Beeswax for candles

Beeswax for candles

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Beeswax has been of great value since ancient times due to its unique and healing properties. From this substance, candles were created for various purposes - ritual, decorative, medical and, of course, for household. Things have become much easier today. There are a huge number of alternatives for replacing the candle. But natural beeswax candles are still in great demand because of their healing properties, pleasant appearance and fabulous honey aroma.

The benefits of natural beeswax candles

Natural candles made from beeswax have many advantages over perfume options. They are good for human health and give off a honey-floral scent when they burn.

A natural wax candle burns longer than usual and burns out completely without residue and soot formation. During its melting into the air, about 50 different substances and ether compounds are released, which are inhaled directly into the lungs. It is very beneficial for the human respiratory system.

In addition, beeswax contains propolis, which is also released when burned. It is a natural antiseptic and cleans the air well from pathogens.

A considerable amount of essential oils in such a candle helps to normalize and improve the condition of the body, and also helps to raise mood and calmness.

Another positive property of natural candles is the purification of the air from contaminated impurities and dust. Purification is carried out due to the fact that during combustion, wax candles emit negative particles into the atmosphere, which, in contact with positively charged dust particles, completely neutralize them. Purifying the air in this way has been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of an allergic reaction and prevent unpleasant consequences.

What beeswax candles help with

Products made from natural beeswax are often used in folk medicine to prevent various diseases and restore health. They are used for aromatherapy, which allows you to remove toxins from the body and activate the work of all internal organs.

Various medicinal products are made from bees wax, such as ear candles used to remove ear plugs. As a rule, such a procedure is performed only by an experienced healer, because the desired effect can be achieved only by lighting a candle directly inserted into the ear opening. It heats up and releases essential oils that help remove earwax. In addition, such products can also eliminate inflammation of the ear cavity.

In addition, they are used as antiseptics for colds. Burning them helps to eliminate headaches and insomnia.

How to make beeswax candles with your own hands

Candle making is a fun activity that helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can independently make a wax product for yourself or as a gift.

Advice! To make the resulting product not only attractive, but also have all the advantages of a bee product, only natural substances should be used.

As a rule, real beeswax can only be purchased from beekeepers. They will help you choose the most suitable product depending on the season and the amount of pollen content.

Having chosen good raw materials, you can start the creation process.

A bee wax candle can be made by hand using one of the following methods:

  • twisting foundation;
  • dipping the wick in hot wax;
  • casting.

For the manufacturing process by twisting, ready-made wax sheets are used, broken into hexagonal edges - they are called waxes. Everyone independently chooses for themselves the appropriate method of making beeswax candles.

It is very simple to create a candle from twisted foundation on your own, you just need to purchase a ready-made wax sheet (today you can even find painted sheets in specialized stores), twine for a wick (cotton, silk or ready-made), scissors and a special paraffin tablet for soaking the twine in molten paraffin ... It is important to make sure of the quality of the materials.

The process is simple enough. First, take a sheet of foundation of the desired size and measure and cut the twine along its length. Then dip the cut wick in the molten tablet so that it is completely saturated with paraffin. This is required for better combustion. The wick soaked in paraffin is laid along the length of the foundation layer, and they begin to twist. As a rule, under the warmth of your hands, the wax sheet curls well and tightly, taking the desired shape.

Making a candle by dipping it into molten wax is also a simple process, but time consuming. It involves repeatedly immersing the wick in wax heated in a water bath. The wick is dipped until the thickness of the wax layer becomes the desired diameter.

Casting candles with wax is the most common way to create not only useful, but also very beautiful product.

This option differs from the previous two in that it allows you to create a product of any shape. However, it is also easy to execute.

For casting a product, you must have:

  • raw materials (natural beeswax);
  • silicone mold (you can use others, the main thing is to comply with all the requirements in order to remove the finished candle without damaging its integrity);
  • wick (you can use a cotton or silk cord, or purchase a ready-made one).

The casting process begins with heating the wax to a liquid state in a water bath. While the candle wax is melting, you need to place the wick in the center of the mold. This is done by pinching the wick between the halves of the mold. Be sure to leave about 3 cm of the wick outside.

Melted wax is poured into the prepared form. Leave until completely solidified. The finished candle is carefully removed from the mold.

Important! The thickness of the wick must be correctly matched to the thickness of the future candle, so that the burning takes place evenly.

How to use natural wax candles

The use of natural wax candles is practically no different from ordinary perfume candles. They are also set on fire by bringing a source of fire to the wick. The very process of their combustion is completely identical. The wick burns slowly, gradually melting the wax around it.

To ensure complete safety when using such candles, a number of rules are required:

  • place the candle on a stable, non-combustible surface;
  • not to place near curtains, chintz curtains and other flammable objects and products;
  • do not leave a lit candle unattended and near children.

So you can get joy and health benefits, while protecting yourself from trouble. Correct use of the product is the key to success and safety.


Despite all the positive qualities of beeswax, candles made from it also have contraindications, for example, an allergic reaction to bee products.

Allergy to honey, as well as to its components, can be the main reason for not using these products. And in order to eliminate the risk of a sudden allergic reaction, if a natural wax candle has already been purchased, it is better to be examined by an allergist.

Terms and conditions of storage

A candle made of high-quality and high-grade beeswax can be stored for about 4 years. In this case, special conditions are not required for this. As a rule, after this period, such a product can still be used, but it will no longer have a healing effect, since all the useful properties of the wax will be lost.


Beeswax candles are a unique product that can be purchased at a specialized store or made by yourself. This item combines a variety of nutrients. They perform many functions from the simplest one - lighting, to curative as the prevention of many diseases.

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