Ilex Robustico® - evergreen boxwood alternative with robust properties

Ilex Robustico® - evergreen boxwood alternative with robust properties

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The Ilex Robustico® looks very similar to the ordinary boxwood, but is much more robust and resistant to most pests and diseases.


First it is the borer, now also the mushroom - many garden owners have to part with their boxwood with a heavy heart. Constant use of chemicals is not the point and the recurring supply is too expensive. The Robustico (Ilex crenata) is the suitable alternative to the susceptible boxwood. At first glance they look confusingly similar, you have to look closely to see the subtle difference.

Buxus and Ilex - difference

In the Buxus the leaves face each other, in the Ilex they are always staggered. Just like the boxwood, the Robustico has a dark, shiny, small leaf with a light underside. It is evergreen and extremely easy to cut, even in sunny weather and warm temperatures.

The Robustico is excellently suited for topiary cuts such as columns, spheres and figures, with a final height of up to 250 cm it is outstanding as a hedge of every kind and for single planting suitable.

The variety name Robustico does what it promises

ROBUSTICO® You get an insight into its strong properties. Because this Ilex crenata is robust and resistant to the extensive aggressive boxwood diseases and the boxwood borer. It is extremely robust in terms of urban climate compatibility and winter hardiness. From May to June the Robustico wears small white, inconspicuous flowers and delights bees, bumblebees and butterflies that feed on the nectar of flowers.

Site conditions

The Robustico feels most comfortable in both a sunny and partially shaded position, on a nutritious, humus-rich garden soil, the pH should be below 6, and the soil should be moderately moist. The Ilex presents itself as a resilient plant with low demands. As a solitary, it decorates terraces or house entrances and, thanks to its winter hardiness, ensures an evergreen appearance in the cold months. Due to its cutting compatibility, it is no problem to shape the evergreen Robustico.

Overview of the Ilex Robustico®:

Where to
Botanical name:Ilex crenata
Hardiness:good hardiness
Blossom:May / June, small white flowers
Height:up to 250 cm
special feature:resistant to European borer and fungus, fast and compact growth

  • sunny to partially shaded location
  • nutrient-rich, humus-rich garden soil
  • pH should be below 6
  • Soils moderately moist