Moscow black breed of chickens: characteristics and content

Moscow black breed of chickens: characteristics and content

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Chickens are the most common animals in the household. Farmers from all over the world raise chickens for meat and eggs. Today there are more than 180 chicken breeds, 52 of which are in demand in Russia.

All existing breeds can be divided into 5 groups:

  • meat;
  • egg;
  • meat and egg;
  • fighting;
  • decorative.

The most in demand, of course, are meat and eggs. Meat and egg chickens are a set of universal breeds that are raised for the purpose of obtaining meat products, as well as eggs. They are unpretentious to conditions and undemanding in feeding. They have a well-developed maternal instinct.

There are specially bred meat and egg chickens (by crossing), as well as those that naturally possess these qualities. Some chickens of this group can also be considered decorative, due to their beautiful appearance.

Egg production of meat and egg chickens is at a high level, and is practically not inferior to egg breeds. The quality of the meat is very good, but such chickens grow more slowly than the representatives of the meat group. But, they do not require complex care, calm and hardy. They are easy to maintain even in a small area at home or in the country, they do not need high fences and large walking spaces.

Important! In order for chickens to fly well, they need high-quality and varied nutrition. Then the egg production rates can be up to 200 pieces per year.

This is also important for gaining muscle mass.

This includes the Moscow black breed, which is one of the most popular types of chickens. Consider some of the features of this breed, as well as the history of its appearance. A detailed description will help you make the right choice whether to breed such chickens.

Features of the breed

Chickens of the Moscow Black breed are very popular. It has been cultivated by farmers since 1980. This year this breed was bred and approved in Moscow. It combines the most essential characteristics for living in cold climates. As a source, 3 breeds were used, from which Moscow black chickens inherited good immunity, high quality eggs and meat.

Chickens have high disease resistance, unpretentiousness and productivity. With proper nutrition, they can lay very generously, over 200 eggs per year. Not many chickens have such a high egg production as the Moscow black hen. The quality of the meat is also at the highest level, it is white, tender and dietary.

Chickens of this breed are usually black in color. Roosters have a copper-orange mane and loins, and their bodies are black. The chicken has a copper-golden neck. Agree, this color looks much more interesting and original than that of an ordinary pockmarked chicken. Moscow black chickens have very densely spaced feathers, so they are not afraid of even the most severe winters. On the head is a bright red toothed ridge. The beak is small, black. The eyes can be orange or brown. The neck is wide, has a magnificent plumage. The back is long, the body is wide. Legs are of medium length, tail set low. Roosters usually have lighter legs than chickens. Chickens have single white feathers on their feathers, but they disappear over time. This can be clearly seen in the photo.

Thick, densely padded feathers provide Moscow black with high cold resistance. Such chickens feel comfortable even in unheated rooms. They are highly resistant to diseases. Due to the unpretentiousness to feed, it will not be expensive to raise these chickens. The important thing is that the survival rate of the chickens is almost one hundred percent. The Moscow breed of chickens grows more slowly than meat ones, but the final weight of an adult rooster is only 0.5 kg less than that of a meat one.

Important! The disadvantage is that this breed is not very suitable for hatching eggs.

The solution is incubation incubation. It is also bad that up to 1.5 months it is almost impossible to distinguish the sex of chickens.

The weight of an adult rooster can range from 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg, and laying hens - up to 2.5 kg. If we compare the Moscow black with chickens of the egg or meat group, then their meat has better taste than egg chickens, and the weight is slightly less than that of meat. But the difference is not that big, only 0.5 kilograms. In addition, this breed has an incredible resistance to stress, which is good for the quality and quantity of eggs.

There are also white Moscow chickens. Their characteristics are the same. With proper care, egg production and meat quality will be the same as that of the black breed. In white chickens, such a phenomenon often occurs when another egg is located in one egg. This is due to the collision of a ready-made egg with a not yet developed one.

Features of the content

From their own experience, farmers have seen that no other breed is so well adapted to Russia's harsh climate.

Attention! They are not afraid even of frosts above -30 ° C. The only thing that can happen is frostbite on the ridges, but this only happens with roosters.

If the temperature in the room where the birds are located is exactly 0 ° C, then the chickens will not stop laying in winter. During this period, good nutrition is important, and instead of water, the snow will completely melt, which the chickens peck with joy.

You can keep this breed in any place convenient for you. They feel calm both in the cages and in the common chicken coop. They quickly get used to the terrain and the owner, so you can safely release them into the yard. The birds are very calm and peaceful, they get so used to people that they can even go to hand. But chickens, on the contrary, are very active and elusive. They should be released for walking along with the klushka. She will be able to protect her offspring from danger.

Many people think that when buying chickens, you need to choose the largest ones. In this case, this is a mistake.

Advice! The most productive are considered to be medium-sized chickens. They will not rapidly gain weight, so that egg production will not suffer.

Feeding features

Feeding is very important for high productivity. Correct and varied nutrition will only have a positive effect on the body of chickens. Since this breed includes the characteristics of both egg and meat groups, it accordingly needs less feed than meat and more than egg. Egg production and muscle growth rate depend on the amount of feed.

By the appearance of eggs, you can determine what the body of chickens lacks.

Advice! A very thin shell indicates a lack of vitamins A and D. If the eggs have stains that resemble marble, this means that the diet is low in minerals.

Usually, chickens are fed with various grain crops, compound feed, hay flour, boiled potatoes. But, in addition to this, you should add fresh herbs (cut grass), vegetables and fruits to the diet. Also remember that eating boiled potatoes too often can lead to obesity. It is advised, if it is not possible to release chickens for grazing, at least sometimes add dried larvae or meat to food. This will provide the birds with the protein they need.

Drinking should not be neglected. Chickens must have water at all times. It will be useful to give chickens small calcareous stones, they have a good effect on the stomach and help to better digest food.

Disadvantages of the breed

You won't have to write much here. Even if there are some specific shortcomings, they are so insignificant that because of them you should not deny yourself the pleasure of raising such beautiful chickens. But still, let's look at everything in turn. Feedback from farmers showed that the main problems in keeping Moscow black chickens can be:

  1. Poorly developed ability to hatch chickens;
  2. Although young individuals begin to lay at 4-6 months, eggs can only be used for incubation from 8 months. Until this time, they have very low vitality;
  3. With improper or overfeeding, chickens can become obese.


As you can see, the Moscow black breed of chickens is one of the most popular among farmers. In their opinion, these chickens are ideal for a personal plot. And it is not surprising, because they combine good quality meat and high egg production rates. In addition, both chickens and adult chickens have high disease resistance and vitality. They are mobile, but not at all aggressive, do not bite and do not rush to the owners.

So, the description and characteristics of the Moscow black breed of chickens showed that this species is excellent even for growing even in a small area. They do not require complex maintenance and large walking space. They can grow and develop well even in cells. They perfectly tolerate cold winters, are insensitive to temperature fluctuations and changes in the seasons. Usually, in winter they rush as actively as in the warm season. And on the video you can more clearly see the features of this breed and the principles of its maintenance.


Zinaida, 48 years old, Belgorod

The best breed is the Black Moscow. Eggs are laid all year round, chickens are very strong and hardy. They are not capricious for feeding, they tolerate cold well. We will continue to grow!

Gennady, 54 years old, Krasnoyarsk

I first tried the Moscow Black breed about 7 years ago. Since then, I have never regretted it. I like the quality of the meat very much. We never buy eggs, chickens lay well even in winter. The care is the simplest and most common. The main thing is to let them go for a walk and feed them on time.

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