Garden furniture for seniors - Requirements & tips for optimal comfort

Garden furniture for seniors - Requirements & tips for optimal comfort

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Classic garden furniture often becomes uncomfortable in old age. So that you can still relax in the garden after work, you should look for new seating. You can find out which aspects you should pay attention to here.

Easy-care plants, aids to make work easier, or garden help that takes on strenuous work - there are a few ways to make gardening easier in old age. But what about relaxation? It is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out the work, so you have to sit down to rest more often. Unfortunately, however, a lot of garden furniture simply becomes uncomfortable in old age. They are often far too deep, making it difficult to get out of them. You can save yourself the hassle and pain by simply using garden furniture suitable for senior citizens. I would now like to explain which points you should pay particular attention to.

Requirements for senior-friendly garden furniture

Many place the main aspect on the design of the garden furniture. Of course, the new furniture should fit into the overall picture of the garden, but first and foremost, attention should be paid to other points:

1. The optimal seat height

As mentioned above, many garden chairs are simply too deep. If you have to let yourself fall into your stool after weeding, you complain of back pain at the latest in the evening. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to a higher seat height. This not only makes it easier for you to sit down, but also to get up. The optimal height depends on your height. The recommended height can be read very well in the Möckel diagram.

In the best case, you should try it out beforehand. So you can be absolutely sure that you are choosing the right height.

By the way, high-backed chairs are much more comfortable than chairs with a backrest that only reach halfway up the back. With high backs, you can lean on the entire back and relieve your spine. In the best case, this backrest is even ergonomically shaped. Also pay attention to stable armrests so that you can properly support them when you get up.

2. Requirements for the garden tableThere is not quite as much to consider with the garden table as with the garden chair. When buying, you should consider that the height is correct. This also depends on the body size.People often buy a complete set so that the chairs and table are coordinated - both in terms of size and appearance. If you buy the furniture separately, you should also make sure that the relationship between the chair and the table fits. Otherwise it could happen that you can no longer sit properly at the table due to the higher seat height. 3. Easy care of garden furnitureGarden furniture made of wood has its very own character. They look beautiful and give the seating area a cozy flair. But they also have a decisive disadvantage - wood must be maintained regularly. Depending on the type of wood, you have to paint the wooden garden furniture every one to two years. Anyone who has already done this knows how laborious it is.For example, garden furniture made of poly rattan is more recommendable and therefore much easier to maintain. This is very weather-resistant, resistant and, above all, durable. Garden furniture made of aluminum and plastic is of course also suitable. However, especially with plastics, you have to expect less robustness. 4. Light weight

Rustic wooden garden furniture naturally makes something special on the terrace. But if the furniture has to be stored in a protected place at the end of the season, many older people will reach their limits - the furniture is simply too heavy.

So make sure you are light weight when buying. You have that for example with aluminum, plastic and rattan furniture. Today there are even combinations of aluminum and wood, so you don't have to do without the cozy wood character.

5. Quality

Of course, quality also plays an important role. The new garden furniture should not only be less weight and easy to care for, but also robust. Chairs in particular can become a source of danger if the quality is poor. In the case of low-cost plastic high-back chairs, anchoring tends to break at higher loads so that you could fall to the ground. Tipping over chairs when sitting down is also a recurring phenomenon.

In order to avoid such injuries, the garden furniture must be robust and solidly processed.

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