Repotting angel's trumpet - these tricks make it easier

Repotting angel's trumpet - these tricks make it easier

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Angel trumpets are true growth champions who want to be repotted regularly. It's good that there are some tricks when the plant becomes too big and the bucket becomes too heavy.

Angel trumpets must be repotted The angel trumpet originally comes from South America. However, since it has such beautiful flowers, it is now even cultivated worldwide. Even though the plant is poisonous. So if you have young children in the house, be careful. Otherwise, the plant is easy to care for. You have to e.g. just repot regularly. The plants suffer from too small pots. Repotting itself can be done easily.

Repot new angel trumpets right away

Angel's trumpets grow very quickly and, depending on the species, can reach an impressive height of two to five meters. The pots in which the young plants are usually sold are far too small for healthy plant growth. It is best to repot your angel's trumpet right away. Choose a bucket that leaves enough space for the reaching roots. The root ball should be surrounded on all sides by at least three centimeters of soil. It is best to put a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the bucket. This granulate ensures that there is no waterlogging that damages the roots.
Until your angel's trumpet has reached the desired height, you should repot the plant per growing period immediately after wintering. From the start, remember to water and fertilize the angel's trumpet sufficiently. The nightshade family is one of the heavy feeders with a very high water and nutrient requirement.

Stabilize buckets for angel trumpets

Large angel trumpets are prone to wind and tip over easily. As a rule, this is not life-threatening for the plant, but broken or broken branches are unsightly enough. Therefore, choose a location that is protected from the wind. If there is no such space, you can weigh down the bucket and thereby stabilize it. Simply place two or three larger stones around the stem of the plant.

What to do if the bucket gets too heavy?

Angel trumpets do not tolerate frost and must spend the cold season in protected rooms (see Angel trumpets hibernate - How to do it right). From a certain size of the plant and a certain weight of the filled bucket, the transport can hardly be accomplished even with great effort. Once you have reached this point, use the following trick:

❶ Cut or drill two to three centimeters thick holes in the outer walls of a plastic tub in spring so that the roots can grow through these holes.

❷ Then dig in the bucket at ground level in the garden or place it in a larger bucket filled with soil.

❸ For winter, you can simply prune the roots with a spade. This will not harm the plant. So you just have to bring the smaller pot to the winter quarters. By the way, a careful pruning can also save space.