Weight Loss Potatoes - You Should Know

Weight Loss Potatoes - You Should Know

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Many Germans still consider potatoes to be an absolute fattening agent. Is that really true or are the tubers perhaps not suitable for losing weight? We tell you.

Boiled potatoes are great for losing weight

The great tuber, the Germans' favorite accompaniment to countless dishes, is the potato. Not only can it be integrated into the menu in a variety of ways, it also contains many vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in carbohydrates and valuable amino acids.

But it is precisely the high proportion of starch that has earned her a reputation as a fattening agent. In recent years, there has been a rethink regarding the right diet for losing weight.

Not only too much fat should be the culprit for too many pounds on the ribs, carbohydrates should also only be consumed in moderation.

»Difference between today and then

In the past, people had to work hard physically and also moved more. Today even short distances are covered by car, shopping is via the Internet, we are becoming more and more comfortable. Carbohydrates are energy suppliers, these were enormously important in earlier times so that daily work could be done.

Nowadays, most people don't use as much energy anymore, so the supply of energy, i.e. carbohydrates, has to be reduced. The carbohydrates that are not used during the day are converted into fat and land on the hips.

However, the potato has a wrong reputation as a fattening agent, because it always depends on its use in the nutrition plan. If used properly, the potato can even help you lose weight.

»Big advantage: long feeling of satiety

If you want to lose weight, you should definitely reduce your daily calorie count. After all, more has to be burned than is available. So you inevitably have to eat less, that's the only way to lose weight. The biggest problem for most people who want to lose weight is the feeling of hunger that will appear sooner or later.

In the context of a diet, therefore, food is especially needed that ensures the longest possible feeling of satiety. And that is the great strength of the potato, because it is rich in carbohydrates, which are digested particularly slowly in the potato. Let the potatoes cool down a little after cooking, then the starch contained in them changes so that the body is occupied with splitting up even longer.

»Average calorie content

If you look at the calorie content of the potato, it always depends on the preparation. In the form of fries, croquettes, grated cakes or chips, they naturally contain a lot of fat and should be absolutely taboo as part of a diet.

However, if you prepare the potatoes as boiled or boiled potatoes, the potato has the lowest calorie content of all the side dishes. Potatoes have a moderate 69 calories per 100 grams, while rice brings 93 calories and noodles a whopping 150 calories. In addition, potatoes contain almost no fat.

»Lose weight with the potato diet?

Yes, you can also use the potato as the main food for losing weight, namely as part of a special potato diet. This diet is particularly common and can also be carried out for a longer time, since the potato provides many vitamins and minerals.

How does the potato diet work?

The potato diet consumes around 600 grams of the healthy tuber every day, which is well distributed throughout the day. Of course, you should not only eat potato dishes, but also other vegetables, lettuce, lean meat and fish, as well as low-fat dairy products in the menu.

Potatoes contain a lot of potassium. This potassium helps drain and purify the body, which in turn promotes weight loss. For this reason, you should drink a lot of water while performing so that the body does not become dehydrated.

Movement extremely important

Nothing works without sport. Losing weight always requires a lot of exercise, even with the potato diet. As part of the diet, endurance sports such as cycling or running are particularly suitable.