Tall tomatoes for greenhouses

Tall tomatoes for greenhouses

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Many gardeners prefer to grow tall tomatoes. Most of these varieties are indeterminate, which means they bear fruit until the onset of cold weather. At the same time, it is advisable to grow tomatoes in greenhouses, where favorable conditions persist until late autumn. The article also lists the best tall varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, which allow you to get a generous harvest of delicious vegetables without much hassle.


Analyzing the sales trends of seed companies and reviews of experienced farmers in various forums, you can make a selection of the most demanded tall tomatoes. So, the TOP-5 of the best tomato varieties included:

Tolstoy F1

This hybrid rightfully occupies a leading position in the ranking of tall tomatoes. Its advantages are:

  • early ripening of fruits (70-75 days from the day of emergence);
  • high resistance to diseases (late blight, fusarium, cladosporium, apical and root rot virus);
  • high yield (12 kg / m2).

It is necessary to grow tomatoes of the "Tolstoy F1" variety in greenhouse conditions with 3-4 bushes per 1 m2 soil. With early planting of seedlings in the soil, the peak of fruit ripening occurs in June. The tomatoes of this hybrid are round-cubic in shape and are colored bright red. The mass of each vegetable is about 100-120 g. The taste of the fruit is excellent: the pulp is firm, sweet, the skin is thin and tender. You can use tomatoes for pickling, canning.

F1 President

Dutch tomatoes for greenhouse cultivation. The main advantage of the variety is ease of maintenance and high yield. The period from the emergence of seedlings to the active phase of fruit ripening is 70-100 days. It is recommended to plant plants with a frequency of 3-4 bushes per 1 m2 soil. In the process of growing, the hybrid does not require chemical treatment, since it has comprehensive protection against a number of common diseases. The "President F1" variety is large-fruited: the weight of each tomato is 200-250 g. The color of vegetables is red, the flesh is dense, the shape is round. The fruits are distinguished by good transportability and the possibility of long-term storage.

Important! The advantage of the hybrid is a very high yield of 8 kg per bush or 25-30 kg per 1 m2 of soil.

Diva F1

An early ripe hybrid of domestic selection, intended for cultivation in greenhouse conditions. The height of the bushes of this variety reaches 1.5 m, therefore, seedlings should be planted no thicker than 4-5 plants per 1 m2 soil. The period from the day of sowing the seed to the beginning of active fruiting is 90-95 days. The variety can be cultivated in the central and northwestern region of Russia, since it is resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions and has protection against most characteristic diseases. Fruits of the hybrid "Prima Donna F1" at the stage of ripening have a green and brown color, upon reaching the technical ripeness, their color becomes intense red. The pulp of tomatoes is fleshy, aromatic, but sour. Each round-shaped tomato weighs 120-130 g. The purpose of this variety is universal.

Important! Tomatoes of the "Prima Donna F1" variety are resistant to cracking and mechanical damage that may occur during transportation.

Cow heart

A variety of tall tomatoes for film greenhouses. Differs in especially fleshy, large fruits, the weight of which can reach 400 g. Their color is pink-crimson, heart-shaped. Taste qualities of tomatoes are excellent: the pulp is sweet, aromatic. It is recommended to use the fruits of this variety for the preparation of fresh salads. You can see the Volovye Heart tomatoes in the photo above. The height of the plant exceeds 1.5 m. Fruit-bearing clusters are abundantly formed on the bushes, on each of which 3-4 tomatoes are tied. Recommended scheme for planting plants in a greenhouse: 4-5 bushes per 1 m2 soil. Mass ripening of large fruits occurs in 110-115 days from the day of germination. The yield of the variety is high, it is 10 kg / m2.

Pink Elephant

Another large-fruited tomato variety for greenhouses, bred by domestic breeders. It is planted 3-4 bushes per 1 m2 soil. The height of the plants varies from 1.5 to 2 meters. The variety possesses genetic protection against common diseases and does not require additional processing with chemicals. The period from sowing a seed to active fruiting is 110-115 days. Productivity of an indeterminate plant 8.5 kg / m2... Fruits of the "Pink Elephant" variety weigh about 200-300 g. Their shape is flat-round, the color is crimson-pink. The pulp is dense, fleshy, the seed chambers are hardly noticeable. It is recommended to consume fresh tomatoes, as well as to use for making ketchup, tomato paste. These tall varieties are the best, as they are preferred by professional farmers in most cases. Of course, tall tomatoes in a greenhouse need a garter and regular removal of stepchildren, however, such efforts are justified by their high yield and excellent taste of the fruit. Novice gardeners, who are just facing the choice of tomato varieties, should definitely pay attention to proven tall tomatoes.

High yield

Among the tall, indeterminate tomato varieties, there are a number of particularly fruitful ones. They are grown not only in private farmsteads, but also in industrial greenhouses. Such tomato seeds are available to every gardener. The description of the most famous tall varieties, characterized by an especially high yield, is given below.

Admiro F1

This representative of the Dutch selection is a hybrid. It is grown exclusively in protected conditions. The height of the bushes of this variety exceeds 2 m, therefore, it is necessary to plant plants no thicker than 3-4 pcs / m2... The variety is resistant to TMV, cladosporium, fusarium, verticillosis. It can be cultivated in regions with unfavorable climatic conditions. Differs in a consistently high yield up to 39 kg / m2... Tomatoes of the "Admiro F1" variety of red color, flat-round shape. Their pulp is moderately dense, sweet. The weight of each tomato is about 130 g. The purpose of the fruits is universal.

De barao royal

Many experienced gardeners know a number of varieties with this name. So, there are tomatoes "De barao" orange, pink, gold, black, brindle and other colors. All these varieties are represented by tall bushes, however, only De Barao Tsarskiy has a record yield. The yield of this variety reaches 15 kg from one bush or 41 kg from 1 m2 soil. Indeterminate plant height up to 3 m. Per 1 m2 soil, it is recommended to plant no more than 3 such tall bushes. On each fruiting cluster, 8-10 tomatoes are tied at the same time. For the ripening of vegetables, 110-115 days are required from the day of germination. Tomatoes of the "De Barao Tsarskiy" variety have a delicate raspberry color and an oval-plum shape. Their weight varies from 100 to 150 g. The taste of the fruit is excellent: the pulp is dense, fleshy, sweet, the skin is tender, thin.

Important! The indeterminacy of the variety allows the plant to bear fruit until the end of October.

Hazarro F1

An excellent hybrid that allows you to get a yield of up to 36 kg / m2... It is recommended to grow it in protected conditions. Plants are indeterminate, tall. For their cultivation, it is recommended to use the seedling method. The cultivation technology provides for the placement of no more than 3-4 bush per 1 m2 soil. The variety is resistant to most common diseases. It takes 113-120 days to ripen its fruits. The crop yield is high - up to 36 kg / m2... The Azarro F1 tomatoes are flat and red in color. Their flesh is firm and sweet. The average weight of the fruit is 150 g. A peculiarity of the hybrid is the increased resistance of tomatoes to cracking.

Brooklyn F1

One of the best foreign breeding hybrids. It is characterized by a medium early ripening period (113-118 days) and high yield (35 kg / m2). The culture is distinguished by its thermophilicity, therefore it is recommended to grow it exclusively in greenhouse conditions. It is necessary to plant tall tomatoes with a frequency of 3-4 pcs / m2... Plants are resistant to a number of common diseases and do not require additional processing during the growing season. Tomatoes of the Brooklyn F1 variety are presented in a flat-round shape. Their color is red, the flesh is juicy, slightly sour. The average fruit weight is 104-120 g. Tomatoes are distinguished by excellent keeping quality and resistance to damage during transportation. You can see the fruits of this variety above.

Evpatoriy F1

Excellent tomatoes, which can be seen in the photo above, are the "brainchild" of domestic breeders. Evpatoriy F1 is an early ripe hybrid for cultivation in the southern regions of Russia. When cultivating it, it is recommended to use the seedling method, followed by picking young plants into the greenhouse. The density of the planted plants should not exceed 3-4 pcs / m2... It takes at least 110 days to ripen the fruits of this hybrid. The indeterminate plant forms clusters on which 6-8 fruits ripen at the same time. With proper care of the plant, its yield reaches 44 kg / m2... Tomatoes of the "Evpatoriy F1" variety are bright red, flat-round in shape. Their average weight is 130-150 g. The pulp of tomatoes is fleshy and sweet. In the process of growth, the fruits do not crack, retain their shape and elasticity until full biological maturation, and have excellent marketability.

Kirzhach F1

A hybrid with a mid-term fruit ripening. Differs in high productivity and excellent taste of vegetables. It is recommended to grow it exclusively in protected conditions with a dive of 3 bushes per 1 m2 land. The plant is indeterminate, vigorous, leafy. Has genetic protection against top rot, tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporiosis. The variety is recommended for cultivation in the northwestern and central parts of Russia. A plant more than 1.5 m in height forms abundantly fruiting clusters, on each of which 4-6 tomatoes are formed. Their mass upon reaching technical ripeness is 140-160 g. Red fruits have a fleshy pulp. Their shape is flat-round. The total yield of the tall tomato variety is 35-38 kg / m2.

Pharaoh F1

One of the new varieties of the domestic breeding company "Gavrish". Despite the relative "youth", the hybrid is popular with vegetable growers. Its main feature is its high yield - up to 42 kg / m2... At the same time, the taste of the fruits of this variety is excellent: the pulp is moderately dense, sweet, fleshy, the skin is thin, tender. As the tomato ripens, no cracks form on its surface. The color of the vegetable is bright red, the shape is round. The average weight of one tomato is 140-160 g. It is recommended to grow tomatoes in hotbeds and greenhouses. In this case, tall plants are planted according to the scheme of 3 bushes per 1 m2... The culture is resistant to TMV, Fusarium, Cladosporium.

Fatalist F1

A tomato hybrid known to many gardeners. It is grown both in the southern and northern regions of Russia. The tomato is characterized by unpretentious care and adaptability to unfavorable climatic conditions. The optimal environment for cultivating the variety is a greenhouse. In such artificial conditions, the variety bears fruit in large size until the onset of the autumn cold. The fruits of this variety ripen in 110 days from the day of sowing the seed. Tomatoes "Fatalist F1" are bright red, flat-round. Their average weight is about 150 g. Tomatoes do not crack during growth. On each fruiting cluster of the plant, 5-7 tomatoes are formed. The total yield of the variety is 38 kg / m2.

Etude F1

The tomato of this variety is well known to experienced farmers in Moldova, Ukraine and, of course, Russia. It is grown exclusively in greenhouse conditions, while no more than 3 tall bushes are planted per 1 m2 soil. For ripening of tomatoes "Etude F1" 110 days are required from the day of sowing the seed. The culture is resistant to many typical diseases and does not require additional chemical treatment during cultivation. The yield of the plant is 30-33 kg / m2... The red tomatoes of this hybrid are large enough, their weight is in the range of 180-200 g. The flesh of the fruit is quite dense, fleshy. The shape of the tomatoes is round. You can see the photo of vegetables above.


The given tall tomatoes for greenhouses, not in words, but in fact, allow you to get high yields when grown in a greenhouse environment. However, the cultivation of such tomatoes requires compliance with some rules. Including for the successful growth of green mass and the formation of ovaries, the ripening of fruits, plants must be regularly watered and fed. Also, do not forget about the timely formation of the bush, its garter, loosening the soil and other important points, the implementation of which will fully allow you to enjoy the harvest. You can learn more about growing tall tomatoes in a greenhouse from the video:

The greenhouse is an excellent environment for growing tall tomatoes. A favorable microclimate allows plants to bear fruit until late autumn, increasing the yield of crops. The presence of a stable structure is the best solution to the issue associated with the garter of plants. At the same time, the assortment of varieties of tall tomatoes for a greenhouse is wide enough and allows each farmer to choose tomatoes to their liking.


Veronika Orlovskaya, 34 years old, Ufa

My husband and I have our own farm. We grow vegetables for sale. When choosing a variety, we pay special attention not only to the yield, which should be as high as possible, but also to the external, taste qualities of tomatoes, their transportability. Based on this careful approach, a few years ago we selected the "Azarro F1" variety. These tomatoes always bear fruit in large quantities, regardless of weather conditions, the taste and quality of the fruit is excellent. Tomatoes are not damaged or cracked during transportation. The shelf life of fresh vegetables without loss of marketability is 2-3 weeks.

Dmitry Verenok, 56 years old, Surgut

For many years I have been growing Volovye Heart tomatoes. The planted bush itself is quite tall and flimsy, therefore it requires an obligatory, careful garter. Despite some difficulties in care, the fruits of this strain are amazing and well worth growing. Each tomato weighs about 400-500 g, there are practically no seed chambers in a tomato, the whole inside is filled with a homogeneous sweet pulp. The vegetable is quite aromatic and is excellent for preparing fresh salads. I definitely advise all gourmets to try this tomato variety, for sure, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Irina Krutikova, 44 years old, Kursk

During my long-term practice as a gardener, I have tried all types of De Barao varieties. The taste of fruits of various colors is always excellent, but "De Barao Tsarskiy", in addition to the excellent taste of tomato, pleases with a record high yield. During the season, I collect at least 10 kg of vegetables from each bush. Tomatoes are excellent for fresh eating and canning, pickling, cooking various winter preparations.

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