Zucchini Scylli F1

Zucchini Scylli F1

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Zucchini is highly valued not only for its taste, but also for its ease of cultivation, as well as the rich number of useful properties it possesses. If you want to get a large yield of vitamin and dietary vegetables until the onset of autumn frosts, then you should pay attention to the relatively new hybrid "Scylli".

Vegetable characteristic

Zucchini "Scylli F1" refers to early maturing hybrids. This type of zucchini is intended for growing outdoors in spring, summer and even autumn, which is important for a vegetable grower.

Attention! The property of the Scylli F1 variety to give a good harvest even in autumn is its indisputable advantage, making the vegetable popular among a large number of gardeners.

The plant is bushy, compact, vigorous. The fruits have a regular cylindrical shape. The length of a mature vegetable reaches 18-21 cm. The weight of one vegetable can reach one kilogram. Fruit color is pale green. The pulp is white, tender. Zucchini is a dietary product, so many amateur vegetable growers are happy to grow it in their beds.

Among the advantages of the variety, it should be noted its good resistance to diseases with viruses of yellow pumpkin mosaic, as well as watermelon mosaic.

The yield of the variety is high. In the first month of fruiting, you can collect up to 480 centners of vegetables from one hectare of land.

Plant care is as follows:

  • timely watering (especially during flowering and fruiting);
  • regular loosening of the soil and removal of weeds;
  • top dressing (if necessary).

Harvesting is carried out at least 1-2 times a week, depending on the intensity of growth and ripening of fruits.

The "Scylli F1" variety is intended for fresh consumption, as well as for frying, stewing and canning.

To preserve the zucchini for a longer period, you should leave it in the garden until it is fully biological, but not longer than the first autumn frosts.


Irina Petrovna, 55 years old, Togliatti

I plant zucchini in the garden all the time. I have already heard about their beneficial properties for a long time. I somehow did not dare to grow hybrids before, but this year I decided to try. In appearance, the plant does not differ at all from the usual varietal zucchini. Differences began to be noticed only in summer and closer to autumn, when varietal zucchini began to hurt and soon ceased to bear fruit. The Scylli hybrid delighted with the harvest until the first frost. In terms of taste, the hybrid variety is in no way inferior to its varietal counterparts. I was very pleased with the result. I recommend this variety for growing to everyone.

Inga Romanovna, 46 years old, Saratov

I have been growing hybrid varieties of zucchini for quite some time. This year I tried the Scylli variety. Zucchini grew beautiful, smooth. The harvest is good. She took the last fruits from the bush in October. The taste is excellent. I will plant this variety again next year.

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