Bosch lawn mower

Bosch lawn mower

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To create landscaping and just to maintain order and beauty around a private house, you need a tool such as a lawn mower. Today, the range of agricultural machinery can confuse any owner - the choice is so wide and varied.

This article will consider the lawn mower of the world famous Bosch company, describe several of its modifications, list the advantages and disadvantages of the popular Rotak model.

What is a Bosch lawn mower

The most famous model of German cars, the Rotak, has several varieties, which, in turn, are divided into:

  • electrically powered lawn mowers;
  • battery devices.

This article will look at electric powered lawn mowers, they are cheaper and are in great demand among buyers.

Attention! Bosch lawnmowers with a lithium-ion battery are more convenient to use, as they do not have an electrical cable behind them. But the battery needs to be charged regularly, and the weight of such machines is greater than that of electric ones.

Unlike gasoline-powered lawn mowers, the electric unit does not harm the atmosphere, which is especially important in urban environments.

Bosch Rotak lawn mower modifications

A variation of the instrument called Rotak has several modifications:

Rotak 32

The most popular model among summer residents and city residents. This machine is distinguished by its low weight - 6.5 kg, which greatly facilitates its operation. Not only a tall man can work as a tool, but also a fragile woman, teenager or elderly person. The mowing width is 32 cm, it is possible to adjust the cutting height - from 2 to 6 cm. The engine power is 1200 W, and the volume of the mowing chamber is 31 liters. You cannot mow a large area with this machine, but the power of a lawn mower is sufficient for the area around a small house - the maximum processing area is 300 m².

Rotak 34

This model is quite a bit different from the previous one. The machine has unique guides, the distance between which is greater than the distance between the wheels. This allows you to increase the cutting width as well as make the cutting line more accurate. The motor power of this model is 1300 W, the maximum processing area is 400 m².

Rotak 40

It features large dimensions, a power of 1600 W and an ergonomic adjustable handle. The lawn mower weighs within 13 kg and can be easily lifted even with one hand. The volume of the cutter chamber is 50 liters, which greatly speeds up the mowing process. The width of the strip will be 40 cm, and the height of the lawn can be cut to a level of 2 to 7 cm.

Rotak 43

With this model, you can already mow wild grass or weeds around the house. The motor power is 1800 W, it works at high speeds, is protected from overloads and overheating. The lawn mower's accuracy is amazing - the machine allows you to cut the grass close to the walls or to the fence, the line is perfectly flat. The latest model has been improved - it can mow even tall or damp grass, the motor is protected from moisture ingress.

Important! After using the tool on damp grass, be sure to dry it in the sun. Otherwise, moisture can damage the blades and the motor.

Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

An electric lawn mower has one significant drawback - the power cord. It is not very convenient to work with a lawn mower when a live cable is pulled behind it.

But this is the only drawback of electric lawn mowers. Otherwise, users note only the advantages of such models:

  • low noise level;
  • lack of vibration;
  • environmental friendliness (no exhaust of poisonous gases);
  • light weight;
  • mobility;
  • sufficiently high power and performance;
  • ease of use (the machine does not need to be filled with fuel, it is enough to plug it in);
  • profitability (electricity consumption during a mowing of the site will cost the owner much cheaper than gasoline);
  • do not require maintenance;
  • accuracy of work.

Choosing a lawn mower for yourself, you must give preference to well-known manufacturing companies, one of which is the German concern Bosch. The Rotak lawn mowers are the optimal tool for a small area within a city or a well-groomed summer cottage.

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