Cherries with sugar for the winter without cooking: a recipe for cooking with a photo

Cherries with sugar for the winter without cooking: a recipe for cooking with a photo

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Cherry is a crop of early ripening, fruiting is short-lived, in a short period it is necessary to process as many berries as possible for the winter. The fruits are suitable for jam, wine, compote, but all methods provide for long-term heat treatment, during which some of the nutrients are lost. Cherries with sugar without cooking are the best option to preserve the beneficial properties and taste of fresh fruits.

Berries in syrup retain their shape and flavor well

Features of cooking cherries in sugar

Only ripe berries are used for harvesting. Fruits are rich in vitamins, the chemical composition includes many substances necessary for the body. The product without cooking completely retains its nutritional properties, therefore, fruits of biological ripeness are chosen. Overripe, but good quality cherries without signs of rotting, can be used in the harvest without boiling in pureed form.

The harvest is processed immediately after harvest, the shelf life of cherries is no more than 10 hours, since it loses its juice and is prone to fermentation. The fruits are sorted out, if the quality is in doubt, it is better to use them in other recipes, for example, for making wine, and not in harvesting without cooking.

Preservation jars take one volume, 500 or 750 ml are used more often, but there is no strict limitation.

Before laying, the cans are reviewed for cracks and chips on the thread. They clean it with baking soda, because the alkaline composition of the substance neutralizes the acidic environment that causes fermentation, so the shelf life of the product will increase. Then the containers are washed with hot water and sterilized. The product is placed in prepared jars. The lids are also processed, boiled for several minutes.

Rules for cooking cherries in sugar for the winter

Cherries in sugar are used whole or ground for processing without cooking. There are recipes where berries are taken with seeds. The disadvantage of this method is the short shelf life. After a year, the bones are released into the product hydrocyanic acid - a toxin dangerous for humans. If it is decided to use whole fruits, the cherries are placed in a solution of salt and citric acid for 15 minutes. There may be worms in the pulp, it is difficult to visually determine their presence, but in the solution they will float out. Then the cherries are washed under running water.

When removing the seed, it is necessary to minimize damage to the fruits and try to preserve the juice if they are sprinkled with sugar intact. To remove the bone, use a special separator device or improvised means: a cocktail tube, a pin.

Fruits for winter harvesting must be large, ripe and always fresh

Only clean berries are processed without moisture on the surface. After washing, they are laid out on a table, covered with a kitchen towel, and left until the water is absorbed into the fabric and evaporates.

In all recipes without cooking, no matter what the consistency of the product will be, cherries and sugar are taken in the same amount.

Recipe for cherries with sugar for the winter without cooking

There are several options for processing fruits without boiling, the simplest one that does not require material costs with fast technology is whole fruits with de-pitting with sterilization. The second way of harvesting for the winter is pureed cherries with sugar. It will take a little more time to prepare the raw materials. If there is no time limit, you can use the recipe without cooking and sterilizing.

Technology for harvesting cherries without cooking with additional heat treatment:

  1. The seeds are removed from the washed dry berries, the fruits are put in a wide container.
  2. Take jars of the same volume, fill with cherry mass, sprinkle each layer with sugar.
  3. The bottom of the wide container is covered with a cloth and the blanks are placed, covered with lids.
  4. Fill with water until it narrows on the cans.
  5. So that the lids fit snugly to the neck, and the water does not get into the cherry during boiling, a load is installed. Put a cutting round board, you can put a small pot of water on it.
  6. Sterilize the cherries in sugar for 25 minutes.

If the berries have sunk too much so as not to roll up half-empty jars, they supplement the rest from one to the top, seal them with lids.

Important! The workpiece must be covered with a warm blanket or jackets, the longer it cools, the better.

Another way without boiling whole berries:

  1. Pits are removed from cherries, berries are weighed, an equal amount of sugar is measured.
  2. Dishes for processing are taken taking into account that it fits in the refrigerator (a mandatory condition).
  3. Cherry is covered with sugar and mixed thoroughly.
  4. Cover the pan and leave in the kitchen for 10 hours.
  5. The cherries are stirred every 3-4 hours.
  6. At night, they are placed in the refrigerator with the lid closed so that the mass does not absorb the extraneous odors of the products.
  7. Sugar dissolves within 24 hours, the workpiece is kept systematically stirring so that the fruits are well saturated with syrup for 4 days.

The berries are transferred to jars, filled with syrup to the top so that there is no air cushion left, and closed.

Advice! Using this technology, you can prepare fruits with seeds.

Recipe for pureed cherries without cooking:

  1. Pits are removed from cherries, only clean and dry raw materials are processed, the amount of sugar should be equal to the weight of the berries.
  2. If the number of berries is large, grind them in portions with sugar using a blender or food processor in (cocktail bowl).
  3. You can add lemon juice for a citrusy scent and act as a preservative, but you don't need to use this ingredient.
  4. Lay out the workpiece on the banks.

The taste of jam without heat treatment compares favorably with a long-boiled one

If it is possible to store the jars in a cool place, they are rolled up with lids and removed. When stored in a room with room temperature, it is better to sterilize the product prepared without boiling for 10 minutes. If the volume of processed berries according to this recipe is small, the jars can be refrigerated without additional hot processing.

Terms and conditions of storage

The shelf life of the product without cooking, processed with seeds is no more than 12 months. This blank is used primarily. In other cases, the period is doubled, provided that the room is not lit and the temperature does not exceed +5 0C. An open cherry blank is stored in the refrigerator.

In winter, the jars are periodically reviewed, with signs of fermentation, the container is opened to preserve the berries, the product is boiled. It is quite suitable for further use. With high humidity in the room, metal covers can rust and must be replaced with new ones. A film of mold may appear on the surface, it is better not to use such a product, its quality and nutritional value deteriorate.


Cherries with sugar without cooking are a delicious dessert that does not lose useful elements, sterilization only slightly changes the chemical composition of the berry. The product is stored in a cool room for a long time. The preparation is used as a dessert, for filling pies, decorating and impregnating cakes, syrup is added to cocktails.

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