Caring for strelitzia - important care instructions for magnificent plants

Caring for strelitzia - important care instructions for magnificent plants

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If you have a strelitzia, you would surely want the bird of paradise to live up to its name. However, this only works if you take sufficient care of the plant.

Strelitzia like it warm Strelitzia are a more elaborate plant and definitely require use. It is important, for example, when caring for strelitzia that the general conditions are right. Otherwise problems quickly arise, which can range from flowers that are too small or missing to pests.

It makes a lot of sense, for example, if you plant the strelitzia in a bucket that you put on a rollable stand if possible. This way you can easily ensure that the evergreen plant that belongs to the banana family is always in a perfect location. This may well be in the sun, after all, the plant comes from South Africa and forms larger flowers, the brighter it is. The bucket should be large enough. The native variant does not reach the size of the original bird of paradise flower, but it can reach a height of almost two meters.

Always pay attention to the following:

  • permeable earth
  • sunny, at least very bright location
  • Temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • sufficient water
  • high humidity
  • suitable location: kitchen and bathroom (air humidity)

Important: keep an eye on temperature and humidity

It is quite possible that you will put the Strelitzie outdoors in the summer months. Just make sure that the midday heat does not exceed 30 degrees, as the plant could now suffer from the heat. If the air humidity is generally too low, the natural defenses of the plant are weakened, which can manifest itself in root death or in the settlement of pests. If you are unsure whether the air in the room is not too dry (e.g. in winter due to the heating), you can water the leaves regularly with a spray bottle.

How to pour the strelitzia properly

Although the bird of paradise flower is one of the plants that consume a lot of water, you can go wrong with watering and proverbially drown the plant. The choice of the earth already remedies this. Choose a mixture of vegetable soil, gravel, sand and a little clay powder that is as loose as possible. The earth can absorb less water through the clay, while gravel and sand prevent the earth from packing up and becoming solid. When pouring, pay attention to the following points if possible:

  • never let the root ball dry
  • best pouring time: when the top layer of soil is dry
  • use lime-free water (rainwater, stale mineral water)
  • Let water stand before watering to reach room temperature
  • absolutely avoid waterlogging
  • Water a lot in summer, less in winter

This is how strelitzia are fertilized

The strelitzia is fertilized between the late spring months and the late summer months. You can use ordinary full fertilizer and add it to the irrigation water according to the manufacturer. Reduce the amount of fertilizer downwards. It does less harm if you fertilize your bird of paradise too little than you oversupply it. An oversupply often leads to the absence of flowers.


Do you like to forget about fertilizing? Then you can use long-term fertilizer in stick form.

Do not cut the strelitzia, but clean them

You need to prune some plants regularly so that they can bloom or grow splendidly. This work is omitted for the Strelitzie. Removing leaves can even damage the plant. It is important that you remove dried leaves in good time and remove the withered flowers. Such dead and dead materials weaken the plant and often lead to pests spreading.


The flowers of the strelitzia are ideal for flower vases. To do this, cut off the stem of the flower with a clean cut deep at the starting point.

How to repot strelitzia properly

If you choose a tub that is too small at the beginning, you have to repot the strelitzia relatively quickly. You can test whether the plant has grown out of its pot with a simple trick. If the bucket is already wobbling, if you only lightly touch the strelitzia, it needs a significantly larger pot. Alternatively, a look at the water outlets of the pot helps. If you see the tips of the roots here or if the roots already pass through the holes, you need to be in a hurry. As a rule, this occurs every three years.

Basically you have to pay very little attention when repotting. Only the roots of the strelitzia are sensitive and must not be damaged. Since the roots break easily, we recommend that you do not shake the old plant substrate from the roots, but rinse it off completely. However, this process is only necessary if you are not using a mat and want to prevent substrate from falling on the floor. Otherwise you can plant the strelitzia with the soil hanging from the roots directly into a new bucket.