Mushroom French truffle: edibility, description and photo

Mushroom French truffle: edibility, description and photo

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Burgundy truffle is a rare, tasty and healthy mushroom from the Truffle family. Grows on the roots of deciduous, less often coniferous trees. Since the price for this species is very high, many mushroom pickers study the rules of collection, look through photos and videos. And having learned the secrets of mushroom picking, they get a good sales income and gastronomic pleasure.

What does a burgundy truffle look like?

Tuberous fruit body of a spherical Burgundy truffle, weighing up to 500 g. The surface is covered with multifaceted growths of dark brown color. In young specimens, the flesh is whitish on the cut, with age it becomes light brown and acquires a characteristic marble pattern. The mushroom has a chocolate flavor and a pronounced nutty aroma. Reproduction occurs by elongated spores, which are located in a brown powder.

You can recognize a truffle by its marble pattern.

Where does the French truffle grow

Burgundy truffle grows underground, in deciduous, less often coniferous forests. Fruiting begins in September and lasts until mid-February. Since inedible species exist in nature, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the external data, view photos and videos.

Is it possible to eat burgundy truffle

Burgundy truffle is a delicious mushroom, but in some sources it is classified as conditionally edible. Due to its good taste and aroma, the mushroom is used fresh as an addition to fish and meat dishes; mushroom shavings are also often used to flavor sauces, oils, soups and spirits.

False doubles

This representative of the mushroom kingdom, like any inhabitant of the forest, has similar fellows. These include:

  1. Perigord is a delicious, valuable mushroom that grows in regions with a warm climate. It is located underground, so collection is difficult and does not always bring positive results. The species can be recognized by its deep black color and dark purple flesh with whitish veins. The firm pulp has a strong nutty aroma and a bitter taste. Fruiting lasts from December to March.

    Perigord truffle is the most valuable and expensive kind

  2. Summer is an edible species with light gray flesh, delicate taste and pleasant aroma. Grows on the roots of deciduous trees. The mushroom can be recognized by its dark blue surface, which is covered with numerous pyramidal growths. Ripening depends on climatic conditions and takes place from July to November. In cooking, it is used fresh to add flavor to fish and meat dishes.

Collection rules and use

Collecting truffles is a difficult, time-consuming job, as the mushroom lies underground, and without certain skills it is difficult to find it. Experienced mushroom pickers find mycelium on raised soil, dried grass and a cluster of yellow-winged insects. They circle over the mycelium and lay their larvae on the fruiting bodies.

Important! Also, specially trained dogs and pigs are used to search for gourmet mushrooms.

Truffle is a favorite delicacy of pigs, they can feel it at a distance of 25 m

In cooking, burgundy truffle is used fresh. It perfectly complements fish and meat dishes, salads and sauces. It is also often served with fruits, nuts, honey, and spirits.

If the mushroom hunt went well, then the mushroom can be stored in a cool place for 7 days. Also, to extend the shelf life, found truffles are poured with cognac or olive oil.

Burgundy truffle is widely used not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine and cosmetology. The mushroom contains vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Due to its beneficial composition, mushroom powder is used to treat joints, truffle-based drops help with eye diseases, when consumed fresh, the mushroom removes toxins and toxins, lowers bad cholesterol and blood sugar, improves the functioning of the endocrine system, increases immunity and relieves depressive syndrome ...

Burgundy truffle is often used to make face masks. But these funds can only be afforded by wealthy people, since 3-4 fruiting bodies are used to prepare one remedy. The cosmetic procedure removes wrinkles, smoothes the skin, gives it freshness and youth.


Burgundy truffle is a delicious, valuable species that grows in regions with a warm climate. Due to its beneficial properties and good taste, it is used in cooking, medicine and cosmetology. But in order not to overpay for the product, you can learn the rules of collection, find out the time and place of fruiting. Having mastered all the skills, you can not only satisfy your culinary needs, but also rise in material terms.

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