What are the most productive undersized tomatoes?

What are the most productive undersized tomatoes?

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Low-growing varieties of tomato culture are very popular with those gardeners who do not want to spend their time and energy on garters. When choosing seeds of low-growing varieties, even an experienced gardener can get confused: they differ significantly from each other in taste and market characteristics. But their most important difference lies in the amount of the harvested crop. In this article, we will look at which tomato seeds are the most productive and stunted.

Benefits of undersized tomato varieties

Plants of low-growing varieties of tomatoes rarely grow more than 100 cm in height. Due to their size, they can be suitable not only for open ground, but also for small greenhouses and film shelters. Regardless of the speed of ripening, color, size and taste of fruits, undersized varieties have a number of common advantages:

  • Most of them are early maturing. This is due to the fact that their harvest begins to set immediately after the appearance of 5 - 7 inflorescences. It is during this period that the plants stop growing and bloom profusely.
  • Only in rare cases do stepchildren form, which makes it much easier to care for the plants, because the gardener does not have to stepchild them.
  • Tomatoes on these varieties ripen quite amicably, almost simultaneously.
  • Due to their early maturity, undersized varieties simply do not have time to get sick with late blight.
  • Compared to other varieties, the fruits of low-growing plants have excellent taste characteristics when fresh.

The most popular undersized varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Tomatoes of these varieties have repeatedly proved their increased productivity. Their popularity among gardeners and gardeners is only growing every year.


This variety is distinguished by a special miniature size of its bushes - only 45 - 47 cm. Up to 6 tomatoes can be tied on each fruit cluster. It is perfect for both greenhouses and open ground.

Aquarelle tomatoes will begin to ripen in 110 - 120 days from the moment of germination. They have an elongated elliptical shape. Tomatoes of this variety, like its bushes, are small in size. Their average weight will be no more than 55 grams. Ripe tomato watercolor has a red color. Its flesh is firm and does not crack. She has excellent taste characteristics. It is perfect for both salads and preserves.

Variety Aquarelle has good resistance to diseases, and in particular to apical rot. Its fruits may not lose their marketable and taste characteristics for a long time. The yield of Watercolors will be no more than 2 kg per square meter.

Advice! Due to its very compact size, a square meter can accommodate up to 9 plants of this variety.


Its standard low-growing bushes are up to 80 cm high. On each cluster of this variety, up to 6 - 7 fruits can be formed. Currency refers to mid-season varieties. Ripening of his tomatoes begins 110 days after the first shoots.

In their shape, tomatoes resemble a circle, and their average weight will not exceed 115 grams. Their color evenly changes depending on the degree of maturity from green to red. Currency has a fairly dense pulp, so it is ideal for canning.

The taste of this variety of tomatoes is perfectly complemented by their commercial characteristics. They have excellent transportability. The yield of the Currency will not exceed 5.5 kg per square meter.


This variety is one of the smallest varieties. Its slightly leafy bushes will not exceed 45 cm in height. Moreover, they are very compact in size. The first inflorescence on them is located, as a rule, above the 7th leaf, and from 5 to 6 tomatoes are tied on the brushes. The ripening period of the fruits of the Crown begins at 106 - 115 days from the appearance of the first shoots.

Its tomatoes are flat-round in shape. Ripe fruit is colored red without a dark spot at the stalk. Its average weight will be from 120 to 140 grams. The pulp of tomatoes is fleshy and very tasty. It is perfect for fresh consumption.

Important! The dry matter in the pulp of this variety is in the range from 5.1% to 5.7%, sugar will not exceed 4%, and ascorbic acid will be about 30 mg%.

The main advantage of the Crown is the amicable fruiting of its plants. In this case, the harvest is collected in several stages. The crown cannot boast of excellent immunity to diseases, but it does have resistance to them. His Tomatoes perfectly tolerate transportation, and the yield per square meter will be from 8 to 10 kg.


Its plants are quite compact and will not exceed 60 cm in height. Tomatoes on them begin to ripen in 85 - 105 days from the appearance of the first shoots. They are rounded and red in color. The average weight of Dubrava tomatoes will be from 50 to 110 grams. A distinctive feature of their dense pulp is excellent transportability. They can be used both for making salads and for pickling.

Dubrava has good resistance to many tomato diseases. The yield per square meter will be no more than 5 kg.


Medium leafy bushes of this variety can grow up to 50 cm in height. Their first inflorescence is formed above the 5th leaf, and up to 6 tomatoes can be tied on each fruit cluster.

Important! This is one of the few undersized varieties that form multiple stepchildren.

Therefore, the Riddle requires constant and timely pinning. Remote stepchildren can take root just fine. Their growth rate lags behind the main plants by only 1.5 - 2 weeks. If the pinching is not done, then the fruits will also be perfectly tied, but they will be smaller. How to properly pinch low-growing tomatoes can be found in the video:

According to the ripening period of its fruits, the Riddle belongs to the earliest ripening undersized varieties. From the appearance of the first shoots to the first ripe tomato, only 82 - 88 days will pass. Its fruits are round in shape. At maturity, they are colored red, without the characteristic dark spot near the stalk. The average weight of a tomato variety Zagadka will be about 80 grams.

Due to their excellent taste characteristics, these tomatoes are perfect for fresh consumption, as well as for canning. Their pulp contains from 4.6% to 5.4% dry matter, and the sugar in it will not exceed 3.7%. A slight acidity to this variety is due to the insignificant content of ascorbic acid - no more than 16%.

Plants of this variety have a fairly good immunity to diseases, in particular to late blight and root rot. When planting 8 plants per square meter, you can get a yield of 3 to 4 kg.

Golden stream

This early ripening variety has determinate, medium leafy shrubs with a height of 50 to 80 cm. Each cluster of these bushes can bear up to 8 small fruits, which begin to ripen in the period from 82 to 92 days.

Important! The first inflorescence of the Golden Stream most often forms above the 6th leaf.

Its tomatoes are oval in shape and weigh up to 70 grams. Their yellow surface conceals a fleshy and firm flesh with excellent flavor. Golden Stream tomatoes are perfect for salads, canning and pickling.

A distinctive feature of the Golden Stream is not only its resistance to disease, but also its resistance to temperature fluctuations. Its fruits tolerate transportation well. One square meter of plants of this variety will provide a gardener with 2 - 4 kg of harvest.

The most productive varieties of low-growing tomatoes for open ground

These productive varieties of tomatoes are ideal for our latitudes.

Aurora F1

The average height of plants of the Aurora F1 hybrid will be from 70 to 90 cm. In this case, the first inflorescence on them is formed above the 6-7th leaf, and from 4 to 5 tomatoes can fit on the fruit cluster. Aurora F1 is distinguished by its early maturation. In less than 90 days, it will be possible to harvest the first crop from the bushes of this hybrid.

Important! Aurora F1 possesses not only high early maturity, but also amicable ripening of tomatoes. In the first few harvests, up to 60% of the total yield can be harvested.

The tomatoes are medium in size. Their weight can range from 110 to 130 grams. They have a spherical shape and deep red color. This hybrid has a firm flesh with a characteristic tomato flavor. Despite its versatility, it is best suited for fresh consumption.

Aurora F1 hybrid has good resistance to Alternaria and tobacco mosaic virus. The yield of one square meter will be from 12 to 15 kg of tomatoes.

Anastasia F1

Plants of this hybrid can grow up to 70 cm in height. Their first inflorescence is formed above the 9th leaf, and from 5 to 6 tomatoes can be tied on the fruit cluster. The ripening period of tomatoes will come in 100 - 105 days from the appearance of the first shoots.

Anastasia F1 hybrid is characterized by rounded red fruits. The average weight of each tomato will be about 110 grams. The flavor characteristics of the tomatoes of this hybrid are good. They have a fleshy and firm flesh. It can be used with equal success both fresh and for preservation.

Like all hybrids, Anastasia F1 is not afraid of most diseases of the tomato crop. She has a special immunity to the tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium and cladosporium. Up to 18 kg of tomatoes Anastasia F1 can be harvested from one square meter. But with good care conditions, the yield per square meter can grow up to 25 kg.

Budenovets F1

The bushes of this hybrid grow up to 100 cm in height and form the first inflorescence above the 5th leaf. Ripening of its fruits begins from 90 to 105 days from germination.

Red heart-shaped tomatoes of the Budenovets hybrid have an average weight of up to 115 grams. They have medium-dense pulp, which is perfect for salads.

A distinctive feature of this variety is its high yield - up to 26 kg of fruit can be harvested from one square meter.


This is a fairly early tomato variety. From the first shoots to the first ripe tomato, it will take from 90 to 95 days. Its plants have rather dense foliage and an average height of up to 80 cm. Up to 6 fruits can ripen on each fruit cluster.

The shape of the Guarantor tomatoes is round and slightly flattened. Their average weight will not exceed 100 grams. The green color of an unripe tomato changes to a deep red as it ripens. A distinctive feature of the dense pulp of the Guarantor is its resistance to cracking. It is used for both salads and cooking.

The guarantor is characterized by a fairly harmonious return of the harvest. In addition, it has good resistance to Alternaria, Fusarium, Bacterial Black Spot and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. In the open field, its yield per square meter will be from 12 to 15 kg of tomatoes.

Crimson giant

This variety is the largest and most productive among all low-growing varieties of tomatoes. Its bushes are up to 100 cm high, but in rare cases they can grow up to 130 cm. Each of its clusters is able to withstand up to 6 fruits, which ripen in the period from 100 to 110 days.

It was called the Raspberry Giant for a reason. He is one of the leaders in tomato size among all low-growing varieties. One of his rounded tomato weighs from 200 to 300 grams. As it ripens, its color changes from green to pinkish-crimson. The pulp of the Raspberry Giant has an excellent density: it is moderately fleshy and sweet. Best for salads.

Due to its immunity to late blight and black bacterial spotting, the Raspberry Giant is excellent for open ground. In addition, its tomatoes perfectly tolerate transportation and can be stored for a long time without losing their taste and market characteristics. The yield of the Raspberry Giant is amazing - up to 20 kg per square meter.


Its determinant bushes can grow up to 70 cm.

Important! Roma is so undemanding to care for the variety that it is perfect for even the most novice gardeners.

Roma red tomatoes have an elongated shape. The average weight of ripe tomatoes will be in the range of 60 to 80 grams. Due to their shape and dense pulp, they are ideal for canning and salting.

Roma has excellent resistance to verticillium wilt and fusarium. Moreover, it is quite harvestable. From one square meter, it will be possible to collect from 12 to 15 kg of tomatoes.


All of these undersized varieties are perfect for outdoor cultivation. In order to get a good harvest of this crop in open beds, one must not forget about proper and regular maintenance. You can learn more about it by watching the video:


Vladimir, 54 years old, Blagoveshchensk

On my site for several years now I have been growing the Raspberry Giant and the hybrid Anastasia. I love the taste of their tomatoes and the increased yield. I recommend for growing.

Lydia, 38 years old, Borisoglebsk

We grow Budenovets tomatoes for sale. Due to their excellent taste, they are always quickly disassembled. It's just a pity that they are not suitable for conservation.

Irina, 27 years old, Vyshny Volochek

Aquarelle was planted this year. Both bushes and tomatoes were very compact. They taste good. We ate them fresh and salted a lot.

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