DIY wooden pool: step by step instructions + photo

DIY wooden pool: step by step instructions + photo

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Before building a wooden pool, it is recommended to study the features of existing structures and placement options on the site. After that, it is necessary to draw up a work plan taking into account the requirements of fire and electrical safety standards, compliance with sanitary standards.

Features of the construction of a wooden pool

Having decided to acquire a swimming pool, summer residents pay attention to wooden structures. In addition to the availability and manufacturability of wood material, which makes it easy to process it with minimal skills, gardeners are attracted by the possibility of harmoniously fitting the pool into any relief.

The advantages include the low cost and high speed of construction of an object made of wood, at a cost of about 7-15 thousand rubles. A stylish and functional wooden pool can be made on your own in just 1-2 days. The design is distinguished not only by its popularity, but also by the features of its use - the liquid required for the pool should not pose a danger to the user.

When building a wooden pool from slats and beams, experts recommend taking into account the characteristic features, including:

  1. To ensure the drainage of used water by gravity when planning the construction of a wooden pool, it is better to choose a site that has a certain slope.
  2. To exclude the passage of water into the inner layers of the soil and withstand the weight of the structure without deformations for the construction of a building, it is better to choose clay soil with high strength indicators.
  3. The correct choice of the optimal depth of a wooden pool, the indicator should not exceed 150 cm from the bottom to the surface of the water for adults and not more than 50 cm for children.

    Important! When building a wooden pool, the bottom surface can be formed from several levels (for children and adults) by enclosing the area reserved for bathing babies with a net.

  4. To exclude the ingress of dirt, dust into the water, as well as protection from the prevailing winds, it is recommended to take into account the direction, choose the correct shape of the bowl and place the wooden structure on the side of the building, which closes it from the action of air currents. If a rectangular shape of the container is chosen, experts recommend placing the long side of the building in the direction of the wind.
  5. Since a feature of any pool, which makes it possible to distinguish it from just containers with water, is the organization of a periodic change of liquid, at the construction stage it is necessary to think over how the pool of wood will be filled.
  6. To ensure the cleaning of a wooden pool after prolonged use, it is recommended to provide for the installation of pumps.

Attention! Since the pump requires electrical energy to operate, it is necessary to lay a system of cables, ensure their grounding and insulation before construction for the safe operation of the pool.

A bowl of a wooden building is made using a polymer film, and the frame is made of durable solid boards. Before building a homemade pool from planks, builders recommend developing a project of a structure indicating the shape, overall dimensions, depth of the pool, cleaning features and supplying communications to it.

Among the most common schemes for organizing water supply, experts call the use of stationary pipelines and a long hose for filling the bowl.

It is advisable to arrange openings for overflows in the far corner, as a result of which, under the action of the wind, the debris on the surface of the liquid will independently go into the drainage.

Pros and cons of timber frame pools

Given the growing popularity of wooden pools in summer cottages and adjoining territories, many owners are thinking about building such structures. Choosing from a variety of options, they tend to use wood, due to its obvious advantages, which include:

However, in addition to the advantages, when choosing the location of the building, one should take into account the disadvantages of wooden structures, among which it is necessary to name:

  1. Possibility of damage by rodents, if the wooden pool is located near the pantry and other household facilities. Damage can be prevented by equipping the structure with deterrent devices or applying a toxic composition against rodents.
  2. If you place a building close to trees (in order to protect it from the rays of the sun), there is a high probability of damage to the structure by a fallen branch or root system.
  3. The need for frequent cleaning of a wooden pool and water changes, arising when falling leaves enter the pool, provoking the development of bacteria and the appearance of algae.
  4. Shorter service life of a wooden structure compared to concrete structures.

Attention! Areas for installing a frame pool made of wood are limited to the areas located under the power lines, due to the danger of electric shock and electromagnetic radiation.

Types of wooden pools

Among the known varieties of pools made of wood, one should highlight:

  1. A partially recessed wooden pool is a structure that is 50-60% submerged below ground level. Such buildings have a number of advantages, which include the ability to harmoniously fit into any landscape and the ease of use of a wooden pool. At the same time, the construction is a more costly and time-consuming procedure compared to the surface version.
  2. Surface structures, the production and installation of which does not involve soil extraction. The height of such wooden structures usually does not exceed 1.5 m, since if this indicator is exceeded, the pressure exerted by a column of liquid on the walls of the bowl can lead to their destruction. In addition, in this situation, the purchase or manufacture of a high ladder will be required to ensure the entrance to and exit from the wooden pool.
  3. Recessed buildings provide for the arrangement of a wooden pool below ground level. Such work is carried out with the involvement of excavators, requires the installation of pumps, the organization of a power supply system.

Attention! Among the advantages of using the buried option, experts call the maximum ease of immersion and the absence of a heap of buildings on the ground.

The timber frame pool, shown in the photo below, can be designed in the form of a complex polygon, triangle, rectangle, square, circle, or any other shape. However, when designing, it should be borne in mind that to ensure the stability of round wooden structures, you will have to resort to the services of a qualified carpenter, which will increase the cost of construction. The choice between the panel frame and the base made of separately knocked down boards will largely depend on the budget and access to building materials.

Required tools and materials

According to experts, the construction of a pool with a wooden frame, subject to preliminary preparation of the site for construction, takes about a day. However, for the prompt construction of a structure, you must first stock up on tools and materials.

To translate the developed project into reality, you need to take care of the availability of:

  • roulette;
  • bayonet shovel;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • circular saw or hacksaw for wood;
  • pencil, marker;
  • scribes;
  • water level;
  • construction hair dryer;
  • self-tapping screws for wood.

In addition to the listed tools, in order to make a pool from boards, you must purchase the following materials:

  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • cement;
  • edged board 100 × 50 mm;
  • antiseptic;
  • wooden beams measuring 10 × 5 or 10 × 10 cm;
  • pvc flooring or polyethylene film;
  • tarpaulin.

In addition, it is recommended, and in some wooden (and not only) structures it is mandatory, to install a pump to remove the used liquid. To this end, it is necessary to buy a low-power self-priming centrifugal pump and lay electrical wiring at the stage of organizing the foundation of a wooden structure. Experts recommend installing a filter to separate organic debris and sediment, this will increase the period between fluid changes in a wooden pool.

How to make a wooden pool with your own hands

Since it is considered the most economical to make a pool independently, it is worth reading the step-by-step instructions on how to make a pool out of wood with your own hands. Before starting work, it is necessary to clean the area where the construction will be carried out, mow the grass on it, mark the territory in accordance with the developed project. A pit is dug inside the marked area using a bayonet shovel.

Attention! If you plan to build a structure without deepening, the depth of the pit does not exceed 40 cm.

At this stage, the necessary communications are laid, for example, the laying of water supply polyethylene, polypropylene or metal pipes, the depth of which should be below the level of freezing of the soil in the region.

The surface of the bottom of a wooden pool is formed in such a way as to form a slight slope towards the center of the structure, in which a drainage pit is made with dimensions of 50 × 50 cm or more and a depth of 0.2-0.3 m. The dug hole is filled with gravel, which is used to accelerate the drainage of liquid ... It is also possible to equip a sewer pipe leading to a drain receiver. The remaining space of the prepared site is filled with gravel to a depth of 0.2 m, after which it is covered with sand and compacted by mechanical or manual ramming. In some cases, shields made of wood, knocked down from edged boards in the shape of the outlines of the future wooden pool, can serve as the basis for the pool.

The implementation of the pool made of wood will allow creating a ventilated bottom, which will prevent the appearance of moisture and the associated development of fungal microflora.

Do-it-yourself pool frame made of wood

Experts note that the most common and easiest to implement is the construction of a wooden structure that has a rectangular shape. It is necessary to consider the sequence of actions for the implementation of the project of such a structure.

In order to build a do-it-yourself wooden pool in the country, you must:

  1. At the corner points of the structure, observing the correct geometry, checking the dimensions of the sides and diagonals, hammer in the pegs.
  2. Prepare racks from a bar, for which you need to cut off 4 pieces of wood, the height should be equal to the depth of the wooden pool, to which you should add 0.5 m required to install the products in the ground.
  3. Clean the prepared workpieces and cover with an antiseptic preparation to prevent rotting under the influence of moisture.
  4. Process the part of the timber, which is buried in the ground with bitumen mastic, and wrap the workpiece in roofing material.
  5. Checking the position at the building level, lower the racks into the nests and cover them with sand and gravel.
  6. Tamp a piece of ground around the installed racks, check the length and diagonals are correct.
  7. At the bottom and top of each side, it is necessary to pull the ropes, which will serve as a guide when installing the remaining racks. They are installed along the entire perimeter through each 1-1.2 m of the structure.

Attention! Given the enormous pressure created by the water column inside the bowl, it is recommended to strengthen the structure with oblique struts.

To make spacers, it is necessary to hammer in a peg at a distance of 0.5-0.6 m from each stand, then rest a piece of board 10 × 5 cm in it, nailing it to the support from above and attach a jumper to form a triangle.

An alternative design may provide for the fastening of metal-wood structures, which act as supporting elements, to a prepared concrete site. After that, sheathing of wooden elements with grooves is introduced between the installed supports, while the extreme parts of the products are fastened to the supports by their protruding sections using screws.

Decorating the frame pool with wood

In the next stage of construction, the pool is trimmed with wood and the interior of the pool is lined to ensure the retention of liquid in it. This procedure also includes a number of sequential operations, including:

  1. Cutting prepared horizontal boards treated with antiseptics into workpieces having the dimensions indicated in the sketch.
  2. Installation of rails with a thickness of more than 2.5 cm, the procedure can be carried out close to the surface of the previous element or with a gap of 10-20 mm.
  3. Fixing the installed boards is performed using self-tapping screws.
  4. Laying of the polyethylene film is carried out after the sheathing is completed. This procedure is performed with an overlap with a margin of material in the region of the edges of the order of 15-20 cm and excluding its sliding inward.
  5. Carrying out a marking performed to indicate areas in which it will be necessary to ensure a tight fit of the product to the corners. In some cases, it is sufficient to fold the film.
  6. Checking the fit of the product on all sides and the bottom of the structure, fixing the places containing the lapels.
  7. Processing with a construction hair dryer the entire surface of the pool made of planks made by hand, in which the film is heated, which ensures its attachment to the base and side surfaces of the structure. After heating with a hairdryer, the surface is rolled using a rubber construction roller.

Attention! Experts warn against excessive tension of the film, as a result of which there is a danger of rapid cracks and fluid leaks from the pool in places of tension.

After that, the joints of the film are connected along the edge of the product with a construction hairdryer equipped with a nozzle with a small diameter.

Operation and maintenance of a wooden pool

For the successful use of a wooden pool, experts recommend that after completion of construction, carefully and thoroughly remove all debris from the building. This is due to the fact that the presence of any fragment with sharp parts can damage the film, which will lead to the need to replace the entire layer.

Before starting operation, it is recommended to test a wooden pool, during which on the first day the pool is filled to 1/3 part, observing the liquid level throughout the day. In the event that no liquid leaks or a drop in level are detected, a complete filling of the wooden pool can be carried out. In the filled state, the liquid level is monitored for 5-7 days. If it remains constant or has minor changes, the wooden pool is considered suitable for use.

In order to prevent the development of pathogenic microflora during the use of a wooden pool, it is recommended to add copper sulfate. The approximate ratio of this substance is 2 tsp per 2500 liters of liquid.

To ensure safety in the presence of small children in the house and an increase in the period between cleaning the wooden pool, it is recommended to provide for the fastening of additional material (for example, tarpaulin).

Tips & Tricks

If there is a choice between buying and making a do-it-yourself pool made of wood, performed in the country, experts recommend preferring the second option. First, with this approach, it becomes possible to build a pool of any type, size and shape. Secondly, with the independent manufacture of a structure, you can significantly save money. Its construction takes no more than 1-2 days. The cost of a wooden structure for a pool, made at home, is about 7-15 thousand rubles. At the same time, for the simplest rectangular wooden structure, consisting of a frame and a film, the buyer will have to pay about 75 thousand rubles, and for a product that has an octagonal shape, already about 145 thousand.

Specialists in the field of construction give some recommendations regarding the technology of manufacturing a wooden pool, among which the following tips can be distinguished:

  1. You can use paving slabs as a foundation or dig a small pit 100 mm deep. After preparing the site, it is necessary to fill it with cement and maintain the time until the material completely solidifies, after which, having laid the substrate, they proceed to the construction of the pool itself.
  2. When using unedged boards, cleaning the surface from bark, cleaning and treating with antiseptics or agents that prevent damage from insects, for example, drying oil or wax, is considered a mandatory step.
  3. After the completion of the construction of the frame, it is recommended to perform steps that facilitate entry into or exit from the pool.
  4. When fixing the film or awning to the surface of the frame, it is necessary to avoid tension and the formation of folds, which leads to a violation of the shape and failure of the product.

To improve the appearance of the boards for a wooden pool used in the construction, to give them a stylish and attractive look, experts recommend, after cutting the workpiece to size between the supports, sand the surface of the lumber with sandpaper and cover it with a layer of stain.


A wooden pool in the country has a number of advantages over structures made of other materials. Before its construction, it is necessary to choose the shape, size, location for the location of the building and develop a project for the structure. Observing the step-by-step described technology, a wooden object can be erected within 1-2 days, while the costs of the summer resident will be 10-15 times lower compared to ordering and installing the finished product.

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