Chaga tea: useful properties and contraindications

Chaga tea: useful properties and contraindications

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The beneficial properties of chaga tea are usually used to treat ailments or simply for prevention. You can drink a valuable drink on an almost constant basis, but before that, you should study its features and methods of preparation.

Can you drink chaga as tea?

Healthy chaga tea is unique in that it can be drunk almost constantly if desired. If brewing birch chaga as tea is not very strong and adhere to the recommended dosages, it can be used as a substitute for a regular drink made from black or green tea leaves. In terms of taste, the infusion is not inferior to ordinary teas, and its chemical composition is much richer. The birch tinder fungus drink contains:

  • vitamins and mineral compounds;
  • glycosides and a small amount of alkaloids;
  • pectins and enzymes;
  • organic acids and saponins;
  • tannins.

Important! Chaga tea contains no caffeine, although the drink has tonic properties. Therefore, for the body, it is more useful than ordinary black tea, and is extremely rarely harmful.

Chaga mushroom can be substituted for tea - it will be beneficial

Why is chaga tea useful?

Tea made with birch mushroom has many health benefits. With regular use, it is capable of:

  • improve digestive processes, regulate metabolism and eliminate discomfort in the stomach;
  • have a rejuvenating effect on the body - chaga tea has a good effect on the condition of the skin and hair, helps prevent early wrinkles;
  • normalize blood glucose levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels;
  • remove harmful substances, slags, toxins and traces of heavy metals from tissues and cells;
  • to help in the fight against allergies;
  • align blood pressure and heart rate;
  • increase immune resistance and protect against viral and bacterial infections.

Birch chaga tea is often used for the treatment of stomach and joint ailments, for the prevention of colds and for the general strengthening of the body. Birch tinder fungus is considered to be an effective natural remedy for cancer and has been shown to prevent the development of cancer and inhibit the growth of malignant cells.

The benefits of chaga tea for women are its beneficial effects on the reproductive system and on the nerves. The drink has soothing properties, helps to align hormones and improve the monthly cycle.

How to make chaga tea

Most often, a classic tea drink is prepared from a birch tinder fungus without additional ingredients. The recipe looks like this:

  • a small amount of dried or chopped mushroom is poured with hot water in a ceramic bowl, the proportions should be 1 to 5;
  • insist under the lid for at least 2 hours, and then filter;
  • a strong drink is diluted with fresh hot water in equal volumes and drunk like regular tea.

The most useful is the chaga mushroom, infused for at least 2 hours

There is also a quick recipe for brewing, it is also called a marching one. In this case, several pieces of chaga or crushed birch tinder fungus are placed in a teapot, poured to the top with boiling water and the tea is infused for only 10 minutes.

Advice! If possible, it is recommended to brew a drink with chaga according to a "long" recipe, since the benefits are higher.

After preparation, the medicinal properties of chaga tea remain for 4 days. Accordingly, it is better to brew birch tinder fungus in small volumes and make fresh tea more often, since it cannot be stored for a long time.

Chaga tea recipes

In addition to the classic cooking recipe, there are other ways to brew birch tinder fungus. Some of them involve the use of beneficial additives, while others can shorten the preparation time.

Chaga and thyme tea

The use of chaga tea with thyme is that the drink tones and soothes well, and also helps with exacerbations of gastric diseases. Prepare the drink as follows:

  • dried thyme and chopped chaga are mixed in equal quantities, usually 1 large spoon;
  • raw materials are poured into a ceramic teapot and poured with hot water;
  • tea is infused for about 6 minutes, after which it is filtered through cheesecloth or a strainer and poured into cups.

Advice! Herbal tea will be most beneficial if brewed not with boiling water, but simply with hot water.

In this case, more valuable substances in the composition of chaga and thyme will be preserved, since vitamins will not be destroyed under the influence of high temperatures.

Chaga tea with sea buckthorn

Chaga tea with sea buckthorn has pronounced anti-cold properties - fresh or dried orange berries strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation. Making tea is simple, for this you need:

  • mix 2 large tablespoons of chopped chaga with 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn berries;
  • in a ceramic bowl, pour the ingredients with hot water for 10-15 minutes;
  • strain the chaga drink through a strainer or folded gauze and pour into cups.

Drinking the drink is useful for the prevention of ARVI and at the first symptoms of a cold, and it is best to drink it in the evening.

Chaga drink can be mixed with other ingredients to enhance flavor and health benefits

Chaga tea with honey and propolis

Chaga tea with bee products has a good antibacterial and strengthening effect. To prepare it you need:

  • Mix 1 large spoonful of chopped chaga with 2 small spoons of honey;
  • add 2-3 small balls of propolis to the ingredients;
  • fill the components with hot water at about 60 ° C;
  • insist in a thermos for 6 hours.

It is necessary to prepare such a drink longer than usual, but it brings significant benefits and helps with colds, stomach and inflammatory ailments. You can also drink chaga with honey in order to lose weight, the valuable properties of the drink help to remove toxins from the body, thereby helping to get rid of excess weight.

Tea with chaga, flax seeds and dill seeds

The recipe for brewing birch tinder fungus for the stomach is very popular. You can buy a tea drink chaga tea at a pharmacy, or you can prepare a collection yourself according to the following algorithm:

  • 2 large tablespoons of chopped chaga are mixed with a pinch of flax seeds;
  • add another pinch of dill seeds;
  • put 2-3 mint leaves in the collection and fill the ingredients with hot water.

Gastric tea with chaga is infused for the standard 7-10 minutes, after which it is used to improve digestion and relieve constipation.

How to drink chaga tea properly

Drinking tea from birch tinder fungus inside is allowed 2-4 times a day, a healthy drink rarely has a negative effect on the body.


  1. It is best to drink chaga drink before eating, on an empty stomach.
  2. You can take a drink after a meal, in which case you need to wait half an hour.
  3. A single dosage for chaga tea is 1 cup. If the birch tinder fungus has been infused for several hours, then it is better to dilute it with fresh hot water before use in order to reduce the concentration.

It is not accepted to drink food with chaga mushroom - the drink is taken on an empty stomach

Theoretically, you can consume weak chaga tea on an ongoing basis. But in practice, the drink is often drunk in courses of 5-7 months with weekly breaks. It is very useful to combine tea intake with a healthy diet, if you remove salty, spicy, fatty foods from the diet and reduce the amount of meat and sweets, chaga will bring the maximum effect.

Attention! A valuable feature of the birch tinder fungus is that you can brew a tree mushroom repeatedly, up to 5 times in a row. At the same time, it is believed that the raw material gives a maximum of useful properties precisely at 3-4 brewing.

Contraindications to chaga tea

The beneficial properties and uses of chaga tea have some limitations. Prohibitions on the use of a medicinal drink include:

  • dysentery and intestinal colitis;
  • chronic kidney disease and a tendency to edema, chaga is a powerful diuretic;
  • increased nervous excitability and serious diseases of the nervous system - the tonic effect of chaga can be harmful.

Taking tea from birch tinder fungus is not recommended for pregnant women; you also need to refuse the drink when breastfeeding. Chaga should not be drunk at the same time as taking antibiotics or taking glucose preparations. Too strong chaga tea can cause harm - a concentrated drink can cause insomnia and headaches.


The beneficial properties of chaga tea are highly regarded by fans of healthy eating. When consumed regularly according to recipes, chaga drink improves overall well-being, helps protect against ailments and alleviate the course of chronic diseases.

Chaga tea reviews

Vasilyeva Tatyana Ilinichna, 50 years old, Moscow

I love chaga tea very much for its pleasant, slightly tart taste and useful properties. I have been drinking the drink regularly for many years, I have not completely abandoned ordinary tea, but I use chaga much more often. Tea strengthens the immune system well, invigorates, and even after it there are never problems with digestion.

Steklova Irina Igorevna, 55 years old, Bryansk

I regularly go to the forest in search of birch chaga, the mushroom is of great benefit. It is not difficult to brew it, and you can drink chaga tea in almost any condition. The drink both heals and protects against ailments, the state of health after it is much better than after ordinary black tea.

Danilov Sergey Anatolyevich, 47 years old, Murmansk

I have been suffering from chronic gastritis for 10 years. Even a strict diet does not always help to avoid complications, but birch chaga tea always comes to the rescue. It works no worse than expensive drugs. In just a few days of use, unpleasant symptoms go away, the stomach stops hurting, nausea disappears.

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