Fly agaric Vittadini: photo and description

Fly agaric Vittadini: photo and description

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Fly agaric Vittadini is a conditionally edible representative of the Amanitov family, but some sources attribute it to the inedible category. So to eat this species or not is an individual decision. But, in order not to confuse it with poisonous specimens, you need to carefully read the external characteristics, view photos and videos.

Description of the fly agaric Vittadini

Amanita Vittadini can easily be confused with poisonous cousins, so you need to start getting to know him with external characteristics. It will also be important to view photos and videos.

Suitable for fried, stewed and boiled dishes

Description of the hat

The fruit body has a large cap, up to 17 cm in diameter. The surface is covered with a whitish or light gray skin with numerous dark growths. There are also specimens with a greenish surface. The bell-shaped or prostrate cap has smooth, uneven, or ribbed edges. The lower layer is formed by loose, thin, whitish plates. At a young age, they are covered with a film, which, as the fungus grows, breaks and descends on the leg. Fruiting occurs in oblong spores, which are located in a snow-white powder.

The hat is covered with numerous dark scales

Leg description

Smooth leg, 10-15 cm long, covered with a white skin. Towards the base, the shape narrows and takes on a coffee color. The species has a distinctive feature: the presence of rings on the leg, which consist of white pointed scales and a vulva located at the base. The vulva can be seen only in young representatives, as it grows, it becomes thinner and disappears over time.

The leg is long, surrounded by a tight ring

Where and how it grows

Amanita Vittadini is common in the southern regions, in mixed forests, forest plantations, in virgin steppes. Grows in single specimens, less often in small families. Begins fruiting from May to October.

Edible mushroom Vittadini or poisonous fly agaric

Amanita Vittadini, because of its pleasant taste and aroma, is eaten fried, stewed and boiled. But since the species has very similar deadly poisonous counterparts, experienced mushroom pickers do not recommend collecting it.

Important! Only young specimens are used in the preparation of dishes.

Amanita Vittadini, like all edible representatives, bring benefits and harm to the body.

Beneficial features:

  • enhances immunity;
  • strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure;
  • calms the nervous system;
  • normalizes the metabolic process and removes bad cholesterol;
  • satisfies the feeling of hunger, therefore mushroom dishes are recommended for people who monitor their weight;
  • stops the growth of cancer cells.

Mushroom dishes are not recommended for children under 7 years old, pregnant women, people with intestinal and stomach diseases, and 2-3 hours before bedtime.

To have an idea of ​​what the Vittadini fly agaric looks like, you need to view photos and videos, as well as know the external characteristics of inedible brethren.

A rare species grows in single specimens or in small families

Doubles and their differences

Amanita Vittadini, like any forest dweller, has similar twins. These include:

  1. Amanita muscaria white or spring - a deadly poisonous representative of the forest kingdom. It can be recognized by a rounded or straightened snow-white hat with a small depression in the center. The surface is dry, velvety, reaches a diameter of no more than 10 cm. The hollow stem is cylindrical, colored to match the cap. The surface is fibrous, scaly. The snow-white pulp is dense, exudes a sharp unpleasant aroma. Leads to death if eaten.

    Deadly representative of the mushroom kingdom

  2. The umbrella is white - an edible species with a peculiar aftertaste, reminiscent of the taste of chicken. In young specimens, the cap is slightly elongated; as it grows, it becomes half-open and, by full maturity, takes the form of an open umbrella. The snow-white surface is covered with numerous dark scales. The leg is thin and long, colored to match the cap. The white or gray flesh is fragile, with a pleasant taste and smell.

    Nice view with pleasant taste and smell


Amanita Vittadini is an edible representative of the mushroom kingdom. During a drought, the fruit body stops growing and falls asleep; after rains, the fungus recovers and continues its development. Since this representative looks like a deadly poisonous fellow, you need to carefully read the external characteristics. But if during the mushroom hunt there is some doubt about the authenticity, then it is better to pass by.

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