Raspberry Orange Miracle

Raspberry Orange Miracle

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Almost every gardener grows raspberries. The plant is unpretentious. But the benefits of raspberries, leaves and flowers are enormous. Delicious aromatic fruits come in all kinds of shades. In recent years, Russians have become interested in remontant varieties, among which the Orange Miracle raspberry is popular.

Repaired raspberry varieties have their own characteristics when planting, growing, reproducing. Novice gardeners make a lot of mistakes. The article will talk about the nuances of the Orange Miracle variety regarding care.


Repaired raspberry variety Orange Miracle matches the description. It was created by domestic breeders from the city of Bryansk.

Features of raspberries:

  • The height of the bush is up to two meters. Raspberry shoots are not sprawling, compact, but grow slowly. Up to 8 upright shoots are formed every year. Thorny thorns located from bottom to top are clearly felt on them;
  • The foliage is bright green with noticeable wrinkling. The denticles on the leaves are small.
  • Velvety orange berries are large: up to 4 cm long, weight up to 8 grams. Some plants can have up to 8 grams. To compare the raspberries in the photo, a matchbox was used. In a sunny summer, the fruits turn pinkish. Cloudy weather affects the color in its own way: The orange miracle is colored with yellowish berries.
  • The fruits of this variety of raspberries are dense, drupes do not disintegrate after harvesting into particles, remain intact. The fruit itself is elongated conical in shape, the tip is rounded.
  • The taste of the berries also depends on the number of sunny days. The more sun, the sweeter the berry. Cloudy weather and rains add acidity to the fruit.
  • Variety Orange miracle is mid-season, fruiting is extended. Apparently, this is why this raspberry is practically not cultivated in large horticultural farms. Ripening begins by the end of July and continues until the first frost.

Description of the raspberry Orange miracle can be seen in the video:

Pros and cons of the variety


Raspberry Orange Miracle has taken a solid position in the gardens of Russians due to a number of advantages:

  1. The yield is high. One bush gives up to 3 kg of delicious aromatic berries.
  2. Dense fruits are characterized by keeping quality and transportability. Gardeners note in reviews that raspberries of this variety can be stored in a room for up to 5 days, on a refrigerator shelf for up to two weeks. Isn't it a miracle!
  3. The berries are firmly attached to the petioles, even overripe berries rarely fall off.
  4. Plants are frost-resistant, with good shelter they do not freeze even at temperatures from -25 to -30 degrees.
  5. The life cycle in one place is large. Planting raspberries can not be updated until 15 years, while varietal qualities do not change.
  6. The berries are hypoallergenic due to their orange color.
  7. Tasters give Orange Miracle up to 4.7 points out of 5.
  8. Raspberry Orange miracle, judging by the description of the variety, photos and reviews of gardeners, has a unique property that is not inherent in other raspberry plants: unripe berries can reach technical ripeness if the branches are placed in water. Berry bouquets of raspberries gradually change color, creating a unique design in the room. The aroma of berries soars in the room for up to one and a half weeks.
  9. The culinary properties are high. Raspberries grown in summer can be canned, frozen, dried.

Cons of the variety

As you can see, the remontant raspberry variety has many advantages. Are there any downsides? Let's take a look at this issue so that novice gardeners can make the right choice:

  1. The plant has sharp thorns already growing on the shoots of the first year.
  2. The wind can break flexible shoots, damage the berries themselves on the thorns. But if you tie up raspberries, then the problem disappears by itself.
  3. Breeders have failed to instill gray mold immunity.
  4. Raspberries of this variety do not tolerate drought well, even short-term overdrying of the soil is not allowed.

As can be seen from the characteristics of the remontant raspberry variety Orange Miracle, there are not so many shortcomings. They, in comparison with the merits, cannot become a reason for refusing to grow an amazing plant by gardeners.

How to plant raspberries correctly

Repaired raspberry with orange berries is recommended for cultivation in many regions of Russia. The main condition is to plant the plant correctly. This is exactly what worries those who are just starting to deal with remontant varieties of raspberries. We hope that our tips will help you avoid mistakes.

Features of the choice of seedlings

The choice of raspberry seedlings when planting a remontant variety Orange Miracle must be taken seriously. Buying from random sellers is undesirable. After all, it is not known in what conditions raspberries were grown. Often, along with the seedling, diseases and pests can be brought to the site.

In addition, it often happens that unscrupulous sellers, instead of the Orange Miracle, can sell who knows what. Therefore, it is best to buy planting material from nurseries.

What should be a viable raspberry seedling:

  1. It should have no more than 2-3 shoots without the slightest signs of damage and disease. The presence of leaves is not a negative quality. They can also determine the health of the plant.
  2. The root of a seedling of this variety of raspberries should be given special attention. If the root system is open, rot, flaky scales are easy to notice. The presence of brown roots indicates that the plant has been without water for a long time. Such seedlings cannot be taken. Seedlings with an open system cannot be stored in the sun, they quickly lose their vitality.
  3. In a closed root system, the soil is stitched with white roots.

Advice! A healthy seedling of remontant varietal raspberries should be no thinner than 1-2 cm in diameter, up to 80 cm high with a healthy root system.

The difference between open and closed root systems

Let's deal with these concepts, because a lot is not clear for novice gardeners:

  1. Raspberry seedlings, which were grown in the field and temporarily dug in or wrapped in cellophane, have an open root system. When buying, you need to pay attention to the presence of white roots. This is a sign that the plant was recently dug up. Such seedlings are inexpensive, but their survival rate is lower.
  2. Seedlings with a closed system are grown in containers, sold with a large clod of soil. If during extraction the lump does not crumble, it is stitched with roots, then the planting material is good. The seedlings are expensive, but they take root quickly. Although in this case there may be flaws. If the seller is unscrupulous, diseases and pests can be transferred with a lump of earth to the site. These saplings of remontant raspberries in the photo below, judging by the description, are a good option for gardeners.

Site selection

To grow healthy raspberries and get a rich harvest of berries, you need to choose an open area with good lighting for the Orange Miracle. If you grow the bushes in a shaded state, the taste of the berry will not change for the better. And the yield will decrease. When placing seedlings, you need to protect them from the north wind.

Preparing the soil

Variety Orange miracle grows poorly on acidic soils. Precursors of remontant raspberries with orange berries can be tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants.

Warning! It is not worth planting seedlings of a new variety on an old raspberry bed: not only is the soil depleted to the limit, but, most importantly, disease spores and pests can remain in it.

Preparing the soil for raspberries is done 30 days before planting. Fertilizers are applied to the soil:

  • potassium sulfate - 45 grams;
  • superphosphate - 15 grams;
  • humus or compost - up to 12 kg.

Top dressing is placed in the holes, mixed with the soil.

Immediately before planting, a trench is dug along the proposed bed of raspberries for at least half a meter. It also needs to put potassium sulfate and superphosphate in a glass, and a liter can of ash per running meter. From above, the trench is covered with earth and tamped. Such a trench will give the new shoots of the remontant raspberry additional nutrition.

Features of planting seedlings

Raspberry variety with orange berries bears fruit on the shoots of the first and second years. Therefore, a plant planted in spring will already yield a harvest by the end of summer.

Judging by the reviews of gardeners, some of them are engaged in planting in the spring, the rest prefer autumn work.

Advice! In the spring, it is better to take raspberry seedlings with an open system, and in the fall with a closed one.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. If an orange raspberry seedling with an open root system is planted in permanent places, then the roots are first cut, then the shoot is shortened by a third.
  2. Having lowered the seedling into the hole, hold it vertically. The roots are carefully straightened in the hole. When covered with soil, the buds should be underground and at the root. But you do not need to drop the root collar. When landing, it remains at ground level.
  3. After planting, 2-3 buckets of water are poured under each raspberry seedling of this variety.
  4. To retain moisture and prevent the formation of an airtight crust, plants are mulched with humus or compost. In autumn, sawdust or dry foliage can be used as mulch.

Planting a closed-root raspberry seedling is easier.

Care rules

Repaired raspberries Orange miracle, judging by the description and reviews, is considered an unpretentious plant. There is nothing difficult to grow and care for. Everything is exactly the same as with the rest of the raspberry bushes of other varieties. The main thing is to water, cut, tie and feed the raspberries during the growing season. Naturally, you will have to take care of the shelter for the winter.

The repairing variety Orange miracle is picky about watering. We talked about this in the description and characteristics of the raspberry variety. But over-watering can cause root rot and other diseases. Therefore, you need to be careful with this type of care for remontant raspberries with orange berries.

Planting is fed during the entire vegetative period. This variety of raspberries responds well to solutions of mullein, bird droppings. Wood ash is also added between the rows and under the plants. Top dressing is best done before watering.

Important! The use of dressings increases the yield of the remontant variety of raspberries Orange Miracle.

Look at this photo, you just want to reach out to the berry.

Do not allow weeds to overgrow the beds with raspberries. After weeding and watering, surface loosening of the soil is carried out.

Since there are a lot of large berries on raspberries of the Orange Miracle variety, as noted in the description, the shoots begin to bend to the ground, you can lose part of the harvest. Tying raspberries to the trellis will help save the situation. Experienced gardeners, leaving reviews, also draw the attention of beginners to this stage of caring for the Orange Miracle.

Pruning and sheltering for the winter

Repaired Orange Berry Raspberries can be grown with one- and two-year shoots. Each gardener decides this issue individually, there is no consensus on this issue.

If you leave replacement shoots for wintering, then they need to be bent to the ground at the end of October, until they are frozen, tied into bunches. The beds are completely covered in November. Dry humus, compost, sawdust can serve as a shelter for raspberries.

When growing a variety of remontant raspberries Orange miracle on the shoots of the first year, the fruit-bearing bushes are cut off at the base of the earth, without leaving high hemp. The cut shoots must be burned. The method of hiding raspberries is the same. In the photo below, the gardener made a mistake. Try to define it.

Important! Before sheltering for the winter, a bed of raspberries is well watered.

About the features of the remontant raspberry:


Svetlana, 43 years old, Voronezh

I have been growing the Orange Miracle for 6 years in a row. The berries begin to ripen in the first days of July. Orange lanterns are illuminated on bushes before frost.

Irina, 29 years old, Irkutsk

The Orange Miracle has a lot of sharp thorns, but I will still grow it. It is difficult to refuse such tasty and aromatic berries. From one bush last year, she harvested almost 6 kilograms of bright orange fruits.

Karina, 32 years old, Mozhaisk

The Orange Miracle fruits stand out for their amazing caramel flavor. When picking, the berries do not fall apart. They stand in the refrigerator for several days. For the winter, in addition to jam and compotes, I dry and freeze orange berries. You will get it in the winter and it seems that summer has returned.

Galina, 45 years old, Serpukhov

Planted raspberry bushes Orange Miracle last spring. How pleased I am with this variety with its harvest! I listened to the advice of experienced gardeners and cut out all the raspberry shoots in the fall. We are waiting for what will happen next.

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