Cordyceps gray-ash: description and photo

Cordyceps gray-ash: description and photo

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Gray-ash cordyceps is a rare representative of the Ergot family. This forest dweller grows on insect larvae from August to October and has an unattractive appearance. Edibility has not been identified, therefore, when meeting with this specimen, it is better not to risk your health and pass by.

What gray-ash cordyceps look like

Cordyceps reaches a height of 8 cm, has a small, rounded cap, no more than 50 mm in diameter. Dirty gray, dark brown or lilac-black surface, pimply rough, with projections of yellow perithecia. They are finely pubescent, about 20 mm long.

The twisted and curved thin stem is colored light and dark brown. The color is uneven, at the base it is darker, closer to the cap it becomes light gray. The pulp is elastic, without mushroom odor and taste.

Where do ash-gray cordyceps grow

Grows on grass or soil as solitary specimens or in small families. Begins fruiting from July to September. Reproduction takes place in an original way: the species parasitizes on flies, caterpillars, larvae and ants. During reproduction, spores fall on the fleecy surface of their prey and grow inside the body. As a result, she quickly dies, and her body begins to serve as a home in which mycelium hyphae develop.

Is it possible to eat gray-ash cordyceps

Edibility has not been identified. Since mushrooms have an unattractive appearance, and they parasitize on insects, this representative has no fans.

Important! Experienced mushroom pickers do not recommend picking this species, as it rarely catches the eye and is an interesting specimen for collectors.

How to distinguish gray-ash cordyceps

This specimen, like any inhabitant of the mushroom kingdom, has fellows:

  1. The military is a medicinal, inedible representative of the forest kingdom. It can be recognized by its club-shaped fruiting body and its length, thin, twisted stalk. The color of the fruit body depends on the weather conditions and the place of growth; all shades of orange are present in the color. The pulp is fibrous, odorless and tasteless. Breeds on insects and larvae, in the south of Russia and in the tundra. In oriental medicine, it has found wide application. Decoctions and infusions are made from the fruit body. They help with cancer and cardiovascular diseases, during fatigue and during physical exertion.
  2. Ophioglossous - inedible mushroom, light brown or red in color. A rare species, it grows on mushrooms that grow underground. Fruits singly or in small groups from late July to the first frost.


Cordyceps gray-ash - inedible, a rare representative of the mushroom kingdom. It reproduces on the body of insects, begins to bear fruit from August to the end of autumn. Since the species has a medical double, it is necessary to read the description in detail, view photos and videos.

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