Benefits of Kombucha for Diabetes

Benefits of Kombucha for Diabetes

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Kombucha is a symbiosis of yeast with acetic acid and other bacteria. The composition contains different types of both those and other microorganisms. Outwardly, it resembles a thickened film, which eventually turns into a flat oval plaque and has a yellowish-brown color with a pinkish tint. On its basis, a nutritious and healing drink is prepared. Kombucha in diabetes is indicated for normalizing blood sugar levels.

Kombucha infusion has an amber color

Composition and value of kombucha

It contains vitamins (PP, D, B), organic acids, various saccharides and enzymes that allow you to quickly break down starch, proteins and fats.

A mushroom-based drink has tremendous benefits: it has antibacterial properties and quickly copes with inflammatory processes in the body. It also helps to improve digestion, accelerates the regeneration of liver cells, and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

The benefit of the drink also lies in its positive effect on metabolism. With the help of infusion, you can easily cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, excess glucose and cholesterol. Such a drink is indicated for those who want to lose weight, allergies, strengthen immunity, cope with chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and headaches.

Attention! Often, infusion of kombucha is used externally: with its help, you can quickly heal burns, wounds (including purulent ones), get rid of ulcers on the feet and other parts of the body.

Glycemic index

Often they are interested in whether it is possible to drink kombucha with diabetes. The glycemic index of such a drink is quite low (no higher than 30). This is the same indicator as for some fruits (apples, peaches, plums, cherries), milk, peanuts. With insulin-dependent type of diabetes, the ready-made infusion must be diluted with water, so you should not be afraid of the harm from sugar. Additionally, diabetics can consult a doctor who will tell you how to drink kombucha.

Is kombucha good for diabetes

One of its main functions is to improve metabolic processes in the body. Thus, diabetics can significantly reduce their sugar levels in any type of disease. With the constant use of kombucha, the improvement in well-being is felt quite quickly. It is also an effective prophylactic agent. Applying it externally, you can significantly reduce the risk of the so-called diabetic foot.

Outwardly, Kombucha resembles a jellyfish, for which it is often called a medusomycete

The benefits of kombucha in diabetes are undeniable. The substances included in the composition stimulate the regeneration of the skin, heal cracks and ulcers. Shown drink and those who have problems with excess weight. Such people are always at risk, so the infusion will help prevent the possible development of diabetes.

How to make kombucha with fructose for diabetics

This is one of the easiest drinks to make. It will require the following ingredients:

  • black tea (2 tbsp. l.);
  • granulated sugar (3 tbsp. l.).

The cooking process includes several stages. It is necessary to wash a suitable container in advance, sterilize it for about 15 minutes and cool it. Prepare sweet tea in parallel and pour it into a container. Place the mushroom here, wrap it with several layers of gauze on top and leave it in a warm place for a week. It is best if the contents of the jar will not come into contact with light. Periodically, the infusion is drained, the mushroom must be washed with cool clean water, and the whole process is repeated anew.

In the cold season, Kombucha for diabetics can be refreshed every 6 days, and in the summer, the drink should be made more often.

Instead of sugar, diabetics can add fructose to tea, it should be half as much as sugar. This substance is broken down in the liver and does not affect glycemic levels. Under the influence of fructose, the infusion will have a high content of certain acids (glucuronic and acetic). It is also recommended to sweeten the nutrient medium with honey, this will bring additional benefits. It, like sugar, contains simple carbohydrates, but it does not increase glycemic levels as much. It is believed that in this case, honey will just help lower blood sugar.

How to drink kombucha for diabetes

The fermented kombucha drink is undoubtedly healthy, but with diabetes you need to take it a little. The maximum daily dose is one glass. Its contents are divided into three approximately equal portions and drunk at intervals of 4 hours. It is not recommended to increase this dosage for diabetics, as tea contains a large amount of ethanol, which should not accumulate in the body.

Kombucha for diabetes should not be consumed more than one glass a day.

In addition to the frequency of intake, the consistency of the drink will also affect the final result. Concentrated fermented infusion will do harm instead of the expected benefit. Before using kombucha for diabetes, it can be diluted with mineral water without gas or herbal tea. The entire period of kombucha intake by a diabetic should be accompanied by regular blood sugar checks. If you drink undiluted infusion, it will rise. It won't do any good.

Attention! For diabetics, only fermented tea is suitable for treatment. Only in this case will it bring maximum benefit.

Rules for taking kombucha for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Many are interested in whether kombucha is possible for type 2 and type 1 diabetics. In case of type 1 disease, the infusion is thoroughly diluted with water. This will allow diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels under control. If we are talking about insulin-independent form (type 2), the concentration may be stronger. It is most reasonable for a diabetic to select it individually, after consulting an endocrinologist.

It is worth noting that with this disease, the digestion process is disrupted. More than half of diabetics have a decrease in the secretion of acid and enzymes in the stomach. Against this background, various disorders are observed: diabetic diarrhea, constipation, dysbiosis, bouts of nausea and excessive gas formation.

Kombucha is rich in essential acids and probiotics. Its regular use is beneficial: it helps to normalize the functions of the stomach and intestines. Thanks to acetic acid, glucose levels are significantly reduced and the activity of enzymes that are directly involved in carbohydrate metabolism is successfully suppressed.

According to reviews about kombucha and type 2 diabetes, getting into the oral cavity, the infusion prevents the development of gingivitis and stomatitis, which diabetics are so susceptible to. If sores and cracks have already appeared, then the healing liquid is beneficial, significantly accelerates their complete healing.

Kombucha is taken one glass a day, taking breaks of at least 4 hours. There are a few more simple rules to consider during treatment:

  1. You can not drink the infusion on an empty stomach, so as not to provoke indigestion.
  2. You should not arbitrarily increase the dosage, there will be no benefit, but you can harm.
  3. At the slightest deterioration in the condition or the appearance of side effects not associated with diabetes, the drink should be immediately abandoned.
  4. Diabetics can drink the infusion only after the main meals, no snacks. So it will be of maximum benefit.
  5. If a sharp unpleasant sour smell emanates from a can of tea, then pathogenic microorganisms began to develop in the liquid. Such a drink is dangerous to health, it will not bring any benefits, it can cause poisoning.
  6. You should not drink kombucha just before bedtime, or mixed with fermented milk products.

In what cases you can not drink kombucha for diabetes

If the doctor considers it inappropriate to use infusion from kombucha, then it is better to abandon this idea. Also, do not use the infusion for people who are tormented:

  • heartburn and bloating;
  • stomach or duodenal ulcer, gastritis;
  • increased acidity;
  • lactose intolerance.

The infusion can be drunk only 3 hours after taking any medications.

A doctor's consultation is required before taking kombucha for diabetes.


Kombucha for diabetes is a fairly effective remedy. Its ability to normalize blood sugar has long been used in the treatment of this condition. For maximum benefit, you only need to use clean dishes and rinse the mushroom regularly. So only beneficial bacteria will be present in the liquid, which will have a point effect on the problem.

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