Granular horse manure: instructions for use, reviews

Granular horse manure: instructions for use, reviews

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Fertilizers from horse manure in granules are one of the most effective types of fertilizing. Summer residents often use it in their personal plots and gardens. It has been proven that granular horse manure contains many useful substances, allows you to get a high yield, and is distinguished by its ease of use.

Horse manure is allowed to be used for almost any crop and on all types of soil.

Composition and properties of granulated horse manure

Animal waste products have long been used as fertilizers. The results after applying horse manure to the beds are impressive. According to experts, he has the best performance. The waste product of horses has unique properties that similar fertilizers do not have. It is loose, capable of retaining moisture, contains a high concentration of liquid, heats the beds, does not affect the acidity of the earth. In an optimal ratio, it contains vitamins, phytohormones, amino acids, essential mineral and organic nutrients necessary for plant growth.

Content of important elements in manure:

  1. Calcium - promotes soil health, accelerates the germination process.
  2. Nitrogen - helps in the formation of strong roots and vegetation.
  3. Potassium - develops the resistance of crops to a lack of moisture and temperature changes, organizes the correct protein metabolism.
  4. Phosphorus - accelerates growth and supports metabolic processes.

Fertilizer makes the environment for the life of microorganisms, which convert organic matter into nutrients, favorable.

Advantages of using horse manure in granules

The dry granulated product is a completely natural fertilizer that does not differ from fresh manure in quality and composition.

Its main advantages are:

  • lack of unpleasant odor;
  • low acidity;
  • the ability to retain water in the ground;
  • good heat transfer;
  • the absence of weeds and pathogenic microflora in the seeds;
  • dryness, lightness, ease of use;
  • convenience of storage.

Horse manure is compact, easy to purchase and bring to the site

Impact on soil and plants

Granular horse manure changes the composition of the soil for the better, loosens it, increases the humus content, improves nutritional value and saturates it with the necessary nutrients. Does not contribute to the oxidation of the earth, which is important for every plant. Improves quality and productivity, carbon nutrition, makes plants resistant to insects, diseases and other negative factors.

Attention! Horse manure generates heat and is able to warm the beds for two months.

Types of fertilizers from horse manure in granules

Summer residents began to use granulated horse manure due to the shortage of its fresh analogue. The dry mix began to be produced specifically for convenience and ease of use. Today, the most common types of granulated horse manure, which have earned many positive reviews, are "Orgavit" and "Keva organic". The manufacturers of these products have tried to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in them and have done everything possible to ensure that fertilizers do not increase the toxicity of the soil when used.

During the manufacture of granules, a special technology is used. Fresh droppings are heated at high temperatures, straw powder is added, after which the mass is pressed, dried and packaged in small packages.

Also on the shelves of specialized stores you can find ready-made concentrate in liquid form.

Horse manure in granules does not contain substances harmful to humans

Ways to use granulated horse manure

Granular fertilizer can be used in two ways:

  • dry;
  • as a suspension.

When using dry pieces, they are dug up with the ground. To prepare a suspension, the drug is soaked in water and allowed to brew for several hours or days. Used for plants grown in the garden, home and garden.

Warning! An overabundance of nutrients, like their lack, can provoke the death of a culture.

How to use granular horse manure

It is recommended to use horse manure in granules strictly according to the instructions. Most often, the product is poured with water, observing the proportions indicated by the manufacturer on the package. After complete dissolution of the resulting suspension, the plants are watered at the root. Fertilizer must be infused for four or more hours. Some types of granular preparation need to be infused for 7-14 days. Before use, the suspension should be mixed well to avoid the appearance of phosphorus sediment.

In spring, pieces of granular fertilizer can be simply spread over the garden, dug up to a depth of 10 cm, and then watered abundantly. With this use, 15 kg of the mixture will be needed for 1 acres of land.

Advice! In arid regions, it is advisable to apply fertilizer to a depth of 10-20 cm.

When can horse manure pellets be used?

Granular solution is the best means for seasonal feeding, increasing soil fertility and reclamation. Horse manure is applied to sandy or sandy loam soil in May or June. For the reason that nutrients are quickly washed out from light soil.

In autumn, granulated horse manure is applied to heavy soil. During the winter, he will have time to saturate it with all the necessary elements.

For vegetable crops

For vegetables, the horse product is best applied during planting or during the period when the first leaves appear. If you water the plant with a suspension at the time of vegetation, then you should not expect a high effect.

For carrots, potatoes, onions, beets, tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetable crops, it is necessary to apply 150-200 g of fertilizer per 1 square meter.

For fruit and berry crops

Fruit trees and berry crops are best fertilized in June. Under trees, bushes of strawberries, raspberries, currants, 200-300 g of solution per 1 sq. m. At the time of fruit formation, due to the high concentration of nitrogen, the procedure is contraindicated.

Granular product can be used as mineral fertilizer

For garden flowers and ornamental shrubs

Flowering plants are fed in spring, perennials can be fertilized after the end of the flowering period (August-October). When using granulated horse manure for feeding perennial and annual flowers, ornamental shrubs, it is applied in an amount of 250 g per "square".

For indoor plants and flowers

Horse manure is not often used to fertilize flowering and green indoor crops, although in granular form it will be very useful for flowers. For domestic plants, a one-time feeding is enough per year.

When granular horse manure cannot be used

Despite the huge number of advantages, dry horse manure in granules has

some contraindications for use. It is undesirable to use it in areas with clay soil, as well as in beds with fungal bloom.

In addition, if you do not follow the rules for storing fertilizer, it will lose the bulk of nutrients. And with prolonged contact with oxygen, the elements necessary for plants will completely disappear.

To prevent horse manure from becoming useless, it is stored in hermetically sealed containers or bags. It is advisable to wrap the top with a cloth or cellophane in order to completely block the access of oxygen.

After applying the fertilizer, the green spaces become healthy and strong, they bring a lot of crops.


Horse manure fertilizers in granules are the best fertilizer for all types of plants. To ensure a good harvest, they are essential for farmers and gardeners. Granular formulations are convenient to use, low cost and do not require much storage space.

Reviews on the use of horse manure in granules

Krasnobelmova Maria, 42 years old, St. Petersburg

This year I first discovered granulated horse manure. In terms of its composition, the fertilizer does not differ from ordinary manure, is freely available in garden stores, does not have an unpleasant odor, and is easy to use. Thanks to him, I got rid of the problems of where to buy, what to bring and where to put the fresh manure heap. Now I have an excellent fertilizer that not only helped me get an excellent harvest in the summer, but also saved me from unnecessary hassle.

Reshetnikov Kirill, 64 years old, Krasnoarmeysk

Every year I use a different type of fertilizer at my dacha, I buy some in the store, and I do some myself. For the last three years I have been using granulated horse manure. It is an excellent effective agent that enriches the soil with various useful elements. The main plus is compactness, 1000 g of granular product is equal to 4 kg of fresh fertilizer. The days when you had to scatter unprocessed feces with shovels are over. Now everything is easy, I diluted the required amount of the component in water, waited a couple of hours, poured water. A very good product, the price and quality are consistent.

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