Video: Concrete snowman - winter decorations for the garden

Video: Concrete snowman - winter decorations for the garden

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In winter there is often yawning emptiness in the gardens, but you can also do wonderful things yourself and thus ensure small eye-catchers. Like with these little snowmen, for example.

I actually only discovered the video of glitter Else by accident when I was looking for a bird bath (click here for the bird bath post). Actually, it is amazing what you can do with concrete. You just need the right ideas. If you don't really like them, you will find enough ideas and instructions on the World Wide Web. Since I was so enthusiastic about the snowmen, of course I don't want to keep them from you either. Snowmen are not tied to the Christmas season, which is why they can still decorate the garden all winter.

I hope you enjoy being creative! 🙂

My personal snowman:
I’m always excited about such videos. So it didn't take long for me to make this cute snowman myself. I chose plaster instead of concrete. I don't have a direct comparison, but I think it works just as well. The big plus for me was the fast drying time. Here you can see my snowman copy ...


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