Indeterminate tomatoes - the best varieties

Indeterminate tomatoes - the best varieties

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More and more vegetable growers give preference to crops grown on trellises. This choice is explained by the economy of space and at the same time obtaining a rich harvest. Tomatoes are one of the most popular crops. Today we will try to review the varieties and hybrids of the best indeterminate tomatoes grown in open as well as closed soils.

What is behind the name "indeterminate" tomato

Experienced growers know that if a crop is designated as indeterminate, then it is tall. In an exact translation, this designation reads as "indefinite". But this does not mean that tomato stems will grow indefinitely. Plant growth usually ends at the end of the growing season. Many hybrids and varieties grow up to 2 m in height during this time. Although there are some tomatoes that can stretch from 4 to 6 m in stems, they are most commonly planted for commercial cultivation.

The peculiarity of indeterminate tomatoes is that one plant is capable of tying up to 40 brushes with fruits. This allows you to get a larger yield from 1 m2 ground than from determinate tomato. Another advantage of the indeterminate variety is the uncooperative return of the entire crop. The plant continues to set new fruits throughout the growing season, which allows you to constantly have fresh tomatoes on the table.

Important! Ripening of fruits of indeterminate varieties begins later than in undersized tomatoes.

General overview of tomatoes for different growing conditions

Indeterminate tomatoes are not only varietal crops, but also hybrids. You can grow them in the garden, in greenhouses, and there are even some varieties that yield crops on the balcony. The plant loves loose and nutritious soil. If you want to get a good harvest, you should not forget about feeding and mulching the soil.

The best greenhouse varieties and hybrids

Indeterminate tomatoes yield the best harvest in greenhouse conditions, since the conditions created by them allow to extend the growing season.

Verlioka F1

The breeders instilled in the hybrid resistance to rot and viruses. The fruits sing after 105 days. The bush is stepchild so that it grows with 1 stem. Subject to planting seedlings with a 400x500 mm scheme, high yields are achieved. Tomatoes grow round, even, weighing up to 90 g. The vegetable goes well for pickling, rolling in jars and just fresh to the table.

Octopus F1

This popular hybrid is grown in all types of greenhouses. The maturity of tomatoes occurs in 110 days. The bush grows powerful with a thick sturdy stem, which allows the plant to hold a huge amount of ovary. Round fruits have a dense, but tasty pulp. The maximum weight of the vegetable is 130 g.

Tretyakovsky F1

This hybrid attracts with its decorative effect. The bushes are a real decoration for glass greenhouses. The crop ripens in 100-110 days. The plant sets beautiful clusters with 9 fruits each. Tomatoes weigh no more than 130 g. The pulp on the break looks like sugar grains. The indeterminate hybrid bears fruit stably in low light conditions and with frequent temperature fluctuations. High yield up to 15 kg / m2.


The tomato is highly popular due to its rich, sweet fruit. It seems that acid is not present in them at all. The pulp is dense with a strong skin, it does not crack during storage and transportation. The plant feels fine with temperature fluctuations. Growing this variety pays off commercially, but it is also nice to eat the sweet vegetable fresh.

F1 start

The hybrid can be called versatile. Its fruits are suitable wherever tomatoes can only be used. Tomatoes weighing 120 g grow. Some specimens on the lower tier will be larger.

Selfesta F1

This crop represents indeterminate Dutch hybrids. The harvest will be ready for consumption in 115 days. Tomatoes are even, round, slightly flattened. The weight of 1 vegetable reaches 120 g. The taste is excellent.

Intact F1

The hybrid was bred by German breeders. Fruit ripening begins in 108 days. An indeterminate plant has no growth restriction, so the top is pinched at the desired height. Tomatoes grow small and weigh 90 g. A slight ribbing is visible on the skin.

Miracle of the earth

Indeterminate culture belongs to the group of early varieties. The plant grows at least 2 m in height. Large heart shaped tomatoes weigh 0.5 kg. The walls of the vegetable do not crack under light mechanical stress. One plant produces 4 kg of tomatoes. The plant continues to bear fruit stably in conditions of insufficient moisture.

The best indeterminate tomatoes for the garden

Not every owner has the opportunity to build a greenhouse at home, but this does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the cultivation of indeterminate tomatoes. On the contrary, in the open air, plants are less affected by late blight due to better ventilation with fresh air. The intensity of growth of the crop outdoors will be less, but the pulp of the vegetable will be tastier from exposure to sunlight.

Important! When growing indeterminate varieties outdoors, it is necessary to be prepared for a smaller yield than the crop is capable of producing under greenhouse conditions.


The well-known and popular hybrid bears beautiful round fruits with a sharp protruding top. Tomatoes weigh up to 100 g. They are tied in a brush up to 25 pieces. The vegetable is pickled, looks beautiful in jars, can be stored in the basement until winter.

De Barao

The highly demanded indeterminate variety is divided into several subgroups. The characteristics of each variety are almost the same, only the color of mature tomatoes is different. Fruits can be yellow, orange, pink. The plant is capable of stretching over 2 m in height. If necessary, pinch the top of it. One bush yields 10 kg of ripe vegetables. Medium-sized tomatoes weigh 100 g and can be stored for a long time. The culture is capable of bearing fruit even on the balcony.

Wonder of the world

Tomato of this variety starts to ripen late. The culture has a powerful bush structure, strong stem. Tomatoes grow like a lemon weighing 100 g. The vegetable is very tasty, suitable for pickling and preservation.

King of Siberia

This variety will appeal to lovers of yellow fruits. It was bred by domestic breeders. The plant produces good yields of large tomatoes weighing up to 0.7 kg. Some specimens grow up to 1 kg. The pulp is not watery and contains up to 9 seed chambers.

Mikado black

A specific indeterminate variety belongs to the standard group. The plant grows up to 1 m in height, bearing brown fruits. Sweet aromatic tomatoes weighing up to 300 g. A flat vegetable on the walls has a slight ribbing in the form of folds. Harvesting after 3–3.5 months.


The characteristics of the fruits of this variety are a bit similar to the famous "Budenovka" tomato, and the shape and taste are reminiscent of the "Bull's Heart" tomato. The height of the plant can be up to 1 m, as well as outgrowth for 1.5 m. The crop is harvested after 120 days. The mass of the vegetable is 400 g. Up to 9 seed chambers are formed in the pink pulp.

Honey drop

Indeterminate tomato with yellow fruits grows up to 2 m in height or more. Small fruits are formed in bunches of 15 pieces. Pear-shaped tomatoes usually weigh 15g, although some can grow up to 30g.

The best indeterminate hybrids with pink and red fruits

Hybrids bearing red and pink fruits are most in demand by many housewives. Such tomatoes are characterized by their meatiness, excellent taste, and large size.

Pink Paradise F1

The hybrid is undemanding to its cultivation. Indeterminate plant grows more than 2 m in height. It is best planted in high-ceilinged greenhouses to avoid pinching the top. The crop ripens early, after 75 days. The average weight of a round vegetable is 140 g. A Japanese selection hybrid brings 4 kg of tomatoes / m2.

Pink Samurai F1

The indeterminate hybrid produces early harvests in 115 days. The tomatoes are round with a visible flattened top. The weight of a vegetable reaches 200 g. The yield of 1 plant is 3 kg.

Aston F1

A very early hybrid is capable of producing mature tomatoes in 61 days. Round fruits are tied with 6 tassels each. Vegetable mass maximum 190 g. From 1 m2 plot you can take 4.5 kg of crop.

Kronos F1

The indeterminate hybrid produces crops in greenhouse conditions in 61 days. Round tomatoes are tied with tassels of 4-6 pieces. At a mature age, the vegetable weighs 170 g. The yield indicator is 4.5 kg / m2.

Shannon F1

The vegetable is considered ripe after 110 days. The plant is medium leafy. Up to 6 round fruits are formed in the clusters. Ripe tomatoes weigh 180 g. The hybrid brings up to 4.5 kg of vegetables from 1 m2.

Review of the best greenhouse varieties by fruit size

Many housewives, choosing tomato seeds, are primarily interested in the size of the fruit. Since indeterminate crops produce the best yield in the greenhouse, we will review these varieties and hybrids, dividing them by fruit size.


Many people choose indeterminate tomatoes because of their large fruits. They are very tasty, fleshy, great for food and fruit drinks.

Abakan pink

Early ripening. The mass of one vegetable reaches 300 g. The variety brings a bountiful harvest of pink sugar tomatoes.

Bull heart

A popular variety of tomatoes with an elongated oval shape, like a heart. Tomatoes grow large, weighing up to 0.7 kg. They go for the preparation of fruit drinks and salads.

Cow heart

Another of the varieties, loved by many housewives, bears large fruits weighing 0.5 kg. The tomato is good for fresh use.


Tomato of the lettuce direction has red walls of the fruit with a yellow tint. Tomatoes grow up to 0.5 kg in weight and are highly saturated with sugar.

King orange

A large harvest of orange tomatoes can be obtained from this variety. A sweet vegetable with a pronounced aroma weighs about 0.8 kg. When ripe, the structure of the pulp becomes friable.


The indeterminate variety is suitable for growers selling their crops, and these tomatoes are also often in demand in cooking. The culture has a stable fruiting in a lean year. Fruits are even without ribs, flat, weighing about 400 g.

Pink Elephant

Tomatoes have a slight ribbing. The mass of a mature vegetable reaches 400 g. Sugar content is manifested in grains at the break of the pulp.


Medium-sized tomatoes go well for pickling and preservation. They are small and at the same time fleshy, which makes it possible to roll tasty fruits into jars.


An early indeterminate culture bears long fruit. These tomatoes are often called cream. The vegetable weighs no more than 120 g. The crop is well preserved and is suitable for pickling and preservation.

Golden queen

The cultivar has a vigorous plant with strong foliage. Plum-shaped tomatoes weigh about 100 g. The ovary is formed by clusters of 4 tomatoes each. Productivity reaches 10 kg / m2.


Ripening of the vegetable occurs in 110 days. The plant grows up to 2 m in height, yields 5.6 kg of tomatoes from 1 m2... Round, slightly flattened tomatoes weigh 100 g.

Scarlet mustang

Siberia is considered the birthplace of the variety. The harvest begins to ripen in 120 days. Tomatoes grow elongated up to 25 cm long. The bush is capable of giving 5 kg of harvest.

F1 Commissioner

The hybrid has a two-meter bush on which round tomatoes ripen after 120 days. A mature tomato weighs a maximum of 100 g.

Atos F1

Tomatoes of this hybrid are mainly used for conservation. Tomatoes are all smooth, round, weighing a maximum of 150 g.

Samara F1

The indeterminate hybrid bears the same size, even fruits weighing 100 g. Tomatoes are quite sweet in taste and go for pickling and preservation.

Mandarin duck

A variety for orange tomato lovers. The culture is fruitful, hardy. The mass of a ripe vegetable reaches 100 g.


Small-fruited tomato varieties are indispensable for cooking. Skilled chefs create delicious dishes from small tomatoes. Such a canned vegetable is not bad.

Cherry yellow

Tall, slightly spreading bushes look beautiful with small yellow tomatoes weighing 20 g. Fruits ripen in 95 days. One plant will give up to 3 kg of yield.

Garten Freud

The variety of foreign selection is popular among many vegetable growers due to its high yield. Bushes over 2 m high are densely covered with small tomatoes weighing 25 g. The vegetable is sweet and firm.

Wagner Mirabelle

Fruits of this variety are slightly similar in shape to gooseberries. The walls of the fruit are yellow, even slightly transparent. Bushes require the obligatory pinching of shoots, starting from 40 cm of seedling height. Fruiting lasts until the end of November. Fruit weight varies from 10 to 25 g.


The variety of domestic selection can bear fruits of red, yellow and pink colors. Small tomatoes weigh only 25 g, most often 12 g. The plant's yield reaches 2 kg of tomatoes. The vegetable is canned in jars in whole bunches.


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We have tried to review the best indeterminate tomatoes that have proven themselves with generous yields in many regions. Naturally, there are many more varieties and hybrids. Maybe someone from this list will find a favorite tomato for themselves.

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