Petrol snow blower Huter sgc 4000

Petrol snow blower Huter sgc 4000

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With the arrival of winter, you have to think about ways to clean the yard after a snowfall. The traditional tool is a shovel, suitable for small areas. And if this is the courtyard of a cottage, then it will not be easy. That is why many owners of private houses dream of purchasing gasoline-powered snow blowers.

These are powerful machines that can cope with hard work much faster and better, but, most importantly, the back will not hurt after work. The Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower, according to numerous consumer reviews, is a versatile machine for snow removal in large areas and in small yards.

A few words about the manufacturer

Huter was founded in 1979 in Germany. At first, they produced power plants with gasoline engines. Two years later, the production was put on stream. Gradually the assortment increased, new products appeared, namely snow blowers. Their production was launched at the end of the 90s.

On the Russian market, various models of snow blowers, including the Huter SGC 4000, have been sold since 2004, and their popularity is growing every day. There is nothing to be surprised at, because high-quality equipment will find its consumer everywhere. Today, some of the German enterprises operate in China.

Description of the snow blower

The Huter SGC 4000 snow blower belongs to modern self-propelled machines. Powered by a gasoline engine. Technique class - semi-professional:

  1. The Hüter 4000 petrol snow blower can remove snow up to 3,000 square meters.
  2. It is often used to clear deep snow from areas in parking lots, around offices and shops, since it can maneuver in tight spaces. Utilities have long turned their attention to Huter snowblowers.
  3. The Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower has a built-in system that mechanically locks the wheels. There are cotter pins on the wheels, so the snow blower turns quickly and accurately.
  4. The tires of the Huter SGC 4000 snow machine are characterized by their width and deep treads. Snow can be removed on sloping surfaces, even in areas with compressed snow, because the grip is excellent.
  5. The Hüter 4000 snowblower is equipped with a special lever, which is located on the body itself, with its help, the direction for snow removal is regulated. The elbow can be rotated 180 degrees. Snow is thrown to the side by 8-12 meters.
  6. There is an auger on the snow intake. Heat-treated steel was used for its manufacture. With its sharp teeth, the Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower is capable of crushing snow cover of any density and size.
  7. The unloading chute and receiver of the Hooter bunker serve for a long time, because they used plastic of special strength for their manufacture. The bucket has a protection that protects the yard cover and the snow blower itself from damage - runners with rubberized edges.
  8. The height of the snow cut from the surface can be adjusted by lowering or raising the shoe devices.

Technical specifications

  1. The Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower is a self-propelled wheeled vehicle equipped with a Loncin OHV power unit.
  2. Engine power is compared to 5.5 horsepower. Its volume is 163 cubic meters.
  3. The engine in the Hooter SGC 4000 snowblower is four-stroke and runs on gasoline.
  4. To the maximum, you can fill the fuel tank with 3 liters of AI-92 gasoline. It is not recommended to refuel with other fuel in order to avoid spoilage. The Huter SGC 4000 snowblower is started with a quick start system that does not fail at low temperatures. A full fuel tank lasts 40 minutes or 1.5 hours. It all depends on the depth and density of the snow.
  5. The Huter 4000 petrol snow blower has six speeds: 4 forward and 2 reverse. Movement forward or backward is performed smoothly using a special lever to perform the desired maneuver.
  6. The Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower can work with a snow depth of 42 cm. Cleans 56 cm in one pass.
  7. The weight of the product is 65 kg, so nothing prevents you from putting the snow blower in the car and transporting it to the desired location. Which is very convenient if you have a summer cottage.

Snow blower Huter SGC 4000:

Other parameters

Huter's petrol snow blowers are built to last because they are made from high quality, innovative materials. The equipment is adapted to Russian conditions, it works flawlessly in severe frosts. After all, it can start from a cold start, thanks to the primer and engine speed control.

The Huter 4000, which runs on gasoline, is a stable machine, it is possible to carry out the maneuvers necessary for snow removal on it, as there is a reverse system.

How to fix the problem with starting the engine

Sometimes the engine of your Huter SGC 4000 snow blower cannot be started right away due to various reasons. Let's dwell on the most common ones:



Lack or insufficient amount of fuel

Add gasoline and start.

Hooter's fuel tank contains 4000 gasoline.

Low quality gasoline. The old fuel must be drained and replaced with a new one.

The engine will not start even when the tank is full.

The high-voltage cable may not be connected: check the connection.

Filled with fresh gasoline, but no result.

Check if the fuel cock is installed correctly.

Care rules

It is not uncommon for consumers to complain about technology in reviews. Of course, there may be some defects. But most often the owners themselves are to blame. They start work on a snow blower with a Huter SGC 4000 gasoline engine without thoroughly studying the instructions. Violations of the rules of operation lead not only to the snow blower, but also to any equipment in disrepair. Improper care can also be the cause of breakdown.

Care between cleanings

  1. After you have finished removing the snow, you need to turn off the engine of the snow blower and wait for it to cool.
  2. Cleaning is carried out with a stiff brush immediately after use. It is necessary to remove the adhering lumps of snow, wipe the moisture on the surface of the Huter SGC 4000 with a dry cloth.
  3. If snow is not expected in the near future, the fuel must be drained from the fuel tank. The new start-up of the Huter 4000 snow blower is carried out after filling with fresh gasoline.

Storing the snow blower

When winter is over, the Huter SGC 4000 petrol snow blower needs to be frozen.

To do this, you must perform a number of mandatory actions:

  1. Drain off gasoline and oil.
  2. Wipe the metal parts of the snow blower with an oil cloth.
  3. Clean spark plugs. To do this, they must be unscrewed from the nest and wiped. If there is contamination, remove it. Then you need to pour a little oil into the hole, cover it and turn the crankshaft, using the handle of the crankcase cord.

In the off-season, the Hooter SGC 4000 should be stored horizontally in a closed room on level ground.

Snow blower Hooter 4000 reviews

Ivan, 29 years old, Vladivostok

I live in a private house in the suburbs. We have a lot of snow, and snowfalls are not uncommon. We have to constantly clean up the area. The first years he did everything with a shovel. Imagine what a grueling work it is! A neighbor advised me to buy a snow blower. I took my first lessons on someone else's car. I liked it, I bought a Hutter 4000 petrol snow blower. Now I spend a minimum of time on cleaning. The snow blower works powerfully, I have been using it for two winters, I have never let it down. I recommend.

Sergey, 47 years old, Barnaul

The car is just a beast. I have a site with narrow corridors. Nothing, copes: excellent maneuverability. I also like the fact that the snow blower is not too gluttonous, with light snow you can work for an hour and a half with a full tank. I advise you don't have to swing the shovel.

Vitalik, 32 years old, Ryazan region

For me, the petrol Hooter 4000 is an irreplaceable technique in the country. Not only does it work great, but it is easy to take care of it. The main thing is to change the fuel in a timely manner, dry snow removal equipment and wipe metal parts with oil so that they do not rust.

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