Green tomatoes with horseradish and garlic: a recipe for the winter

Green tomatoes with horseradish and garlic: a recipe for the winter

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Every year, the problem of disposal of unripe vegetables due to the sudden cold weather arises in front of every gardener. It is good for those who have at least some kind of living creature in their backyard or neighbors. In this case, there will be at least someone to feed the unripe fruits. Well, even better, if you try to give free rein to your imagination and cook something delicious for the winter from unripe vegetables. In the case of green tomatoes, thrifty housewives have long come up with many interesting recipes in which vegetables, after cooking, become not only edible, but also very tasty.

Often green tomatoes in large quantities remain on the bushes during the autumn cold weather, when at the same time many owners are digging out horseradish root for harvesting. Therefore, green tomatoes with horseradish will be the main topic of this article.

Of course, most of the recipes are related to the preparation of these vegetables for the winter, since horseradish itself is a good preservative, and green tomatoes reveal their true taste only after aging in brine or marinade for some time.

Pickling green tomatoes

Traditionally in Russia, preservation for the winter is difficult to imagine without harvesting various kinds of pickles, especially for owners who live on their own land and have a cellar for storing them. And green tomatoes, cold pickled with horseradish, retain the maximum amount of nutrients and are stored at the same time until spring. For pickling, you only need the tomatoes themselves and a variety of seasonings and spices, thanks to which the taste of the workpiece will become so attractive.

Salting is best done in an enamel pot or in a bucket, depending on the number of tomatoes you have. If there is little space for storing them, then it is convenient to use ordinary glass jars. To prepare 5 kg of tomatoes, you have to find:

  • 3 heads of garlic;
  • 2-3 horseradish leaves and 100 g of its roots;
  • 150 g dill;
  • Several dozen cherry and black currant leaves;
  • A spoonful of coriander seeds;
  • A teaspoon of allspice and black peppercorns;
  • Several bunches of herbs such as parsley, basil, tarragon.

The tomato pickle is prepared in advance. In 5 liters of water, 300 g of salt is dissolved, the mixture is brought to a boil, cooled and filtered.

Tomatoes should be placed as tightly as possible in a suitable container, clean and scalded with boiling water. In the process of laying the tomatoes are sprinkled with herbs and spices. Then they are poured with cooled brine and under the load remain in a warm place until the solution becomes cloudy. Usually for 3-5 days the container with tomatoes is transferred to a cold place. The taste of the finished dish appears in 5-6 weeks.

Vinegar and Garlic Recipe

If you don't have a cellar or other suitable storage space for pickles, and the refrigerator no longer holds all the cooked supplies, then you can consider a recipe for green tomatoes with horseradish using vinegar. In this case, the workpiece can be stored even at room temperature.

To make this not only tasty, but also original and beautiful appetizer with a garlic spirit, you will need:

  • 3 kg of tomatoes;
  • 100 g of horseradish leaves and roots;
  • 3 heads of garlic;
  • 100 grams of dill and parsley;
  • Black and allspice to taste.

Horseradish roots must be peeled and cut into small pieces or grated. After peeling and dividing the garlic into slices, cut into thin slices. Tomatoes are stuffed with horseradish and garlic as follows: several cuts are made on the surface of the tomatoes, and pieces of the aforementioned vegetables are inserted there.

Advice! The taste of the preparation will be even more interesting if the tomatoes are soaked in a salted solution (50 g of salt per 1 liter of water) for 6 hours before cooking, changing the brine every 2 hours.

Wash and chop the dill and parsley with a sharp knife. Jars for harvesting tomatoes must be sterilized and filled with tomatoes with garlic and horseradish, sprinkling them with herbs and spices in between.

The marinade is prepared based on the following proportions: 40 g of salt, 100 g of sugar and half a glass of 9% vinegar are taken for 1 liter of water. Jars of tomatoes are poured with boiling marinade and additionally sterilized within 15 minutes from the moment the water boils. Then they are rolled up with lids and wrapped in an inverted position until they cool.

Such pickled tomatoes will serve as a real decoration of the festive table.

Attention! But this recipe can still be significantly diversified, using, for example, a filling of chopped sweet and hot peppers, or, conversely, filling tomatoes with a mixture of sweet and sour autumn apples.

In general, if you show your imagination, then you yourself can come up with several branded recipes for canned green tomatoes based on this sample.

Hrenoder from tomatoes

Green tomatoes can be used to prepare not only an appetizer, but also a spicy seasoning sauce, which can be used to season various fish and meat dishes. In general, horseradish is usually understood as a sauce that penetrates to the base of the bones, the main components of which are horseradish, garlic and hot peppers. The tomatoes in this recipe are used more as a filler, and most often this hot seasoning is made with red tomatoes.

But the green tomato horseradish has also been popular lately, because this spicy seasoning tastes significantly different from the one that is prepared using red tomatoes. It is slightly sour and spicy. However, it is better to try once than describe it a hundred times.

Attention! The big advantage of this tomato harvest for the winter is that it does not require any heat treatment and all the nutrients present in the original products are stored in it throughout the year.

In addition, the process of making such crap is also pretty simple. You need to collect:

  • 1 kg of green tomatoes;
  • 100 grams of horseradish root;
  • 1 head of garlic;
  • 2-4 green hot pepper pods;
  • 30 g of rock salt without additives;
  • 10 g granulated sugar.

In the horseradish seasoning, green pepper is used mainly for company, that is, so that the seasoning turns out to be a uniform herbaceous green color. Fans of original color schemes may well use red hot pepper.

Before proceeding with the direct manufacture of tomato sauce with horseradish, it is advisable to prepare 200-300 ml jars for packaging the finished seasoning. They should have screw caps for ease of use. They need to be rinsed well, scalded with boiling water and dried thoroughly on a towel.

First, tomatoes, hot peppers and garlic are cut into pieces and chopped with a meat grinder.

Important! Leaving the seeds in the hot peppers will further increase the pungency of the seasoning.

Horseradish is peeled and crushed last. Since his spirit wears out of him rather quickly, he should not be cut first. In addition, a meat grinder does not always do a good job of grinding it. Sometimes it is better to use an ordinary fine grater. And on the container where you grind the horseradish root, it is better to immediately put on the bag so that the horseradish spirit does not corrode your eyes.

Mix all the crushed components with salt and sugar and immediately put them in jars and close them with lids. Of course, such a seasoning with horseradish for the winter will be stored for a long time only in a cool place without light.

Recipes with horseradish and green tomatoes are so easy to prepare that they provide a lot of room for imagination. By adding a variety of ingredients and mixing them in greater or lesser proportions, you can achieve different tastes. Thus, you can satisfy the most demanding needs of your family and friends.

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