Video: Use field horsetail as fertilizer - How to use the weeds sensibly

Video: Use field horsetail as fertilizer - How to use the weeds sensibly

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For some it is just an annoying weed, for others it is an important fertilizer for beloved plants. We're talking about field horsetail. In most cases, it is hated because its roots are up to 1.5 meters deep. Getting him out is almost impossible.

However, you should know that horsetail has a crucial advantage. It can be used to produce a valuable fertilizer that serves as a plant tonic for other plants and can even be used as a pesticide. Then the annoyance about the annoying weed is suddenly only half as big, right?

The video from Gärtnerei Pötschke shows how exactly you make the fertilizer from field horsetail. In her “Green Tip” Cornelia Pötschke explains all the details and gives additional tips on how to use them.


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