill. At first everything was in order with the harvest. But after three years, only 2 ovaries bore fruit. I changed the land, fertilized it - it still did not help. I looked for growth stimulants, found a Japanese HB-101. The product is not cheap, but one bottle (6 ml) is enough for several years (consumption is 2 drops per liter). The processing was carried out according to the instructions, the pepper bushes came to life, the yield increased.

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