How to fry mushrooms in a pan: with onions, in flour, cream, royally

How to fry mushrooms in a pan: with onions, in flour, cream, royally

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Fried mushrooms are a delicious meal high in protein. It will help diversify the daily diet or decorate the festive table. The taste of fried mushrooms directly depends on how well the rules for their preparation are followed. Other ingredients are also important.

Do mushrooms fry mushrooms

Most often, mushrooms are pickled and canned for the winter. But if you cook fried mushrooms, you can truly fall in love with this dish. There are several options for frying, each of which helps to enrich the flavor of the finished product. In most cases, the product is fried with onions. The finished dish turns out to be fragrant and incredibly tasty.

There are two main types of mushrooms - spruce and pine. Pine species are considered more attractive in appearance. They are less likely to be attacked by worms due to the fact that they do not grow in wet areas. In terms of nutritional value, both varieties are identical. They practically do not differ in taste.

The first mushrooms become ready for harvest in July. But the largest number of them is observed in mid-August. At the end of September, mushroom pickers stop collecting mushrooms, since it is almost impossible to find them during this period.

How to prepare mushrooms for frying

In order not to be disappointed in the end result, it is necessary to properly fry the mushrooms. Special attention should be paid to collection and preparation. It is important to learn to distinguish them from waves. The main distinguishing feature is the hat. It shouldn't have a cannon on it. When cut, mushrooms emit milky juice. The color of the mushroom itself turns brown at the cut site.

Before cooking, the raw materials are thoroughly cleaned from forest dirt and leaves. Bugs and various blades of grass can accumulate in the hat. Therefore, it is important to rinse them thoroughly. If you do not pay enough attention to this, a characteristic crunch may appear when chewing.

All raw materials must be placed in a deep container filled with water. Products are cleaned of debris using a special brush. To simplify the task, you can immediately cut the product into four parts. There is no need for pre-cooking. But this will not affect the taste in any way. Therefore, some mushroom lovers boil them for 15 minutes in salted water.

Advice! Experts recommend processing and cooking all harvested mushrooms at once. In the refrigerator, they can be stored without loss of quality for only 2-3 days.

How to cook fried mushrooms mushrooms

There is nothing complicated in cooking fresh, just picked mushrooms. It is enough to choose the right seasoning. In some cases, herbs or vegetables are added to the dish. The easiest way is to fry the mushrooms in a pan with a little oil. But you can also use a cauldron for this purpose. Sunflower oil is poured into the container only after all the liquid has evaporated from the mushrooms. You do not need to close the lid. It is important to periodically stir the fried mushrooms with a wooden spatula. Their readiness is evidenced by the appearance of a golden crust. It is permissible to fry not only fresh, but also canned types. In this case, pre-cooking is unnecessary.

Is it possible to fry mushrooms raw

The mushrooms can be fried raw. But the cooking time will increase to 25-30 minutes. Because of this, they will not be bitter. It is also noteworthy that this variety does not require additional soaking. They are completely hassle-free to prepare.

Is it possible to fry mushrooms with other mushrooms

Despite the fact that fried mushrooms have a rather rich taste, they go well with other varieties of mushrooms. They can be combined with milk mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and even butter. The presented specimens will make a good assortment, which can not only be fried, but also salted for the winter.

Attention! In terms of their nutritional value, mushrooms are not inferior to porcini mushrooms.

How much to fry mushrooms in a pan in time

The cooking time depends on whether the main ingredient has been boiled beforehand. If not, then the cooking time can be half an hour. If the mushroom product has been boiled, then you should not fry for more than 20 minutes. The power of the stove is also important in this matter.

Fried Camelina Recipes

Before frying mushrooms, you should familiarize yourself with the step-by-step recipe. There are several options for their preparation. Each of them deserves special attention, but you should focus on your own taste. The taste of fried mushroom dishes is nicely complemented by sour cream, green onions, garlic and spices.

Gingerbreads fried with onions

One of the most popular dishes among mushroom pickers is considered to be saffron milk caps with onions. The cooking process itself is not complicated. Cleaning the ingredients can take longer than frying.


  • one onion;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 500 g of mushrooms;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking process:

  1. Thoroughly washed mushrooms are cut into cubes and boiled for 15 minutes.
  2. After boiling, the main ingredient is placed in a colander to get rid of excess liquid.
  3. The next step is the mushroom raw materials are spread in a preheated pan. When all the liquid has evaporated, add oil.
  4. After 10 minutes of frying, finely chopped onions are thrown into the pan.
  5. After the appearance of a golden crust, you must close the lid and turn off the heat.

Fried mushrooms in flour

At first glance, it may seem that cooking fried mushrooms in flour is too difficult. But a step-by-step recipe with a photo will help you cook delicious fried mushrooms without much difficulty.


  • 50 g flour;
  • 60 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 500 g of mushrooms;
  • 10 g salt;
  • a bunch of greens.


  1. The main components are thoroughly washed and dried using paper towels.
  2. The hats must be separated from the legs.
  3. Flour in a separate container is mixed with salt.
  4. The hats and legs are carefully rolled in the flour mixture and laid out on a flat surface. At this time, the oil in the pan should be warming up.
  5. The mushrooms are fried on each side until golden brown. After that, they are tormented under a closed lid for 5 minutes.
  6. The fried dish is decorated with herbs before serving.

Gingerbreads fried in cream

Cream perfectly sets off the mushroom taste. Therefore, the fried dish according to this recipe must be cooked at least once.


  • one onion;
  • 1 kg of mushrooms;
  • 70 ml of oil;
  • 200 ml of cream;
  • salt and seasonings to taste.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. Mushroom raw materials are thoroughly washed and cut into small pieces.
  2. Do the same with onions.
  3. For 10 minutes, the mushrooms are fried until half cooked. Then add onions to them.
  4. After another 10 minutes, cream is poured into the pan. The lid is closed, and the heat is reduced to a minimum. In this state, the dish is cooked for another 5-7 minutes.

Royal fried mushrooms

To get a delicious mushroom dish, you don't have to use rare foods. The royally roasted mushrooms recipe involves the use of the following components:

  • one head of onion;
  • 1 tbsp. l. salt;
  • 400 g saffron milk caps;
  • wheat flour - by eye.

Cooking process:

  1. Finely chopped mushroom products are boiled and rid of excess liquid.
  2. Add flour and salt to them, mix thoroughly.
  3. The resulting mixture is spread in a frying pan and fried until golden brown.
  4. On the table, a fried dish is recommended to be served with sour cream.

Fried legs from saffron milk caps with egg

It may seem strange, but the forest product goes well with an egg. In addition to the interesting taste, the recipe is fast cooking. This fried dish is high in protein.


  • four chicken eggs;
  • 4 tbsp. milk;
  • 200 g saffron milk caps;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. The mushrooms are washed and boiled in salted water for 7 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, eggs and milk are beaten in a separate container.
  3. Boiled mushrooms are sent to a preheated pan.
  4. After 7 minutes of frying, they are poured with egg mass.
  5. The dish is brought to readiness under a closed lid over low heat.

Gingerbreads fried with garlic

Garlic can decorate absolutely any dish. Besides bactericidal action, it is known for its spicy aroma. Garlic perfectly complements the delicate mushroom flavor. At the same time, in order to achieve the desired result, it is not necessary to add a large amount of it.


  • 500 g saffron milk caps;
  • a bunch of green onions;
  • ½ onion;
  • one clove of garlic;
  • 20 g dill;
  • 40 g butter;
  • salt.

Cooking principle:

  1. Finely chopped onions are fried in butter until half cooked.
  2. Diced mushrooms are sent to the frying pan.
  3. 5 minutes before cooking, you need to add finely chopped garlic to the dish.
  4. After turning off the stove, greens are poured into the pan and closed with a lid.

Fried mushrooms with carrots and onions

Thanks to the addition of carrots and spices, the dish will acquire spicy notes in the taste. In order not to overdo it with seasonings, you should periodically try fried mushrooms while cooking. You also need to carefully consider the choice of carrots. It should be free of suspicious spots and traces of deformation.

Important! Fried carrots that are not ripe will add bitterness to the dish.


  • one carrot;
  • one onion;
  • 3 kg of saffron milk caps;
  • salt, coriander, oregano and anise to taste.

Cooking process:

  1. Mushrooms and vegetables are carefully peeled and cut into small pieces.
  2. Spread mushrooms on a preheated pan, and vegetables on top.
  3. The container is closed with a lid and left over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After the specified time, you should add seasonings, and cook the dish for another 10-15 minutes.

Calorie content of fried camelina mushrooms

Fried mushrooms have a high nutritional value. They saturate the body with protein and relieve hunger for a long time. At the same time, the calorie content per 100 g of the product is only 17.4 kcal. The fat content in this fried product is minimal - only 0.8 g. The volume of protein is almost 2 g. Carbohydrates, in turn, contain about 0.5 g. The benefits of a fried product for the human body are rich in vitamins and minerals.


Fried mushrooms are a tasty and healthy dish that can decorate any celebration. Experts recommend trying several recipes for their preparation at once and choosing the most suitable one. When fried, the product will be an excellent addition to the side dish in the form of potatoes and rice.

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