Multiply hemp palm - this is how seeds are sown

Multiply hemp palm - this is how seeds are sown

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Hemp palms are relatively easy to multiply by seeds. However, it requires a lot of patience and good preparation, because fertilized flowers are needed to reproduce.

Spreading hemp palms in the garden South Sea feeling Hemp palms belong to the fan palms. With their fanned palm fronds, they not only provide a holiday feeling in your own four walls, but also on the terrace or in the garden. Just imagine: you are lying on a sun lounger in your garden and the palm fronds above you - wonderful isn't it?

But a plant alone does not create a feeling of the South Seas. It takes a few more. Nothing easier than that. Hemp palms can be easily propagated by seeds. It only takes a little bit until you finally have a slightly larger palm.

It is important when multiplying by seeds that they need fertilized flowers. However, these are only formed on the female hemp palms.

Male and female hemp palms - that's how you can tell the difference

Hemp palms belong to the two house varieties. This means that a male and a female specimen are required to fertilize the flowers. Both bear inflorescences that reach a length of 70 to 90 centimeters in full-grown hemp palms. You can tell from the nature and color of the inflorescences whether it is a male or female hemp palm.

The male palm has yellow colored, very dense petals. The petals of the female palm are light green and sparse. Fruit is only available when the flowers have been pollinated and only on the female hemp palms.

The seeds form from December to January. Then remove the inflorescences and let them dry well in a warm place until you can shake out the seeds.

Place seeds in seed soil and wait

1 In the spring, place the seeds in growing soil and cover with a thin layer of soil. Always keep the soil slightly moist and keep the pots warm. It can take up to a year for the seeds to germinate.

2 When the young seedling shows up, move it into a larger pot as it grows. The substrate should be slightly acidic. Use a mixture of garden soil, compost and peat and make sure that the soil is loose, well drained.

The care of the seedling

3 The pot with the seedling is ideally placed in a bright and evenly warm place. In summer you can put the container outdoors, the winter months are better spent indoors. Sun is important, in the dark season you can help with a plant light.

It takes another up to three years for a robust, real hemp palm to develop from the seedling.

4 A special fertilizer is not necessary, the compost in the soil provides enough nutrients. Hemp palms, on the other hand, require a relatively large amount of water. Make sure that the young root ball is always sufficiently moist. Water carefully - when the top layer of soil has dried out, you can water the plant properly.

So that there is no waterlogging, the pot absolutely needs a drain hole.

" Tip: Hemp palms also thrive in tubs without any problems. You can of course put larger specimens in the garden.

The advantage of the tub: If you keep the hemp palm in tubs, you can easily place them in the house in the winter or in a bright place in the winter garden. You should be particularly careful with young plants because they are not winter-proof.


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