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Georgina Perfection

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Dahlias, along with roses and peonies, are considered the true queens of flower gardens. They are not the easiest flowers to care for. The annual planting of tubers and the obligatory autumn digging and preserving them in the winter are worth a lot. But even despite this, the number of their fans is only growing every year.

And the tireless work of breeders contributes to this a lot, with the help of which all new amazing shapes, colors and sizes of dahlia flowers appear. It seems that it is the size of the new varieties of dahlias that are trying to outstrip all the hitherto known flowers. For example, the recently introduced Lavender Perfection dahlia is amazing with flowers that grow in diameter up to 25 cm! This group of decorative dahlias has even been given its own name - Maxi. Although it is rather arbitrary, since tireless breeders have already bred cactus dahlias of similar sizes. Therefore, the classification will probably change more than once.

What are dahlias Perfection

Dahlias of the Perfection variety group have been bred for a long time and enjoy the well-deserved love and popularity of flower growers for their original and unique look, as in the photo below.

  • Strong, woody stems at the base stretch upwards by 110-120 cm.
  • Flowers, striking with the correct shape and impeccable arrangement of petals, reach a size of 12 cm.
  • The petals are often outlined with a contrasting or darkening border.
  • One dahlia bush of this variety is capable of carrying up to 25 such inflorescences.
  • And how many shades there are among the dahlias of this variety group - you can make bright and unique bouquets.
  • And this colorful flower euphoria can last from August to September inclusive.

Attention! The name of the variety group of dahlia Perfection already speaks for itself, because in translation it means - perfection or perfection.

Indeed, it was already difficult to imagine more perfect dahlia inflorescences. But it is not for nothing that there is a saying “there is no limit to perfection”.

And in recent years, the newest varieties of dahlias of this cultivar group have appeared, which have been additionally ranked among the maxi flowers for their unsurpassed size. And they instantly become so popular that in the spring, literally all pre-made orders in special stores are sorted out in the bud. What are these flowers?

Dahlia Lavender Perfection

Flowers of this variety belong to the class of decorative dahlias. This is perhaps the most numerous and most diverse class. It is characterized by a somewhat flattened shape of inflorescences, with tubular flowers in the center, which are practically invisible. But they are covered with ligulate flowers with wide oval petals, increasing in size closer to the edges of the inflorescence.

So, the inflorescences of the Lavender perfection dahlia are distinguished by a pinkish-lilac shade of petals, brighter and more saturated in the center and with a creamy shade at the edges. The flower is densely double. The middle is hidden and closed from prying eyes by densely adjacent petals.

The petals in the center of the inflorescence have a pronounced tubular shape when blooming. In several rows, they surround the very core, gradually straightening to the periphery of the inflorescence. In the future, surprisingly regular shape, almost completely open petals in many rows at different levels complement the inflorescence to complete perfection. As a result, the size of the inflorescence reaches 25 cm.

Stunning beauty dahlias of this variety delight with their flowering from the end of July until frost.

Dahlia White Perfection

Dahlias of this variety are similar in many characteristics to the previous variety described above. Only the color of their petals, as is obvious from the name of the variety, is white or creamy. Dahlia White Perfection is also capable of blooming from July to September. Flowers definitely need a garter, because due to high peduncles, up to 120 cm, they can be badly damaged by winds. Unbeatable cut flowers as they can last a long time in a vase.

Dahlia Gitts Perfection

The inflorescences of this variety fully justify their name, because in translation they mean "fluttering". The structure of the inflorescence itself is very similar to the previous ones, because they all belong to the same variety group. But dahlia Gitts Perfection conquers with an even wider variety of shades and shapes of petals. Its middle is whitish with barely noticeable filigree carved tubular flowers with yellow stamens. The second contour is already well noticeable tubular flowers of varying degrees of openness, creamy pinkish shade. And, finally, the bulk of the inflorescence is represented by originally curved, pointed petals, bright pink at the base and gradually brightening at the ends.

The flower size of this variety reaches 30 cm in diameter.


The purpose of these flowers is really primarily to amaze the imagination of all guests and neighbors. At the same time, the basic requirements for care are no different from the most common dahlias. It is not surprising that more and more flower growers strive to grow them on their site and be surprised at their beauty.